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Whiskey Barrel Platter

“The Whiskey Barrel Platter can can be used to display any kind of arrangements.”

Whiskey Barrel PlatterThis platter is made completely from reclaimed Whiskey Barrels. The staves that are joined together have slight curve which creates the ideal surface any king of arrangements. The base is made from old whiskey barrel tops and bottoms. Will make a great center pieces for any whiskey enthusiast. Finished with Mineral Oil and Bees Wax.

Whiskey Barrel Platter

A few month ago when I purchased a full truck load of Whiskey Barrels ,I kind of had a hunch that I will have plenty of extra material for new project. That is why last week I went on a mission to come out with a few small products that can be sold at a lower cost to ensure not wasting any left over staves.

Whiskey Barrel PlatterSurprisingly it wasn’t too hardtop think of what I wanted to be selling, however to make my product stand out was a little trickier. Once I made my cutting boards, bottle openers and coasters, I thought about something more of a display item.

For this Whiskey Barrel Platter design I figured to stay simple to make sure it will be obvious where the material came from. When designing smaller house hold items I find it very important to show of the material authenticity. This can be hard when there isn’t much surface area.

The Whiskey Barrel Platter is ready to be purchased in the Recycle Bin section of the online store. 

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