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3D Cutting Boards

“Found a new artist who has a great talent making beautiful 3D Cutting Boards!”

3D Cutting Board | Hungarian WorkshopThe new 3D Cutting Board design will make everyone take a second glance just to make sure their eyes weren’t playing tricks. This complex arrangement of pieces takes a precise layout to get that great three dimensional illusion. It can be a bit time consuming but definitely worth the time and patients. Serving delicious cheeses and wine on a 3D Cutting Board during your next get together will ensure that it’s a wonderful conversation piece.

3D Cutting Boards will come in many shapes and sizes, but for now since this is the first one we have for sale I will only cover this specific one. The featured board here is made out of Padauk & Euro Beach Wood. Padauk has a very unique reddish orange coloration and is moderately heavy, strong, and stiff, with exceptional stability. It’s a popular hardwood among hobbyist woodworkers. Beech is typically a pale cream color, sometimes with a pink or brown hue. Grain is straight, with a fine to medium uniform texture.

One of the main and most important part about these pieces are that they are also have been up-cycled! If you ever get a chance to go to a lumber yard you will be pleasantly surprised to see what great material makes it into the cull bin. Often woodworkers will need only certain amount of material and they may cut off a foot or two and leave it behind for artists who just happen to have a great idea.

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