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Whiskey and Wine Barrel Wall

“The NEW Whiskey and Wine Barrel Wall panels are here! Prefabricated wall panels that are beautiful and simple to install. Cover an entire wall in minutes!”


Wine Barrel Wall
Wine Barrel Wall

Hello! And welcome to the Hungarian Workshop. We specialize in Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture, Home Accessories and Decor. We are happy to announce that our brand new Whiskey and Wine Barrel Wall paneling system is now available for purchase. With a few clicks you can simply place an order to cover any wall because we offer multiple panel size option and can also take custom orders as well. Whether you are a Wine Enthusiast or Whiskey Advocate we got you cover. (pun intended)

The Design 

We reclaimed barrels and chop them up into small section that are rearranged in a mosaic like configuration. Each section is hand picked and placed to fit just right to work with the previous stave. A time taking process but worth the effort for the beautiful tight seamed result. Every piece is completely different so you’ll never will end up with repeated shapes, colors and grain movement. The quester sawn French, American or Hungarian White Oak will show beautiful tiger stripe like features that are absolutely exquisite. The backing is also made from strong hearty oak. The Oak Plywood is 3/4 inches thick that ensures a secure and solid foundation. This durable and stable material keeps all Whiskey and Wine Barrel Wall panel perfectly aligned.

Wine Barrel Wall Paneling
Wine Barrel Wall Paneling

Wine or Whiskey

When ordering the panels you will have the option to choose whether you want the panels to be made from Wine or Whiskey Barrels. Wine Barrels are typically made from French Oak that will mostly be lighter in colors. Golden browns, tans and light grays that are pretty much the natural color of the wood. The galvanized rings leave behind unmistakable barrel markings that resemble what I would describe as a tan line. These lines create a strong mosaic look that gives emphases to the color contrast.

Whiskey Barrel Wall Paneling
Whiskey Barrel Wall Paneling

If you are looking for more of a dark and bolder style decor than Whiskey Barrels are for you. They are made from hefty American White Oak that is solid as they come. The color scheme for this material is bit tricky-er to describe because there can be such more of a variation. Whiskey barrels tend to be aged longer and how they were kept for so many years will definitely affect their color patina. Easiest description would be a camouflage pattern that includes, black, dark green, all sorts of browns and the occasional rusty red. The reddish color will be rare and a unique section of the wall. It comes from where the steel rings have rusted over the years and stained the wood.

Panel Sizes

Here is the good news! We make four different size panels. Every panel is 11″ wide and available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 feet. Custom sizes are also available. If you need them at a certain height we can easily accommodate. Special widths (under 11″), no problem. The idea with our Whiskey and Wine Barrel Wall paneling is to basically leave you with minimal work and easy installation.

French Cleat System
French Cleat System


In the back of the panels we arranged a straight forward French Cleat system. You will have to run the wall cleats level where the panels are going and drill it into the studs. This is and absolute must. Again, every screw whether it’s wood screw for homes or self tapping screws for commercial metal studs, they all must go into studs. The weight of each panel does vary a bit but the weight is still going to be a lot. Once you have the top and bottom cleat up and attached next all you will have to do is simply hang up all the panels like a picture frame. Fast, easy and clean.

Wine Barrel Wall Paneling w/ Oak Boarder
Wine Barrel Wall Paneling w/ Oak Boarder

Custom Orders

If our standard panel sizes don’t work for you just shoot us an email and let us know. We can very easily adjust sizes. However the width can not be any more than 11 inches. ( We need to maximize material usage and if we cut them any wider we won’t be able to get three pieces out of a 34″ barrel stave.) When we work with large order we will attach two rows into 22′ wide section which will keep the panels even more rigid and make your install even faster. Custom bordering is also available. We can add a 3″ wide White Oak boarder to any order. It is used to cover up any open ends if paneling not placed directly next any other wall. Please contact us via email  to arrange this order.

Well everyone there you have it. For more information please email me directly at

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Bourbon Barrel Pipe

“Check out these one of a kind Bourbon Barrel Pipes! They make a great gift for any Whiskey advocates and pipe smokers.”

The Gentleman - Bourbon Barrel PipesLast week I had chance to play around with some Bourbon Barrel scraps and decided to reach out to a whole new kind of market. When it comes to tobacco pipes you will usually see the typical corn cob pipe style, like the one Popeye likes to smoke. Therefore I ventured away from that design with two of the three, and made one traditional one to keep folks happy.

The Abraham - Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Pipe

The Bourbon Barrel Pipes admit rich savory flavors leaving an enjoyable and pleasant after taste. Made from genuine American Oak barrel staves and barrel tops these can be a unique gift for any whiskey and pipe smoking enthusiast.

Available in three designs in the Recycle Bin section in our ONLINE STORE.

The Gentleman – A modern style with a rustic twist, an elegant pipe for the classy person. Photo 1.

The Abraham – A light weight old fashion pipe with tapered sides for a comfortable and satisfying experience. Photo 2.

The Slim – With unmistakable Bourbon Barrel characteristics, this little one is simplicity at its best. Photo 3.

The Slim - Bourbon Barrel Pipes | Hungarian WorkshopAll three available in a set deal incase you are interested in trying all of them. Every pipe is handmade and sanded just enough to keep the barrel’s natural patinas. Finished with a little bit of mineral oil to keep oak smooth and protected.

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Whiskey Barrel Bench

“The new Whiskey Barrel Bench is here, be one of the first ones to own one!”

Whiskey Barrel Bench by the Hungarian WorkshopWell, this project was long over due. I have been asked by more down enough customers to make a Whiskey Barrel Bench. With all the work we been busy with it was a bit hard to find time for some product research and development. But soon as I got a great helping hand the new ideas starting emerging from the idea book. That is why I highly recommend signing up for our monthly newsletter. I have a dozens  of new plans just waiting to land on the work table.

Whiskey Barrel Bench by The Hungarian WorkshopThis Whiskey Barrel Bench is designed to be in a way… simple. I didn’t want this piece to look too “busy” with excessive braces and brackets. In reality you’d be surprised how often the phrase “Less Is More” comes into play when building new pieces. However there was still lots to consider when it came to structurally durability in mind. (As always there was a few prototypes that found new home in my living room, ha.) Finding the correct way to position the supports took a “minute” but I knew I was on the right track when I literately only had one screw in each base and already there was no movement or wiggle.

Whiskey Barrel Bench by The Hungarian WorkshopOnce I got all the stainless steel hardware in place this Whiskey Barrel Bench was ready! A great feel of victory always over comes me when a new finished products comes out perfect. This Whiskey Barrel Bench is perfect for any porch or patio and can be a wonderful addition to any bedroom when placed at the foot of the bed.  It’s also available in Wine Barrel version as well.

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Whiskey Barrel Platter

“The Whiskey Barrel Platter can can be used to display any kind of arrangements.”

Whiskey Barrel PlatterThis platter is made completely from reclaimed Whiskey Barrels. The staves that are joined together have slight curve which creates the ideal surface any king of arrangements. The base is made from old whiskey barrel tops and bottoms. Will make a great center pieces for any whiskey enthusiast. Finished with Mineral Oil and Bees Wax.

Whiskey Barrel Platter

A few month ago when I purchased a full truck load of Whiskey Barrels ,I kind of had a hunch that I will have plenty of extra material for new project. That is why last week I went on a mission to come out with a few small products that can be sold at a lower cost to ensure not wasting any left over staves.

Whiskey Barrel PlatterSurprisingly it wasn’t too hardtop think of what I wanted to be selling, however to make my product stand out was a little trickier. Once I made my cutting boards, bottle openers and coasters, I thought about something more of a display item.

For this Whiskey Barrel Platter design I figured to stay simple to make sure it will be obvious where the material came from. When designing smaller house hold items I find it very important to show of the material authenticity. This can be hard when there isn’t much surface area.

The Whiskey Barrel Platter is ready to be purchased in the Recycle Bin section of the online store. 

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Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board

“New from the Recycle Bin section, Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board!”

Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board by The Hungarian WorkshopWe go through so many barrels and the Whiskey Barrel tops and bottom just keep piling sky high. I have been wrecking my brain on what new product I could be making that will let me use most of this extra material up. My first ideas were to come out with new furniture piece but most often bigger items move much slower. Even when I made my first new designed Coffee Table using only the lids, that still wasn’t enough. Thirty plus tops and bottoms was only the tip of the iceberg, and for the amount of work I had to put into it…. oh man.

Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board by The Hungarian WorkshopI really liked the construction style of that new coffee table and also I realized I didn’t carry enough smaller products. Anything that can be given as a gift to virtually anyone will be great seller, and cutting boards are in every kitchen. It’s simple, useful and in high demand from people who enjoy home cooking.

Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board | Hungarian WorkshopTo keep that authentic Whiskey Barrel feel preserved, I kept one end and the edge pieces to raw to show off the materials true history. I felt like without those key focal points, this Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board would just too plain. Once I oiled the finish product I was very pleased with the oaks beautiful colors and grain patterns.

Making a smaller projects for once was very fun and I enjoyed it so much I am looking forward for the next one. Trying out with new ideas is not just good for the business but its also great for mind. Allowing your self to explore new designs can be gamble of time and money, however it will keep your out of ruts and getting burned out!

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COUPON CODE: whiskeycuttingboard/bgm22


Thank you


-Balazs Moldovan

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Whiskey Barrel Coasters

“The NEW whiskey barrel coasters are now available from The Hungarian Workshop.”

Whiskey Barrel Coasters by the Hungarian WorkshopThese coasters are made from old & used Whiskey Barrels. The outer part side will occasionally feature the distillery’s name, dates, type of whiskey or any additional markings left behind from the cooper. The inner part side is the charred black look that all Whiskey barrels have to go through before getting filled.
The coasters have an exterioir aluminum edging which is made from scrap material found in a metal yards.  An excellent gift for any Whiskey enthusiast.

Whiskey Barrel Coasters by The Hungarian WorkshopThe idea came once again from having too much left over lids that I just didn’t know what to do with. You can imagine how many tops and bottoms we end up when we get a new truck load. (haha) Also I have been working on house ware design that I can drive the prices down a bit in hoping to keep using all our scraps and not let anything to go to waste. Now if I could just find that ideal product to make from the hoops that keep the Whiskey Barrels together. If you think we have an overstock of lids then just remember this, each barrel comes with 6 rings.

The good news is that with a good set of helping hands I am finally able to step away from the production line and focus on new product and development.

Whiskey Barrel Coasters by The Hungarian Workshop

Ready to be purchased in the Recycle Bin section of the online store. If you are looking for a custom amount of Whiskey Barrel Coasters please let us know we be happy to accommodate your needs.

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-Balazs Moldovan

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Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair

“The new whiskey barrel bar chairs are here!”

Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair | Hungarian Workshop

The Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair

These Whiskey Barrel Bar Chairs are made completely out of old and used Whiskey Barrels and are available with a 360 degrees or a 180 degrees memory swivel. The metal ring works as a foot rest while adding strength to the chairs lower frame. Because stainless steel hardware is used throughout the chair, it can be placed indoor and outdoor. The Brazilian Rosewood Oil finish keeps the wood from drying and will repel moisture while keeping the barrels natural patina. Designed with comfort in mind the arm and back rest will keep you supported and relaxed for extended periods of time. Great for any type of bars, patio and decks.

 The Story

Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair | Hungarian WorkshopThe design on the Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair started well over a year ago. I would here from lots of my customers asking me if I will ever make a bar stool of some sort. As soon as I had a few days where I didn’t have any orders to fill, work and designing began. It took over 3-4 prototypes and couple weeks to get this one just right. The swivel I thought was a must because a large percent of all bar stools have that feature which everyone loves. Plus I have not yet seen a barrel bar chair nor barrel bar stool with one. These chairs are a great seller and everyone who owns them loves them.

The Whiskey Barrels

Each Whiskey Barrel is different, no two barrels are exactly the same. The quarter sawn white oak shows off the woods beautiful grain pattern and characteristics. After a light sanding the surface stays smooth and clean. Leaving behind the barrels old markings and history.

Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair | Hungarian Workshop

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Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener

“Every Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener is made from cut off scraps from our line of Whiskey Barrel Furniture.”

Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener by The Hungarian WorkshopThe Product 

Handmade from left over Whiskey Barrel scraps, these are solid oak and steel bottle openers. The oak is taken from the barrel stave ends, and the steel is from the hoop that holds the barrels together. With a leather band on the end for easy hanging storage.

Each Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener is sanded just the right amount to be smooth without removing any of its natural aged patina. The finish is a mixture of mineral oils and bees wax to keep them protected while bringing out the woods true colors.Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener - Hungarian Workshop

The Story

We have been throwing away so much cut off pieces that I started to feel kind of bad. Even the small sections have to be good for something I thought. Most often we have guys who collect them for BBQ-ing and smoking meat, but the piles still just kept growing. There were even a few people who made their own little projects from our scraps, which pretty much gave me the idea to try to cash in our left over. With all our products being furniture, I figured something small that can be a great present for anyone.

Available now in our ONLINE STORE in the Recycling Bin!

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3D Cutting Boards

“Found a new artist who has a great talent making beautiful 3D Cutting Boards!”

3D Cutting Board | Hungarian WorkshopThe new 3D Cutting Board design will make everyone take a second glance just to make sure their eyes weren’t playing tricks. This complex arrangement of pieces takes a precise layout to get that great three dimensional illusion. It can be a bit time consuming but definitely worth the time and patients. Serving delicious cheeses and wine on a 3D Cutting Board during your next get together will ensure that it’s a wonderful conversation piece.

3D Cutting Boards will come in many shapes and sizes, but for now since this is the first one we have for sale I will only cover this specific one. The featured board here is made out of Padauk & Euro Beach Wood. Padauk has a very unique reddish orange coloration and is moderately heavy, strong, and stiff, with exceptional stability. It’s a popular hardwood among hobbyist woodworkers. Beech is typically a pale cream color, sometimes with a pink or brown hue. Grain is straight, with a fine to medium uniform texture.

One of the main and most important part about these pieces are that they are also have been up-cycled! If you ever get a chance to go to a lumber yard you will be pleasantly surprised to see what great material makes it into the cull bin. Often woodworkers will need only certain amount of material and they may cut off a foot or two and leave it behind for artists who just happen to have a great idea.

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The Recycle Bin

 “The Recycle Bin will be a great place to find unique and one of kind items!”

The Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin is the Hungarian Workshop‘s brand new category link within the Online Store section of our website.  The Recycle Bin will mostly feature rare pieces that we might not make again or new house hold items that just don’t fall under the furniture category.

The whole reason The Recycle Bin got started was because with each barrel furniture project we made, we always ended up with just too much scrap. Most often some guys will collect the cut off pieces and take them home to use during BBQ-ing. The white oak burns hotter that other woods and it adds great flavor to most meats when used for smoking. However, even though a good amount of scrap wood was being used up, we were still coming up too much.

The simple answer was just to go ahead, bundle up the wood and sell it for burning and BBQ-ing. But, that just did not sit right with me because a lot of that wood still had so much character and history. It’s just seemed like shame just to burn them. A few days later I started playing with the left over material on my free time and come out with a few easy ideas the salvage more of the left over barrel pieces. Most of those items will be located and up for grabs in The Recycle Bin. Along with a few NEW kitchen utensils made from scraps left over from lumber yards and hardwood stores.

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