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ON SALE the Best Whiskey Barrel Chairs in Southern California

This has definitely been a crazy year! So we are aiming to finish strong by ramping up production on our signature whiskey barrel lounge chairs and rockers. This end of the year sale will save you 30% to 40%!


ON SALE the Best Whiskey Barrel Chairs in Southern California

We have been selling the Best Whiskey Barrel Chairs in Southern California for the past 8 years. We have started by partnering up with Stone Brewing Company and have worked with lots of other big named business which has helped the Hungarian Workshop grow bigger and bigger. All of our products are handmade made here in the great old USA by professional woodworking craftsman. High quality is what we strive for because our customer’s satisfaction is very important to us.

This year I have made my 1000th chair. I used a barrel which once actually held my all time favorite whiskey in it. (Woodford Reserve Distillery Double Oaked Bourbon Whiskey.) A dark smooth whiskey with thick notes of oak and sweetness. Others may describe it differently, but to me its like a delicious dessert. Any who, if any one at Woodford Reserve want to collaborate and trade some Lounge Chairs for whiskey I’m in. 😉

With this big sale I am hoping to round near our 1100th barrel before the year is up. As you can tell, a company which has been handcrafting these style of furniture for the past almost decade now is planning on going anywhere. We like to stay true to the craft and keep doing what we do best. We ship all over the US and are also able to do international freight shipping as well.

If you have any question or need a little bit of more information please feel free to contact us. We are able to answer within 24 hours.

-Balazs Moldovan

ON SALE the Best Whiskey Barrel Chairs

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The Best Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs

“Many of our customers have exclaimed that our rockers are The Best Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs on the market!”

The Best Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs

When it comes to any rocking chair the most important element is their range of motion. Without proper movement you have a chair that just tilts a bit each way. This was an on going issue I know had to fix and overcome. A very important key fact when it comes to wine barrels is that they don’t actually have a proper curvature for a smooth rocking chair. And whiskey barrels, forget about it. The staves are virtually flat.

The best wine barrels I found to work best before my innovation were engraved as Bear Boat. They seemed to use shorter and more round barrels for their wine which seem to work ok. But that’s it. The rest are just tall with a hefty curve in the middle. More like a kink in the wood. This would mean you could only be on either side. Not so much of a rocker at all.

Whiskey Barrel Rocking Chair

As the orders started coming in for rocking chairs and people asking about the whiskey version I had enough. With a few weeks of due diligence I created my own steamer system that recurved the barrel staves into the proper shape. It may be an extensive process that’s long and difficult but the results speak for them self. I can happily say that the Hungarian Workshop’s rockers are The Best Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs. The curvature of the bottom staves are perfectly re-shaped to allow for a smooth rocking motion. Next time you are in the market for The Best Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs please keep us in mind. Our Recurved Rockers are available in Wine and Whiskey barrel.

This spring we are having a 30%-40% off sale and we are nearing our 1000th barrel chair!

We offer military and first responder Coupon Codes and also have first time customer code as well when you sign up for our online newsletter.


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Modern Rustic Interior Design

“Our hadcrafted furniture line made from reclaimed oak has true characteristics and an authentic history. We have a twist on modern rustic interior design.

First Class Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair

We make all our furniture from reclaimed Wine and Bourbon Whiskey barrels. Every barrel is made from quarter sawn white oak. When the wood is milled in such way, beautiful tiger stripe like grain patterns can show through. Once its clean sanded, buffed smooth then oiled the wood becomes absolutely gorgeous. The first time I notice the difference I thought all French, American & Hungarian oak needs to be milled this way.

The design aspect that categorizes our furniture in a more modern style would be the over all quality and features of our material. Also the lines and curves of the barrels staves give all our pieces a sleek newer look. Not all rustic items need to have rough edges and nails sticking out from them. Over the past 8 years the Hungarian Workshop has perfect our lounges chairs and have made close to a thousand of them. They are the number one seller and we have shipped all over the US and even few places around the world.

Modern Rustic Interior Design

One of my main goal was to keep our products notably in higher standards than other competitors. In addition, with the constant attention to detail and new innovations we turned into southern California most well known barrel artisans. We have partnered up with Stone Brewing company back in 2012 and have been doing steady business with them. They are opening new locations all the time which always need a Modern Rustic Interior Design.

Most importantly, if you work for a design agency and thinking about using our furniture for a client please email us for our designer discounts.

Thank You for stopping by and have great day.


-Balazs Moldovan

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San Diego Beer and Wine Barrels

“We upcycle hundreds of barrels every years to make our signature furniture. San Diego Beer and Wine Barrels are a great source for us in sunny California.”

In the Hungarian Workshop we get our barrels from where ever we can. However. here in beautiful sunny San Diego luckily we have plenty of wineries, breweries and even distilleries. In the past 8 years we have made a lot of excellent connection with some big and well known companies to keep us busy and stocked up. Our best and most frequent customer is Stone Brewing Company. They have been with us since the start and they ordered well over 200+ pieces.

Stone has locations all over San Diego, the east coast and even China. Many of these locations also carry our very popular furniture line. For them the most common order is our signature lounge chairs which we are now getting close to making our 1000th. This spring we are having a huge sale with saving of 40%. Please check out our Current Sales & Set Deals page and save big today!

Most wineries are a bit north in Temecula and their wine barrels are great. The deep red and burgundy colors left from the wine make all furniture pieces just amazing. Each pieces is sealed with Brazilian Rosewood oil that protects from all weather elements. Keep away harmful UV rays from the sun and seal the oak from moisture. With proper placement and care each piece of furniture can be enjoyed for years to come. I in fact still have barrel chair #1 on my patio holding up strong.

When you ready to make a purchase I highly recommend signing up for our online newsletter to receive your 16% OFF coupon instantly. You can also follow son Instagram and see what new itms we are working on.

-San Diego Beer and Wine Barrels


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San Diego Military Discounts

On the bottom of our home page you will find our sign up sheet for the Military and First Responders coupon code. Once you sign up you will receive a special Thank You code that will help you on your next purchase. A very important side note: with that coupon code you can also use it towards already discounted furniture! Here in southern California we have a big service residents and we like to be a part of San Diego Military Discounts.

Our most popular and best sellers are the end tables and lounge chairs. They go hand and hand so they work great as sets too. Whether you are a whiskey or a wine fan we have furniture available from both types of barrel. In our online catalog it is split up into several categories to help you navigate through our website with ease.


First you will find our Current Sales & Set Deal where anything that is offered at a discount will show up. I highly recommend checking back once in a while to see what might be on sale that month. But the best way to do that would be just to sing up for our newsletter and we will notify with sales and coupon codes. And don’t worry, its only monthly. No annoying weekly emails about nothing.

Then we have the Whiskey and Wine barrel furniture where you can really see the main difference between the two. After that we put all of our barrel chair variations into one area. Since it’s our best seller we figured this will help with narrowing down anyones search. Then comes our Home Decor and Accessories page. Here you will find fun little barrel made items perfect for gifts and decor.

San Diego Military Discounts – sing up and save

When you really want to move into the fine furniture category we have our interior line which features Italian Leather upholstery. From there we have the Tennessee Whiskey barrel furniture. Same as the bourbon but a very famous company brands their own barrels which are shown on few staves. Because of this very noticeable difference and because technically Tennessee Whiskey isn’t bourbon, we had to separate. Next is our Whiskey Barrel Edison Lights. A fun way to brighten your room. All lights are dimmable! Last comes the Recycle Bin. We usually have full size barrel, staves, barrel heads, rings and cut off up for grabs. Anyone looking to do some projects will love browsing in there.

San Diego Military Discounts by,

-Balazs Moldovan

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Recycled Barrel Furniture San Diego

“We have a beautiful collection of Recycled Barrel Furniture here in San Diego. Choose from wine or whiskey barrels which ever fits you best. SHOP NOW”

Recycled Barrel Furniture San Diego

We make the finest quality barrel furniture here in Sunny San Diego. We source our material from the local vineyards, brewers and distillers. Our online shop offers a wide variety of handcrafted furniture as well as home decor. We have been in business since 2012 and we are about to make our 1000th barrels chair. Since the beginning I have been numbering our chairs to have the knowledge of just how many we have made. I have been making Adirondack style chairs in past and I never kept tabs on how many I have produced. Once I made my first barrel chair I know I wanted to change that.

Making my first barrel chair!

I made my first whiskey barrel chair in June of 2012. Just by luck I had a photographer from the San Diego Union Tribune do a piece on the shared workshop I was working out from at the time. We captured pictures of the first ever Hungarian Workshop barrel chair getting made. I still have that chair right out side my patio now. Rain or shine it still holding up strong. Maybe a bit weathered but that’s what adds character.

Recycled Barrel Furniture San Diego

Whiskey Barrel Chair #1

We are currently running a huge spring sale to ramp up production and to hit our 1000th barrel chair in the next few weeks. With all the other designs which are not numbered I kept a steady Instagram journal. With that I can always look back and see mostly all my previous work. If you interested please feel free to check us out and see what’s our latest creation.

And don’t forget to sing up for our online newsletter to receive a 16% OFF coupon code instantly and additional information about up coming sales events.


Balazs Moldovan

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Furniture Made From Wine Barrels

“We have beautifully handcrafted Furniture Made From Wine Barrels and now on sale for 40% OFF. Check out our new set deals today. SHOP NOW

We have a large selection of Wine and Whiskey barrel furniture to choose from. Check out all our items in our Online Store.

Wine barrels are made from French, American or Hungarian Oak. The outside usually stays nice and clean giving the oak a rich golden color. The inside is usually stained red and burgundy from the wine. Wine barrels are more round compare to whiskey barrels. The curves and angles help support your body thought out the furniture. The wood is quarter sawn white oak which is highly resistant agains the elements and it is most durable agains warping. These great qualities makes this material one of the best and while helping the environment by up cycling.

We source most barrels from here in San Diego county. We have plenty of wineries, breweries and distilleries to supplies us all year long. The Hungarian Workshop’s biggest partner is Stone Brewing company. We have been in business with since the very beginning. They were the first ones who gave us our first barrel.

Furniture Made From Wine Barrels are an excellent way to add some rustic decor to your home. We handcraft chairs, tables, barstools, ottoman etc. We even have an interior line that features Italian leather upholstery. The tufted leather provides the upmost comfort for years to come.

This spring (2020) we are having a huge 40% off sale. This includes Furniture Made From Wine Barrels, not just whiskey barrels. Most importantly, be sure to sign up for our online newsletter to receive coupon codes and new product updates.

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Wine Barrel Adirondack Chairs

“Starting this Spring we are having a huge 40% OFF sale on our most popular barrel furniture. It includes our signature Wine & Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chairs!”

Starting this Spring we are having a huge 40% OFF sale on our popular wine & whiskey barrel Adirondack style lounge chairs. We received another large shipment of barrels and more are on the way. I have ramped up production and are passing the savings on to you. The Hungarian Workshop has been making wine and whiskey barrel furniture for 8 years. Therefore this summer we are projected to make our 1000th chair.

Whiskey Barrel Chair

The barrel lounge chairs can come in a few different styles. First you can choose to have them made from wine or whose barrels. Then you can pick the backrest style. The Closed Top version is the narrower top where the staves are touching together where your head is. The Open Top is the wider of the the two where the staves are spread open. For the whiskey version this one os more popular and for wine the other.

Wine Barrel Chair

Then you have the option to have it made as a rocking chair. This is our most proudest creation. We actually steam bend the wood to have the best rocker on the market. Actual barrel stave do not have enough curvature for proper rocking motion so we take the time to do it right. We call them the Recurved Wine and Whiskey Barrel Rockers.

Whiskey Barrel Rocking Chair

If you are an indoors kind of person we have got you covered. With leather that is. We also offer our chair with Italian leather upholstery. This are usually not on sale because of the high priced leather and upholsters we use. There is a lot of specific details that go into making just one of these chair so mass production isn’t in the works. These are more of an artisan pieces made for people seeking one of a kind and unique design.

Be sure to sign up for our online newsletter to receive 16% off your first purchase instantly and to receive monthly design previews and more coupon codes!


-Balazs Moldovan

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Whiskey Barrel Tables

“Choose your favorite disitllery’s barrels to be turned into Whiskey Barrel Tables. Our handcrafted end tables are ideal for any room or patio. SHOP NOW

Our second most popular design are the end tables. We have perfected the model over the years and we can barely keep them in stock. They are the prefect piece for any true whiskey enthusiast. In our online catalog you will see three side table variations. In this blog I will go over them and help you choose which one fits you best.

Whiskey Barrel Tables

First we have our standard Whiskey Barrel Tables. They are a fun simple design and a great buy. The four solid legs and cross braces make them super durable and strong. Ideal for commercial use as well. One of the legs will most often feature the bung hole showing off the materials history. The tops are available in two option. The charred black (the inside of the barrel) or the aged oak (the outside). When you choose the outside you will also have the option to choose from a few distilleries tops that we have available at that time.

Most common ones are Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey and Maker’s Mark. These Whiskey Barrel Tables also available in two height options. 18 inches and 24 inches. The 18 inch version is best go with our lounge chairs or other patio furniture. When you relax in our lounge chairs the lower table will work best. The 24 inch option is most suitable to be used in living rooms, games rooms and bars. Places where the seating might be a bit more higher up.

More Furniture

Whiskey Barrel Tables

Next we have our Whiskey Barrel Nightstand. Very same to the end table but here we have another barrel head mixed into the design. The bottom barrel head adds a cozy shelf which is ideal when you need to store additional item below. This table comes at 20 inches in height. A set of these go really well in a bedroom looking to add some rustic decor.

Our third and last table is our high end version. These take a lot longer to make and much more intricate. The legs reach all the way to the top and the sides are also made from whiskey barrel wood. Many small pieces have been milled perfectly to fit right which create the continues wooden edges. This piece is ideal only in indoor setting. If you want to show off a top quality pieces, this is the way to go.

Everyone will sure to love our handcrafted Whiskey Barrel Tables. You can check out our furniture at just about any Stone Brewing Company locations.

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Whiskey Barrel Chairs And Table

“In the upcoming spring we are having a big sale on Whiskey Barrel Chairs And Table. Save 40% on your next handcrafted furniture made from reclaimed barrels.”

Today is the 22nd of February, and we have plenty of Whiskey Barrel Chairs And Table s getting finished up for our spring time sale. A big shipment of whiskey barrels arrived earlier this year and a mass production in under way. Barrels came from distilleries like Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniels and more. For our end tables we even sort through the hundreds of barrel tops and when available you can choose from your favorite distillery brand.

Our main focus this spring will be to ramp up production on our most popular items. These include our signature bourbon whiskey barrel Lounge Chairs and our one of kind Recurved Rockers. In the past 8 years we have made well over 900 barrel lounge chairs. Therefore, in 2020 we are easily projected to complete our 1000th. Our barrel chairs come in few different styles. You can choose to have them made from Wine or Whiskey barrels. They are available in rocking chair forms. As well as an interior version which includes high end Italian leather upholstery.

Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair

The Hungarian Workshop’s most popular and best selling item is the Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair. The oak is sanded just enough to clean to a smooth finish while maintaining its aged patina. They are available with two backrest options and will be a whiskey enthusiast best friend. They make great house warming and birthday gifts for just about anyone.

Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Recurved Rocker

Very similar to our standard lounge chairs but with one obvious big difference. The leg’s bottom brace is a Recurved barrel stave which allows for the upmost motion compared to others. Each rocker goes through a week long process of recurving the oak. What most don’t know is that barrels don’t actually have enough curvature for a rocking chair. Without our well designed system you are stuck with a motionless chair.

Our fine handcrafted Bourbon Whiskey Barrel furniture will turn into a family heirloom to enjoy for years to come.

Bourbon Barrel End Tables