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Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener

“Every¬†Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener is made from cut off scraps from our line of Whiskey Barrel Furniture.”

Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener by The Hungarian WorkshopThe Product 

Handmade from left over Whiskey Barrel scraps, these are solid oak and steel bottle openers. The oak is taken from the barrel stave ends, and the steel is from the hoop that holds the barrels together. With a leather band on the end for easy hanging storage.

Each Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener is sanded just the right amount to be smooth without removing any of its natural aged patina. The finish is a mixture of mineral oils and bees wax to keep them protected while bringing out the woods true colors.Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener - Hungarian Workshop

The Story

We have been throwing away so much cut off pieces that I started to feel kind of bad. Even the small sections have to be good for something I thought. Most often we have guys who collect them for BBQ-ing and smoking meat, but the piles still just kept growing. There were even a few people who made their own little projects from our scraps, which pretty much gave me the idea to try to cash in our left over. With all our products being furniture, I figured something small that can be a great present for anyone.

Available now in our ONLINE STORE in the Recycling Bin!

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