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Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

“This whiskey barrel coffee table is one of my newest and most favorite creation!”

Whiskey Barrel Coffee TableHaving recently finished up a large order of Whiskey Barrel Chairs for Stone Brewing Company, I had more than plenty of Whiskey Barrel tops & bottoms. Not wanting to throw them away even thought most of them were warped and made from small individual pieces, I got to thinking. Literately I had over 100 tops, multiple piles over 6-7 feet tall of great American White Oak. With not a whole bunch of options I realized I needed to offer a second kind of whiskey barrel coffee table.

Made only from used Whiskey Barrels. Every inch shows great character & a unique history.”

I really like the concept of using a barrel half like the other Wine & Whiskey Coffee Table but I wanted to utilize the empty space inside. First I thought about just flipping the barrel right side up from the other design, but right away I realized it will be way too similar. I want to offer multiple options to my customers therefore I went with the horizontal cut. This way the table will provide a larger surface area and more space inside. Plus now you can choose from a round or a square table.

Whiskey Barrel Table

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table Inside

The most important fact about this table is that it’s 100% made from used Whiskey Barrels. The top is made from several barrel heads. Over 50 pieces are joined together to create a nice big table surface. It has a black patina because the inside of the Whiskey Barrels get charred to give the whiskey its great taste and color. The underside has a very neat look because some of the old marking and dates are still visible. The barrel body was taken apart completely then cleaned and assembled back together.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

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-Balazs Moldovan


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New Wine Barrel Coffee Table

The top of this beautiful coffee table is created from wine barrel lids. I took few of them apart and cut them all into uniform widths for each individual row. Some of them are thicker than the other which creates a slight textures for a rustic but clean look. The edges are small 2 inch wide staves that I made from scraps laying around. They make a great border and reminds you that the top is also used to be a barrel. The bottom is a half barrel that I took completely apart to clean and sand, then put back together with a few pocket screws and glues to insure structural durability and strength. I then placed the banding back into its original spot and secure with a couple tack nails to keep in place. The top is attached with 5/8″ carriage bolts from underneath which makes it capable of being taken apart for easier transport.

Dimensions: 37″x 37″ x16″

Custom table top sizes are available.

AVAILABLE IN: Wine or Whiskey

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New Ottoman For the Barrel Chairs

Hi everyone,

A great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

It has been a while since my last blog but finally I found sometime today to inform you guys about my new Wine Barrel Chair Ottoman. It has been in the making for the last few days, and now its all done and ready for marketing. The demand for these ottoman has been pretty high, almost all my wine/whiskey barrel chair customers have been asking if I have made some before. The funny thing is I have been designing it in my head for a while, it was just hard for me to find the time to sit down and put it down on paper. Especially while so many orders were coming in and keeping busy. Luckily I caught up with all my work in ahead of schedule and made it happen.

The Design:  There were a couple things I had to keep in mind while creating this ottoman. First, they had to have matching appearances. I integrated the chair’s features by basically recreating the whole lower half but in the dimension that will be adequate as a footrest. Second; using scraps and extra pieces of staves. Since I really enjoy trying to use a barrel 100%,  I keep all my cut-off pieces just in case. Accumulating stacks of staves that were between15-18  inches long have seemed like the perfect opportunity to use them. This piece will complete your set.Third and most importantly was comfort. Many factors went into this part. The height I made the same as the chairs seat in order for the person to have maximum contact between the two pieces because no one wants to turn their legs into a bridge while trying to relax. The back stave curves along with chairs front one, therefore the whole ottoman fits perfectly in front of the chair with no additional gaps. I have made the legs and frame open towards the front because people don’t just like to sit with their legs straight forward. We like to put them in all sorts of directions and you’ll find it hard to do that on a little skinny one. Last, you will notice that the surface is actually bowing upward unlike the chair. This is a great feature as well because your legs will be supported even more through out its surface.

Whiskey Barrel Ottoman bottom view    Whiskey barrel Ottoman top view.

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New Coffee Table Design

Table on the grass  New Coffee Table
Last week I was finishing up a full set order, and realized that so far I have made small changes and improvement on all my pieces except the coffee table. I did not want to steer away from my original top because I have received so many positive comments. That is why I mainly just focused on its legs. Wanting to get away from the thicker exterior furniture look and more like a slender interior piece, I first decided to use more narrower legs.  Then, I positioned the legs evenly apart to keep the tables stability high like to original piece. This time when it came time to connect the legs I put the braces on the bottom in a stylish cross pattern. The table top is attached to the legs with a pocket hole system and the octagon slats are secured from the bottom as well. From underneath this method fairly resembles the side table’s design. Finally l used a 1/2″ rounder over bit on all the edges, except for the center octagon. That’s because I want the slats to be thick as possible and top piece at a more plane surface.  Its funny how sometimes the simplest change can make such a big difference.

Table behind bush  





C O M I N G  S O O N : 

Have your favorite Adirondack Chair made out of :

Spanish Cedar, Cypress, Jatoba, Mahogany, Sapele, Purpleheart & Teak!!!

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Wine and Whiskey Barrel Chairs are a great hit in San Diego

Wine barrel chairs with the back fanning in.Wine Barrel Chair with the back fanning out.

The wine and whiskey barrel chairs are a great hit! I cant believe how well they are selling and I cant wait to make more. Making these chairs has been a lot fun but sometimes they can also be  a little tricky. I feel like every time I make one, I learn something new. There is so much to take in consideration, like not one barrel is same as the other, each stave can be different in shape, size and color. That is why before assembly I really have to go through and pick out the right pieces for the right spot. Buying the barrels for some can be difficult at times too, but luckily here in beautiful San Diego we have plenty of wineries near by to keep us craftsman busy. To my surprise most local lumber yards keep a few in their inventory at all time, saving me quit a bit of time and money on traveling. The barrels I picked out for these chairs were used for red wine which explains the woods amazing deep purple and burgundy patina.

I wish I could have taken some better pictures but as soon as they were done, they were sold and out the door!

I already have a few new orders and I am planing on doing an instructional video on how I build these very comfortable and durable chairs.

So be sure to come back and visit us soon!!!


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Whiskey Barrel Furniture?

Last week I had an opportunity to work with some used wine barrel staves which was a blast mainly because it was hard wood (white oak) that I never worked with and also because it was very different approach to furniture design. This was the first one I made. Will there be more?Usually I draw up a plan and start with brand new material that I can cut in anyway, but not this time. It was like having all the puzzle pieces but I had to create a whole new picture. Before I got started I figured it would be a piece of cake, I mean how hard is it to make a chair since all the pieces are already there, ha ha. Boy, I was wrong. I totally forgot to put in consideration that not all pieces are alike in any shape, size or color. It took a little time to sort through and find all the right pieces for the project, but once I did, I was ready to begin. Wine barrel staves chair in the front yard of a house that is over 150 years old.First I started with legs and because the design was pretty similar to my Adirondack chairs, I didn’t have a lot of trouble with the measurements.  Once I got the frame standing all the other pieces just started falling into place. The Kreg jig also gave me a helping hand, like always I don’t have any plugs or visible hardware. After a few hours and a little tinkering my first chair was done. I had multiple people all sizes test out my new creation and I received 100% positive feed back. Not one person disliked a single thing about the chair. This has definitely opened a new door for me and I am ready to create more pieces using this great material.

My First Wine Barrel Staves Chair by the blacksmith's shop

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The New Chair 2012

Hi everyone,

So for the past few months I’ve been thinking of ways to upgrade my chairs and conceal all the screws like I talked about in my previous blog. Last week I finally finished all my orders and had a few days to try out a couple new ideas. The first thing I wanted to do is make the chair even for comfortable than before. Whiskey Barrel Chair - Closed TopFirst what I did was, I raised the front end up an inch. I know it dosen’t sound much but it made a world of difference. By lifting the front end, it put the back slats at more of a slant which let you to recline further back into the chair. I then wanted to make the chairs feel a little more like they are wrapping around the person, and allowing them to just sink deep into it. That is why I cut the back support’s curves an additional 1/2 inch back creating more of a radius for better support and comfort. Now that the chair is even more relaxing I wanted to make it a little more stylish. All the edges are now rounded off with a 3/8″ router bit instead of the 1/4″, making the chair’s appearance more elegant. The legs are cut at an angle which creates a little bit of a modern and sleek look. Finally I did what I wanted to do the most: I got rid of all Continue reading The New Chair 2012