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Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair

“The new whiskey barrel bar chairs are here!”

Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair | Hungarian Workshop

The Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair

These Whiskey Barrel Bar Chairs are made completely out of old and used Whiskey Barrels and are available with a 360 degrees or a 180 degrees memory swivel. The metal ring works as a foot rest while adding strength to the chairs lower frame. Because stainless steel hardware is used throughout the chair, it can be placed indoor and outdoor. The Brazilian Rosewood Oil finish keeps the wood from drying and will repel moisture while keeping the barrels natural patina. Designed with comfort in mind the arm and back rest will keep you supported and relaxed for extended periods of time. Great for any type of bars, patio and decks.

 The Story

Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair | Hungarian WorkshopThe design on the Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair started well over a year ago. I would here from lots of my customers asking me if I will ever make a bar stool of some sort. As soon as I had a few days where I didn’t have any orders to fill, work and designing began. It took over 3-4 prototypes and couple weeks to get this one just right. The swivel I thought was a must because a large percent of all bar stools have that feature which everyone loves. Plus I have not yet seen a barrel bar chair nor barrel bar stool with one. These chairs are a great seller and everyone who owns them loves them.

The Whiskey Barrels

Each Whiskey Barrel is different, no two barrels are exactly the same. The quarter sawn white oak shows off the woods beautiful grain pattern and characteristics. After a light sanding the surface stays smooth and clean. Leaving behind the barrels old markings and history.

Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair | Hungarian Workshop

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