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Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board

“New from the Recycle Bin section, Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board!”

Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board by The Hungarian WorkshopWe go through so many barrels and the Whiskey Barrel tops and bottom just keep piling sky high. I have been wrecking my brain on what new product I could be making that will let me use most of this extra material up. My first ideas were to come out with new furniture piece but most often bigger items move much slower. Even when I made my first new designed Coffee Table using only the lids, that still wasn’t enough. Thirty plus tops and bottoms was only the tip of the iceberg, and for the amount of work I had to put into it…. oh man.

Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board by The Hungarian WorkshopI really liked the construction style of that new coffee table and also I realized I didn’t carry enough smaller products. Anything that can be given as a gift to virtually anyone will be great seller, and cutting boards are in every kitchen. It’s simple, useful and in high demand from people who enjoy home cooking.

Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board | Hungarian WorkshopTo keep that authentic Whiskey Barrel feel preserved, I kept one end and the edge pieces to raw to show off the materials true history. I felt like without those key focal points, this Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board would just too plain. Once I oiled the finish product I was very pleased with the oaks beautiful colors and grain patterns.

Making a smaller projects for once was very fun and I enjoyed it so much I am looking forward for the next one. Trying out with new ideas is not just good for the business but its also great for mind. Allowing your self to explore new designs can be gamble of time and money, however it will keep your out of ruts and getting burned out!

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