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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I re-oil my barrel furniture?
When you notice that water or any other kind of liquid stops beading up on the surface, you need to re-oil. Once moisture is able to get absorbed, it means it is time for a nice, new coat.

The Ideal Condition for the furniture: Covered patio ( minimum direct sunlight) average or higher humidity levels, temperatures above freezing. Other condition will still work but maintenance should be more frequent. 

How well does the barrel furniture hold up out doors?
They hold up very well, however, just like with all exterior wooden furniture – care is required for longevity. A quick wipe down with Teak Oil, Brazilian Rosewood Oil, Tung Oil or any other penetrating oil every other month will insure the wood from drying out and protect it against moisture from the inside out. -UV RAYS (SUN LIGHT) CAN DO THE MOST DAMAGE OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. Keeping in partly shaded areas is most ideal.

Will the colors of my furniture change through time?
The Whiskey Barrel furniture will stay pretty much the same with seasonal maintenance.

The Wine Barrel furniture’s purple, red and burgundy patina will slow fade into chocolate brown colors if only kept out doors. This process can be slowed down by seasonal maintenance.

Will the Whiskey charring or the Wine colors rub off?

The amount of alcohol that was absorbed by the wood will leave the wood with variable density, and the oil finish may cure in different time periods per barrel. If any residue is rubbing of in first couple days that is considered normal and will stop. Once the wood acclimates to it’s surrounding you won’t see any residue. The weather in your location can play a major roll in this as well. Best when kept in a covered area. Another option is a rub on Polyurethane, available at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. A simple wipe on to face of the sear and backing will seal it off fully. However please be aware this will prevent the necessary oils to hydrate the wood and keep from cracking.

Where can I purchase protective oils or an high quality outdoor varnish?
Most local home improvement stores ( Home Depot, Lowe’s) will carry Teak Oil and Tung Oil and a few kinds of outdoor coating. We prefer Brazilian Rosewood Oil by Penofin, available online. However if you want a great quality varnish that will out last your average ones, then a Marine varnish is the way to go. There is a quit a few out there, available online, specialty paint stores and local boating stores. (A company called Sikkens makes a great one)

How long does handcrafting and shipping usually takes?
If we are not backed up with orders, you can expect a 4-6 week waiting time. Most likely it will be sooner, but we have to factor in the possibility that if we run out of materials the supplier may take up to 2 weeks to restock us. Once you receive your tracking number and other shipping information via email, the item is out of out hands.

If I buy a large quantity of furniture, do you offer any discounts?
Yes! We love customers who order multiple (6+ pcs.) pieces. I will be happy to offer you a discount on large quantity orders! The rule of thumb is; the more you buy the more you can save. Please contact me and we can talk more about the details.


Each item is made to order and shipped in 6-8 weeks. If items are in stock, you can expect it to take less time. Please allow for slight variances in colors and stave sizes from what is shown in the made to order photos. Thank you for your understanding.

Shipping is available in the United State please contact us for international orders. If you miss your delivery and the truck need to make a second trip there will be a $50 charge. The drivers will call ahead, please make sure to be there.

Local Pickup at the workshop in Oceanside is free.   If you have any pre-order questions, please do not hesitate to email balazs@hungarianworkshop.com

Wholesale/Large Orders

Wholesale pricing and large order pricing is available. Please contact me directly.