Wine Barrel Furniture

2 Wine Barrel ChairsThe wine barrel furniture is made from real French Oak wine barrels sourced locally in California. After the wine has been produced, the barrels are recycled to create beautiful furniture. The creation of each piece of furniture using wine barrels is often a mix of enjoyable and challenging – as each barrel has an unique shape and personality. Balazs was introduced to the idea of using wine barrels as a medium by Frank Busic, a general manager at Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido, CA. After making quite a few Redwood Adirondack chairs for the brewery, Frank showed him an old container full of barrel stave that their brewery had used. Frank told him to take a container home and see what he could come up with. After that day, his whole out look on carpentry has changed and a great window of opportunity opened up. Thanks Frank! This beautiful wine barrel furniture collection is created using a combination of fine woodworking and stainless steel fasteners for strength. An all natural oil finish brings out the wood’s true patina without having to use any harsh lacquers. White oak is a hard, dense and heavy wood. It has exceptional resistance to wear and is almost water proof, hence the reason why it is perfect for making wine. These pieces are perfect for your family room, dining room, kitchen or wine cellar, and can also be used outdoors. What You Can Expect:

  • Quality hand built, sanded and polished construction
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Aged French Oak wine barrel staves

Wine Barrel Furniture from Hungarian Workshop

Wine Barrel Chairs

Wine Barrel ChairsReclaimed red wine barrels are used to created this handmade wine barrel chairs. The wide size and slant of the seat gives you just the right amount of angle to provide comfort without making it feel like you are sitting on the floor. The barrel staves are crafted to contour your body, giving you excellent support from your head to your toes. The chairs are available in two styles – with the back slats fanned outwards or inwards.

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Wine Barrel Love Seats

Wine Barrel Double ChairThis Wine Barrel Love Seat provides the same comfort and elegance as the chairs. However, there’s one big difference – you get to relax and enjoy a seat with someone by your side! Accommodating for 2 or 3 people, this bench give any patio or yard a fresh new look.

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Wine Barrel Coffee Tables

Wine Barrel Coffee TableThe table begins with a half barrel on the bottom using a recycled wine barrel. The half barrel is cleaned, sanded and adjusted to ensure durability and strength. The top piece of the table is created from wine barrel lids. The staves are treated and placed to create an interesting textural element. The table is finished with edges of thin wine staves. These smaller staves provide a great border and design to the table; also a great reminder that the table used to be a barrel!

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