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Are you ready to relax in beautiful, handmade furniture?

Handmade Adirondack Chairs

All of the Hungarian Workshop furniture is handcrafted by Balazs, using only the finest, high quality materials available. The Whiskey Barrel Furniture and Wine Barrel Furniture is created using repurposed whiskey and wine barrels, given a new life thanks to Balazs’ expert woodworking. The Adirondack-style furniture sets including chairs, tables, ottomans and sets can be made using a variety of materials (new and reused) – with Redwood Furniture being the most popular.

These chairs do more than “sit pretty”. They are built to last, and provide wonderful support for your entire body. These handcrafted pieces of furniture are sure to please anyone that loves to rest and relax.

Have a look around – we hope you like what you see! If you’re interested in having something custom-made, please click here to Contact Balasz.

Whiskey Barrel Furniture

Whiskey Barrel FurnitureEach piece of whiskey barrel furniture from the Hungarian Workshop is handmade by Balazs. The Whiskey Barrel Chairs, Ottomans and Coffee Tables are built using reclaimed barrels of American oak straight from Kentucky. You can be sure you will be receiving a quality product that will live up to your expectations for decades to come.

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Wine Barrel Furniture

Wine Barrel ChairsThe wine barrel furniture is made from real wine barrels, which are recycled into these beautiful pieces after the wine has been produced. The creation of each piece of furniture using wine barrels is often a mix of enjoyable and challenging – as each barrel has an unique shape and personality. The ability to re-use and repurpose wine barrels to create long-lasting furniture gives its creator, Balasz, a true sense of pride.

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