Whiskey Barrel Furniture

Whiskey Barrel ChairsEach piece of whiskey barrel furniture from the Hungarian Workshop is hand built by Balazs. The Whiskey Barrel Chairs, Ottomans and Coffee Tables are built using reclaimed barrels of American oak straight from Kentucky. You can be sure you will be receiving a quality product that will live up to your expectations for decades to come.

Of course these chairs were made to be sat in and a product is not complete until it is functional.

All Hungarian Workshop products are built for comfort.

Every stave is handpicked, sanded, cut, assembled and polished to ensure superior quality. The staves of the recycled whiskey barrels have been charred – giving them a great black or dark brown patina. All the barrel staves are curved just the right amount to provide excellent support through out your entire body. They are lightly sanded just enough to take off any dirt and grime without removing any of the natural colors. Stainless steel clips are placed on the undersides of the pieces to ensure structural durability and strength.

What You Can Expect:

  • Quality hand built, sanded and polished construction
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Aged American oak whiskey barrel staves

Whiskey Barrel Furniture from Hungarian Workshop

Whiskey Barrel Chairs

Chairs Made From Whiskey BarrelsDurable and beautiful, Balasz’s whiskey barrel chairs are constructed in an Adirondack-style using reclaimed wood from old whiskey barrels. The barrels are sourced both locally in San Diego and through a Kentucky-based company which collects them from Southern distilleries. Each barrel is unique, therefore each chair is different. Using the curves and character of the barrels, Balasz gives each chair the freedom to express itself in it’s own natural shape.

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Whiskey Barrel Ottomans

Whiskey Barrel Ottoman Using the same barrels as the chairs, the ottomans are the perfect accompaniment to your handcrafted chair. The whiskey barrel ottoman recreates the whole lower half of the chair, but in a dimension that will be adequate as a footrest. Comfort is a key element to this piece of reclaimed whiskey barrel furniture; and much research and experimentation went in to the final design.

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Whiskey Barrel Coffee Tables

Whiskey BarrelUsing the lids of the whiskey barrels, Balasz is able to create a beautiful coffee table suited perfectly to indoor or outdoor use. This rustic, clean table incorporates staves of varying thicknesses to create an interesting texture not seen in most other tables. The bottom piece of the table uses a half barrel to provide a high level of structural support and wearability.

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