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The Recycle Bin

 “The Recycle Bin will be a great place to find unique and one of kind items!”

The Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin is the Hungarian Workshop‘s brand new category link within the Online Store section of our website.  The Recycle Bin will mostly feature rare pieces that we might not make again or new house hold items that just don’t fall under the furniture category.

The whole reason The Recycle Bin got started was because with each barrel furniture project we made, we always ended up with just too much scrap. Most often some guys will collect the cut off pieces and take them home to use during BBQ-ing. The white oak burns hotter that other woods and it adds great flavor to most meats when used for smoking. However, even though a good amount of scrap wood was being used up, we were still coming up too much.

The simple answer was just to go ahead, bundle up the wood and sell it for burning and BBQ-ing. But, that just did not sit right with me because a lot of that wood still had so much character and history. It’s just seemed like shame just to burn them. A few days later I started playing with the left over material on my free time and come out with a few easy ideas the salvage more of the left over barrel pieces. Most of those items will be located and up for grabs in The Recycle Bin. Along with a few NEW kitchen utensils made from scraps left over from lumber yards and hardwood stores.

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-Balazs Moldovan


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