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Buffalo Trace Whiskey Barrels

Buffalo Trace Whiskey Barrels

“We have a whole bunch of Buffalo Trace Whiskey Barrels on hand at this time. Order now while supplies last. “

Over the past few months lots of people have been asking us for certain distillery’s barrels. Usually customers were able to put in the request but it was not a guarantee. We currently have a large supply neatly organized so we can actually offer the option for you to choose.

Buffalo Trace Whiskey Barrels have been the most commonly requested ones and now the Hungarian Workshop is happy to be able to offer this choice. We do have a lot but supplies will only last so long. Buffalo Trace is an amazing bourbon whiskey distilling company who create most of our favorite whiskeys. Eagle Rare, Van Winkle, Elmer T Lee, Blanton’s just to name a few.

Buffalo Trace Whiskey Barrels are roughly 22″x22″x34″ and weight about 100lbs. Most common use for these authentic used then reclaimed barrels are home decor, rain barrels, furniture and often sinks. When a barrel is taken apart you can create just about anything. To see our full line of Bourbon Barrel Furniture collection please click here.

Our most popular item is our Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chairs. We have made over 800+ since we started in 2012. You can choose from a couple different styles. Bourbon Or Wine Barrel wood, Rocking chair option, Interior Leather line and what style the backrest you prefer. Be sure to browse around our Online Store and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You can also email me directly at

Be sure to sign up for our online newsletter to save 16% on your first purchase. Also check us out on social media to see what new items we are working on currently.


-Balazs Moldovan

Buffalo Trace Whiskey Barrels
Buffalo Trace Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair
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Bourbon Decor

“Shop for the perfect Bourbon Decor throughout our nine shop sections and find just what you are looking for. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SHOP

The Furniture –

The most sought after items when people are looking for the right Bourbon Decor is often in our furniture line. The bourbon barrel lounge chairs are the best seller and for good reason. We offer them in a couple different varieties: two back rest style, rocking chair version, tufted leather upholstery or our newest which is the cushioned and leather wrapped lounge chair.

Bourbon DecorBourbon Barrel Lounge Chairs

The standard lounge chair comes in two backrest styles. We call them the “Open Top” and “Closed Top”. This refers to the top peak of the chair’s backrest. Both options sell very well, just about 50-50 so after six years we are still happy to make them both.

Bourbon DecorRecurved Bourbon Rockers

The Recurved Rocker is one of my proudest innovations. While many others simply place a regular old barrel stave for the rocking feet we actually re-bend the wood into a much more curved stave. This allows for a better rocking motion.

Interior Leather Line

The Interior Leather Line is a must for any true bourbon or wine fan. Very similar as our lounge chairs but these feature fully tufted cushioning for the back rest and the seat. We offer seven different color options and we might have some more in the near future. We also offer matching tufted ottomans as well.

Leather Wrapped Lounge Chair

Our most recent addition is the leather wrapped interior lounge chair. Production is underway and we are taking pre-orders as of right now. The wait time is bit longer but you get to save about 22%. These are the same exact lounge chairs but now with extra comfort and style. You can choose to have them be made from Bourbon Whiskey barrels or Wine Barrels. The seven leather color options are also available for these too. They are available in the Pre-Order section of our shop. By end of the month we should have them in our catalog with more photos.

Home Decor and Accessories

Next we have all the home goodies. In the Home Decor and Accessories page we offer many different Bourbon Decor and Wine Decor. From a few simple small items like tap handles and coasters all the way to clocks, skateboards and chess sets. All of these items are handmade from reclaimed barrels just like our furniture. Most of these are top sellers during the holiday season so if you are thinking about ordering please don’t hesitate. Being October now, we usually start seeing a heavy flow of orders and if you put it off till end of November you may not receive the item in time.

Be sure to sign up for our Online newsletter to save 16% on furniture which are not on sale already. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what new items we are working on currently. Thank You for stopping by and have great day.

-Balazs Moldovan

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Leather Wrapped Bourbon Barrel Chair

“We are working on a new concept to maxime usage for our left over leather from our current interioir line. Leather Wrapped Bourbon Barrel Chair coming soon!”

In the past few years we have been making lots of interior barrel furniture which feature leather upholstery. This leather is full grain Italian leather. They are thick, durable and rustic. (distressed) We offer them is six different colors for a small variety of our standard barrel furniture line. To see our Interior Leather Collection please click here.

Leather Wrapped Bourbon Barrel ChairWith all the leather we order we try to be as efficient as possible. However, the leather hides come in all sorts of crazy shapes that make it hard to use every inch. With this new design concept we can cut out smaller stripes of leather and use much more of the hides.

“Same great chair, whole new comfort.”

Leather Wrapped Bourbon Barrel ChairAs with all new items I get very eager and can’t wait to start production. Thats why in this blog I am offer Pre-Orders right now. If you are interested in pre-ordering please contact me directly at Right now the price is set at $895. This is just the pre-order price which may change after we fully start operations and iron out all expenses and logistics. This pre-order price will be honored from September 28th, 2018 – October 12th, 2018. 

The six colors available are the following:

The chair in these photos are wrapped with the bourbon leather. (It may look lighter from photo lights.)

We also have thought about adding a new color which would be a pure white for anyone that prefers an up most clean look. If you would like to be the first one who owns our new Leather Wrapped Bourbon Barrel Chairs please let me. We should have new photos and a full description once it is added to our online shop. Again, prices may change so if you want to lock in this deal act now!

If you hav any questions or would like more information about this product please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also be sure to sign up for our online newsletter and to follow us on instagram and facebook to see what new items we are finishing up this week.

-Balazs Moldovan



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Gifts For Bourbon Enthusiast

“Looking for some great Gifts For Bourbon Enthusiast? Check out the our selection of Home Decor and Accessories along with our popular barrel furniture line.”

Here at the Hungarian Workshop we have exactly what you have been looking for. Be sure to order your gifts today so you can have it in time for the holidays. We try to keep most items inn stock but we started running low by the first week. In this blog I will show off our items that are very popular Gifts For Bourbon Enthusiast.

The Bourbon Barrel Lounge Table –

This is one of our newest creations and has been very successful. This coffee table will create a perfect focal point in any living room, den, man cave or whiskey lounge. It is 20″ tall and 36″ in diameter. The top is made up from dozens of reclaimed bourbon barrel tops which will often have distillery marking and brand stamping. We have 3 left in stock and can ship in the next few days. Justin in time for the holidays.

The Bourbon Barrel End Table –

These end tables are our second most popular item. They go great with our lounge chairs as well as by themself in any area. We offer in four variation, two options is height 18″ and 24″. As well as two options for the table tops them self. You can choose from the Inside charred black or the Outside rustic oak. We currently have 10 left in our holiday inventory. But be sure to order soon as possible, we just sold two more this morning.

The Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chairs –

Our barrel lounge chairs are definitely our most popular items. Since 2012 we have made over 700! Lucky for you we have quite a few in stock as well. You can choose from two backrest styles: Open Back or Closed Back. We have shipped our Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chairs all over the world. If you really want to surprise that special Bourbon Enthusiast these chairs are the way to go.

Home Decor And Accessories & Recycle Bin 

For smaller items we have a great unique selection to choose from in our home decor and accessories section. From simple bottle openers to a skateboard and even a full size chess set all made from up cycled bourbon barrels. Keep in mind, at this time we might not have everything in stock so please double check if you are still trying to make the holiday deadline. In the Recycle Bin we have all sorts of barrel parts and full size barrels for sale. All the extra staves that are between 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ wide are up for grabs. We also have the cut offs which are nice and clean ready to use for whatever cool project you might have in mind. If you need the bands (metal hoops) that held the barrels together, we have those as well. Most of these items sell for about $1-$3 each and come in big bundles.

For questions and comments please contact us and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to save big on your next purchase.

-Balazs Moldovan

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Holiday Whiskey Gifts

Come check out our and see what Holiday Whiskey Gifts you can find. We have Home Decor and Accessories and also furniture. Must see!

Holiday Whiskey GiftsWell it is that time of the year again and as time flies it seem to get here quicker every year. And as always you do not want to wait till the last minute. Especially when it comes to hand made items. Even though we build a good size holiday inventory every fall, we still run out pretty fast by beginning of December. I am not trying to rush you but just as a friendly reminder to make sure no one is left disappointed. After all, no one wants rushed handcrafted work.

If you order before December 8th you are most likely good to go when purchasing Home Decor and Accessories. Excluding our Bourbon Barrel Chess Set. The chess set is very time consuming and a true labor of love. If ordered after we sell what we have in inventory, unfortunately it won’t arrive before christmas. If you have any time frame question please feel free to contact me.

Our bourbon barrel furniture line also has a good size inventory built. Anything that we ship as FedEx Ground will also be able to make the December 8th cut off. I wish I could guarantee time frames for our larger items as well. But since they ship as freight, the only way to get something on time is to pay extra for expedited freight with exact date delivery. If you don’t mid the cost we can accommodate for that.

Purchase handcrafted Holiday Whiskey Gifts for your favorite whiskey enthusiast!

Bourbon Barrel Side TableOur Holiday Whiskey Gifts include lots of options. One of the most popular is the Bourbon Barrel End Tables. They have four options which is always great and with a lower price point. These also can ship as FedEx Ground to make the holiday cut off and they also make up a large percent of our inventory. As far as Christmas gifts go, these are a great option I recommend.

Holiday Whiskey GiftsAnother very unique and popular item is our signature Bourbon Barrel Skateboard. It has been in few magazines and catalogs and we have shipped all over the world. It is fully functional or it can be a great addition in someones man cave or whiskey lounge.

Holiday Whiskey GiftsA third option I would recommend is pretty bold and it would make a huge impression on anyone. A full size 53 gallon Bourbon Whiskey Barrel. Luckily we can send these with FedEx as well. However be aware the shipping these is costly. They are big and weight about 100 lbs. FedEx unfortunately puts an oversize fee on them shooting the shipping price over what the barrel actually costs. But the good news is that we can ship these right away and it will land on your doorstep with in 3-5 business days.

if you have any other questions or just need a little more info on something please feel free to contact us. be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.

Happy Holidays from the Hungarian Workshop!

-Balazs Moldovan

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Bourbon Barrel Lounge Table

USE COUPON CODE – LOUNGETABLE to save $100 when purchasing our new design.

Our newest creation is now available! The Bourbon Barrel Lounge Table has a sleek modern design with a rustic charm. Click here to buy now.

After months of product development and mock up work, I finally had time to put the new design into production. It has been a very busy year so finding time to create something new was hard and time consuming. Finally in middle of October I just said, ok we need to pause for a week and add this new table to our Bourbon Barrel Furniture line.

We started with a few at first and I was instantly hooked. It felt great working on something brand new. I love what I do but making the same exact pieces can get a bit repetitive. Not to mention with all the barrels we break down, the barrel head (tops) over stock kept growing and growing. With over 500 sitting on pallets, this design helped start putting a dent into the massive collection. Each table top eats up about 10 which is a big help.

Real quick I want to mention we have our Recycle Bin section of the shop where we sell barrel heads, barrel bands (hoops), barrel cut off and barrel staves them self. We sell them cheap and can ship quick. It’s great material for all sorts of project and I simple don’t have the heart just to throw them all out. Please take a minute and check it out, share with friends and help us cut down the waste. Thank You!

The idea behind the table was to create something modern, sleek, simple and eye catching. When it comes to barrel designs I always mention that I like to take the barrels completely apart. The shape of a barrel is big and bulky and I find it unattractive. That is why you won’t any designs in my catalog where a barrel is fully in tacked.

The two current coffee tables come pretty close but since they have the barrels cut in half, one horizontally  and the other vertically, the shapes looks much better and enticing. With these two designs already out on the market and I wanted the third table to be completely different. No barrel shapes.

Since the legs are only four barrel staves, I wanted to make sure the top has a big impact in showing off what the material really is. With that in mind I used only the barrel heads to create a subway tile like pattern to achieve the look I wanted. With unique distillery markings and endless variation of wood colors and characteristics, every Bourbon Barrel lounge Table is virtually one of kind and a must have for a true bourbon lover.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to write to us. Be sure to sign up for our online newsletter to receive coupon codes, news and new product updates.

Thank You for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and have great day!


-Balazs Moldovan

Bourbon Barrel Lounge Table


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Kentucky Whiskey Barrels – Hungarian Workshop

“We have an over stock of Kentucky Whiskey Barrels. Full size 53 gallons solid American White Oak. We have Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses etc. Order some today while supplies last!”


Kentucky Whiskey BarrelsRight now we have a over 100 Kentucky Whiskey Barrels in our overstock pile. Once we have several hundred broken down drying, ready to be furniture, we like to keep some together and offer it to the public for decoration. Or whatever other kind of projects you might feel like trying with them. After all, the material is awesome! One inch thick quarter sawn American white oak.

We use all the barrels apart. The staves are curved and have beveled edges and come is all sizes. Ranging from half inch all the way to 6 inch. The out side of the wood will have discoloration from the sun and weather, staining from the wood tannins and alcohol. And of course some rusty red stains from the barrel bands. Therefore the cleaning process can be tricky. However, once it’s all been sanded and smoothened out just the right amount the woods patina will look beautiful showing off the Kentucky Whiskey Barrels true history.

The inside of the Kentucky Whiskey Barrels are fully charred and black. The charring is what helps give the whiskey its great taste and color. Cleaning this part will be filthy work. Wire brushing will be you best bet. You will never remove the burned blackened wood unless you grind into about a half an inch or so. But that is not recommend because then you thin out the wood and would take far too long. I did one time found a barrel that had no charring whats so ever. It was just clean oak. I ended up making a chair from it and it was residing at Stone Brewing Company’s Liberty Station location. I think it was chair number 160 or something close to that.

Our Kentucky Whiskey Barrels come from many different distilleries. Most are from the big and famous brand Jim Beam. Jim Beam distillery actually makes a lot of other bourbons. For example if you are looking for a Knob Creek barrel we have them as well, but it will just say Jim Beam with the small letters K and C on the bottom. Another sought after brand is Buffalo Trace. They have one of the most eye catching stamping which makes the furniture come out looking sharp.

Occasionally we get some Jack Daniel’s barrels which are by far the most popular. And for a good reason too. Sometimes their logo is fully burned into the top and side of the barrel which is the best display of the brand. However, anytime we get these Tennessee Whiskey Barrels, we keep them for our self. They become one of the best looking pieces that our clients love to show off in their whiskey rooms.

If you are interested in large quantity (8+ barrels) shipments of barrels please contact me first because we could get a price break for you.

If you have any other question please let me know.


-Balazs Moldovan


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Whisky Advocate

“Another great milestone! Being featured in the Whisky Advocate feels amazing. A great whisky magazine which I have a subscription for now showed up at my house with us in it.”

Whisky AdvocateAround the beginning of July I received an email requesting some more information on our Bourbon Barrel Ez Chair. As usually I replied and answered all questions and thought not much of it. Since most sales start with a little inquiry if the buyer wants additional info. A few more days go by then the same person ask for a quick photo of the chair apart. Because the EZ Chairs slides apart and can be stored or transported in two slim sections. I pulled out my phone, shot a quick couple pictures and sent them right back. I thought it was a bit unusually to ask for this but it makes sense if you are interested in making a purchase. Often the buyer who inquires the most will likely place a large order. Therefore I don’t mind going the extra step for my potential customers.

Whisky AdvocateThe next email they asked if I had any high quality pictures of the pieces. Because the Whisky Advocate is having a tailgating gear must have list, and our chair is going to be on it. As soon as I read that I sent over my pictures I took for our website. I sent over a bunch just in case. Every angle and view position just to be safe. At this point I was very thankful that I took the time and learned how to shoot photos and edit pictures. Having quick access to my furniture photos sure came in handy this day.

“The EZ Chair is just one of many of our creations, browse through our to find the right piece for you.”

Whisky AdvocateNow came the waiting game. I was very excited and could hardly wait to see a Hungarian Workshop chair in the Whisky Advocate. Even though it seemed like a sure thing I didn’t want to tell everyone just yet. I figured it would be more impressive if I just showed everyone the actually magazine when it comes out.  Cheers!

Whisky AdvocateIf you are a big whisky, bourbon or scotch enthusiast I highly recommend signing up for the Whisky Advocate. Lots of cool stories and interested articles. Plenty of all around whisky talk and you can learn a lot too. Or pick up a copy at your local Barns and Noble.

Thank You for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and be sure to sign up for our Online Newsletter. It comes at monthly and right now (9/8) there is still time for the September’s letter. I am going to wait towards the last week of this month to send it out. There have been lots of people signing up, mostly from the Whisky Advocate feature and I want to have the most amount of people singed up before hand. Be sure to follow us on social media like Instagram and Facebook to see what new items we are working on today.

Have a great day!

-Balazs Moldovan


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Barrel Furniture Sale

Barrel Furniture Sale
“Our Spring time sale is happening starting this week. Our barrel furniture sale is a must see if you want to save big for spring time!”

Barrel Furniture Sale

Hi there, if you are looking for great deals and big savings our monthly newsletter is the way to go. If you have not yet signed up, I urge you to do so now. It’s a simple monthly update of new product updates, company news and most importantly coupon codes. Coupon codes which offer discounts on single pieces or sets of furniture.

Our main focus for spring time is our very popular Bourbon Barrel Furniture. Almost every items has a coupon code or a set deal. Beginning of this year we broke down just about 400 Bourbon Barrels and we are ready to build. Currently we are finishing up a huge order for our good friends at Stone Brewing Company who are opening a new tasting room in the heart of Napa Valley. They should be opening in mid May so be sure to stop by and enjoy a delicious Stone beer and relax in some fine Bourbon Barrel Furniture.

Barrel Furniture SaleThe barrel furniture sale happening now will include our Lounge Chairs, End Tables, Ottomans, Pub Stools with Memory Swivel, Pub Stools with Memory Swivel and Backrest and our one of kind Recurved Rockers. You may have seen barrel rocking chairs in the past but not like ours. An important fact is that barrels don’t actually have the ideal curve that allows full motion. Last year we started recurving our staves for the perfect full range rocking motion making them the best on the market. Right away we started selling them and have been a huge hit since.

Another hot ticket item is our End Tables. We offer them in two different heights, eighteen inch and twenty four inch. The table tops also come in two different choices as well. Outside face which is a nice golden brown with the occasional distillery stamps and dates. Or the inside face that has been charred to deep dark rustic look. The shorter end table goes well for our lounge chairs because it’s ideal height for sitting back and relaxing. The taller one goes great next to living room couches and or beds where that extra six inches is needed.

Our Pub Stools are perfect for any home or commercial business. The memory swivels add durability and strength while providing a very useful function. The ability to rotate 180 degrees then self reposition is excellent for keeping the furniture inline and in a uniform display. The backrest version is a new upgrade that has been requested by many. Same shape and style but with a comfortable backrest to lean back on.



If you have any questions or would like more info on any of our products please don’t hesitate to contact us through our site or you can email me directly at

If you want to see what projects I am working on currently you can follow us on Instagram or our Facebook page. Both titled under Hungarian Workshop.

Thank You for stopping by,


-Balazs Moldovan

Barrel Furniture Sale





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Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels by the Hungarian Workshop


“We are southern California’s #1 barrel furniture company. Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels and Wine Barrels has been our specialty for over 5 years.”

Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels

Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels | Recurved Bourbon Barrel Rocker
Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels | Recurved Bourbon Barrel Rocker

Welcome to the Hungarian Workshop! If you are looking for handcrafted Wine and Bourbon Barrel Furniture you found the right site. We have over 30 different pieces to choose from and have our Recycle Bin where you can find barrel hardware. Lids, rings, full staves, scraps and full size Wine, Bourbon and Scotch barrels are all available for purchase as well.

Bourbon Barrel EZ ChairWe have teamed up with Stone Brewing Company about 4 years ago and with this great partnership we have been growing bigger every year. Another great business partner is the Wine Enthusiast. They have featured couple of our products in their magazines and orders from them has bin pouring in. Soon we should have our new Interior Leather Line up on their site as well.

Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels

J.D. Set

We use barrels from all over the midwest. Distilleries include Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Maker’s Mark, etc. Occasionally I get my hands on some Jack Daniel’s barrels that I love to turn into one of kind works of beauty and functional art.

J.D. Set  – An excellent show pieces for a true J.D. collector or an all around whiskey enthusiast. Tufted leather Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair and matching Ottoman with an authentic End Table. Handcrafted from a single reclaimed barrel and designed with only high quality and comfort in mind.

Working with this material has been very fun and has allowed my general interest and hobby to turn into a full time career. Using only reclaimed and curved material has made simply woodworking more of an art form. When I used to make only dressers and tables, I felt more like a machine just cranking out square items. And with all the new technology around like CNCs and laser engravers, the idea of a craftsman or “handmade” seems to be dwindling away. Building with such unique and unpredictable material as barrels gives me a sense of security because a machine will never be useful for what we do.

Bourbon Barrel End Tables

Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels

Our Bourbon barrel line includes chairs, ottomans, end tables, pub tables, pub stools and pub chairs. Each and every item is handcrafted with attention to detail. Bourbon barrels are made from quarter sawn American White Oak. Usually about one inches thick and widths range from one and half to five inches. The inside of the barrels go through a heavy toasting that leaves the wood fully charred. This charring is what gives the whiskey its great color and taste. When we clean the staves we pretty much knock off all the charring but leave the smooth black finish behind. The outside of the barrel will have colors range from dark browns, greens, and blacks. And same as the inside, we clean them just enough to keep all the beautiful patine that shows of the material true history.

Bourbon Barrel Chair w/ Open Top