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Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale

“We have over 500 Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale! Many distilleries like Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, Heaven Hill, etc. Buy a couple and create something unique!”

After we broke down over 500 barrels, we ended up with about a thousand barrel heads. (tops) For the past year I have been selling them off since there is no way to use so many all by our self. Especially since we pick up more barrels every season or so. The Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale are 21″ x 21″ and 1″ thick.

There are many ideal uses for them if you have the right tools. If you find your favorite brand, simply using them as wall decor can look neat in any room or bar. Keep in mind if you want to purchase an exact brand, unfortunately you will have to try somewhere else. With this inventory size we can not go searching through all the tops just for one specific kind. You can always put in a request when you purchase and we will try our best to accommodate.

Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale

Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale –

First off, it is very important for me to explain what a whiskey barrel top is. Almost 50% of my first time customers think barrel tops are solid round piece of wood that has the ring attached to as well. Unfortunately for most of you DIY -ers, this isn’t the case.

A barrel top is made up of a few ( 6-10) smaller pieces that are held together by dowels or routed grooves. The edges are bevelled and sit in the stave’s end notches. Then the ring is on the outside putting pressure on the whole thing. To remove a barrel head you have to take the barrel completely apart.

All barrels are only held together by pressure from the rings and the moisture of the wood. Once the barrel starts to dry out, the rings slip off and everything falls apart. This goes for the barrel tops also. If they don’t have the dowels or the support, they can easily come apart too.

Whiskey Barrel Tops for SaleEvery piece of barrel furniture we make using the barrel heads, we go through extensive amount of work to ensure that they stay solid. In conclusion, working with reclaimed material may be trickier than one might think.

Barrel Top Variations We Offer –

  • Raw – Meaning straight from the barrel. Nothing has been done to it. It’s filthy. Charred, dirty and rough.
  • Sanded –  Fully cleaned and sanded smooth. Ready to use!
  • Without Stamping – No markings. Clean and plain.
  • With Stamping – Visible distillery brand names, dates and lot numbers. (Note: Most stamps are not perfect. Some parts may be smudged and missing.)

Whiskey Barrel Tops for SaleIf you are looking to buy a large quantity contact us directly. Shipping calculator is not set up properly for purchasing 100+. Therefore when shipping such large amounts we can send as freight and save you a large chunk of cash.

Thank You for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and don’t forget to sign up for our online newsletter to receive coupon codes and new product updates. Cheers!

-Balazs Moldovan

Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale

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Whiskey Barrel Wall Art

“The Hungarian Workshop has developed a wall paneling system that makes Wine and Whiskey Barrel Wall Art big and small. We can even cover entire walls.”

Whiskey Barrel Wall Art

Started out as a way to use scraps and material that wasn’t good enough for our furniture line, the Wine and Whiskey Barrel Wall Art was born. The idea came to me when I saw a few other ones out there made of whole staves. They had to be installed by hand on location one by one. I was not a fan of the over all appearance the time it probably took. Certain barrel staves can have big curves in them which end up sticking out from the wall as much as 5 inches. Further more, not all staves are exactly alike making them inconsistent and uneven.

Another method is to cut all staves into small blocks and install like pavers. But again, that takes forever and the gaps between are always left big. It can look slapped on with no attention to detail. With these reasons I though long and hard what would be the best way to make Wine and Whiskey Barrel Wall Art.

The most important concept in our system is that the customers can hang put up them self. Or if it’s an entire wall project a contractor can simply install.

Wine & Whiskey Barrel Wall Art

When it comes to the Wine and Whiskey Barrel Wall Art the entire piece comes as a whole with the French Cleat system in the back. You easily run a couple 3″ drywall screws through the cleat and into the studs and just hang up like a mirror. There are five available sizes and of course the option to be made from Wine or Bourbon Whiskey barrels. These also come with a wooden frame made from white oak to match the barrel wood. The Wine and Whiskey Barrel Wall Art pieces are a great addition to any home, bar or restaurants.

Wine & Whiskey Barrel Wall Panels 

This is very similar to our wall art design but on a much larger scale. Instead of one solid piece, these come in big sections that you hang next to one another. Also with the French Cleat system. All panels are 11″ wide and can be ordered in two, four, six and eight foot heights. And again with the option of Wine and Whiskey barrel wood.

These look amazing when you cover an entire 8’x12′ wall! We have shipped these to many high end clients who have at home wine cellars and to restaurants that specialize in fine wine dining. Just imagine covering an entire section of a room with beautiful reclaimed barrel wood in minutes. No more spending several days on the install. No cutting, no glueing. Any one with some basic know how can use our panelling system.

If you have any further question or would like just a bit more info please email me at

Thank You for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and have a great day!

-Balazs Moldovan

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Whiskey Barrel Projects by The Hungarian Workshop

“The Hungarian Workshop has many beautiful handcrafted furniture and home decor pieces. Check out their Online Store to see all the amazing Whiskey Barrel Projects.”

Whiskey Barrel Projects can be a very fun way to practice your carpentry and furniture making skills. The barrels we have are from many different distilleries including Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Jim Beam just to name a few. Whiskey barrels are made from quarter sawn American White Oak. The insides are charred completely which gives the whiskey its well known color and flavor. As a result, it can make a big mess when cleaning but the finished products will still look great.

Whiskey Barrel ProjectsIdeas for easier Whiskey Barrel Projects may include end tables, shelfs, clocks and other small home decorations. Bottle openers, coasters, serving trays and other items for bars can be a big hit. Medium level project would be like barstools, bar tables, ottomans, adirondack chairs. Hard Whiskey Barrel Projects are often big and intricate and also require very specific barrel staves. Meaning a lot of searching around and trial and error. It may seem simple woodworking to the untrained eye, but you’ll find out when you get started. See if you can make the same exact cut when the wood has a curve, beveled edges, twists and it’s cupping all at once. And the next pieces does the same but a bit different. In conclusion keep in mind not all barrel staves are alike.

In this next segment I will show a few of our Whiskey Barrel Projects in order of easier to harder.

Whiskey Barrel ProjectsOur End Tables were designed with simplicity in mind. We have over a 1000 Whiskey barrel heads and I wanted to make sure we get a chance to use most. Many of them have terrible warping and twist but by storing them appropriately we can fix most. Needless to say the best ones will have some neat company stamping with authentic dates and storage warehouse numbers.

Whiskey Barrel ProjectsThe Adirondack style Lounge Chair is the best seller. We offer two different backrest versions, leather upholstery and rocking chair options. This week I completed my 676th chair since I started this business in 2012. A large chunk of them can be seen over at Stone Brewing Co. They are good friends of ours who keep us busy and helping us grow. They still have chair #2.

Whiskey Barrel ProjectsFinally, the most complex and difficult Whiskey Barrel Projects we do are the Pub Chairs, the Modern Lounge Chairs and Chess Sets. The Pub Chairs are on a much bigger scale and require a lot of attention to detail. Our Modern Lounge Chair are based on precision. Everything has to fit just right and line up correctly. The Chess Set is my master art piece.  In addition it takes the longest to make and it’s a pure labor of love. I am proud of its design and I feel very happy when a client uses it in their whiskey collection.


Thank You for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop. Be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive coupon codes and new product updates. You can also follow us on social media under the handle HungarianWorkshop. Our Facebook and Instagram shows off what new Whiskey Barrel Projects we are working on currently.


-Balazs Moldovan

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Whiskey Gift Set Ideas

“At the Hungarian Workshop we specialize in Wine and Bourbon Barrel furniture. We have great Whiskey Gift Set Ideas in our online store. Check it out now! 

Whiskey Gift Set Ideas
Jack Daniel’s Chair #660

The Hungarian Workshop turned 5 years old last month! We celebrated this exciting milestone by making our 660th barrel chair. Built from an old and used authentic Jack Daniel’s barrel, this anniversary chair is a collectors dream. You can browse around our shop for Whiskey Gift Set Ideas, but this chairs will be a sure winner for any true Jack Daniel’s fan. The entire barrel was sanded clean to show off the quarter sawn American white oak’s beautiful grain pattern. This pieces is available for sale but you will have to contact me directly through email. ( It is priced at $995.

Whiskey Gift Set Ideas-

Every month we send out an email newsletter that features coupon codes, new product promotions and company news. The newsletters goes out usually at the beginning of the month. However, sometimes we are slammed with orders and we have to send it out a bit later. Do not worry, it is still on its way. I just like to make sure we don’t fall too far behind which ensures the lead time to stay in the 3-4 week range.

-Coupon Codes

If you decide to sign up for our newsletter, this reason will be the most rewarding; The Savings! If you had your eye on a certain piece but it was just out of your budget at the moment, not to worry. Usually every newsletter will have a 15%OFF codes on anything and everything. But that is just a start to cover all our handcrafted furniture and home decor. The best deals will be on sets of furniture large and small. More often like always, the more you buy the bigger the savings. Just last month we had our 4th Of July Sale where we offered 37%OFF. All I can say is don’t hesitate and sign up right away at the top of our home page. You have nothing to lose, but to gain some great savings on some fine handcrafted Wine and Bourbon Whiskey barrel furniture and home decor!

-New Products

Anytime I design and create a new product, I like to show it all my newsletter and social media followers. I’d say about once a year I come out with a new design which helps keeps the Hungarian Workshop fresh, new and relevant. Wine and Whiskey barrel staves can be an amazing reclaimed and up-cycled material. With some creativity there are hundreds of new and available uses for them. Occasionally we have previous clients that ask for custom creations who we love to collaborate new ideas with. If you have a special project in mind, don’t hesitate to send us an email. If we have the time, the Hungarian Workshop would love to work with you.

-Company News

Whiskey Gift Set IdeasThis section of the newsletter is simply an update on what is currently happening with us. It can help you schedule large company orders or inform people when we are being featured in a magazine or other form of advertisement. For example, coming up in the next issue of the Whiskey Advocate magazine one of our furniture pieces will be advertised in their Fall Tail Gating must haves!  Cheers!

Whiskey Gift Set Ideas

-Handcrafted Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Furniture

Our most popular and best sellers are the Bourbon Barrel creations we make from genuine old and used barrels. We have chairs, tables, benches, barstools, ottoman and our signature recurved rockers. Along with the Hungarian Workshop’s high end specialty interior line that features Italian Leather for an elegant and one of a kind luxury.

The Lounge Chairs – 

Whiskey Gift Set IdeasOur signature Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chairs are known and loved world wide. Each one is handmade with quality craftsmanship and with attention to detail. All barrel staves are slightly curved which provides excellent support through out. Sanded just right without removing any of the wood’s natural color or patina. Choose from the two styles available that fits you best.

Recurved Rockers – 


Just like our lounge chairs, these Bourbon Barrel Rockers are handcrafted for comfort and relaxation. The recurved bottom staves allow the utmost rocking movement creating the leading barrel chairs available. Each stave is polished just right to leave behind the material’s true characteristics and patina. Created entirely from genuine reclaimed bourbon barrels, you will sure to find rocking back and forth your new favorite way to unwind.

Bourbon Barrel End Tables –

Our Bourbon Barrel End Tables can be a great addition to any living room or patio set. They are designed for simplicity and handcrafted with integrity. Most often the barrel lids will feature old distilleries markings which shows of the material’s true history and origin. The tables are available in two variations, the top can be the inside or outside face of the barrel. Giving you the option between the charred black finish or the rustic golden brown. An Eco friendly piece for that true bourbon lover.

Whiskey Gift Set Ideas

Thank you for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop! Please be sure to sign up for our online newsletter. You can also follow us on a couple of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. All under the name Hungarian Workshop. If you have any further questions or inquiries of any of our products please feel free to contact me.

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Wine & Whiskey Barrel Chairs | Hungarian Workshop

“The Hungarian Workshops handcrafts furniture from reclaimed Wine and Whiskey Barrels. The big seller are their barrel chairs built for lounging with your favorite drink.”

Barrel Chairs


Yes, our Lounge barrel chairs made from Wine and Bourbon Whiskey barrels are our number one selling items. Since 2012 we have handcrafted over 639 of these style chairs and have shipped all over the world. A large quantity can be found is San Diego’s number one craft brewery, Stone. The Stone Brewing Company is our biggest clients and good friends who alone probably carry 100 of these chairs and about another 100 of our Pub Stools, Dining Chairs, Tables, Ottomans and etc. 

Whiskey Barrel Chair
My very first Barrel Chair!

The lounge chair’s design is made from the ever popular Adirondack Chair. A wide seat and backrest with a laid back style. Our Recurved Rockers are also based after this design and with the recurved stave, making them the best barrel rockers on the market.

The barrel chairs Back Story –

In 2011 I started my carpentry business making patio furniture from Redwood and other soft woods like pine. Even tho I enjoyed the custom work people hired me for, I still would always rather make my own creations and designs. Building something brand new every time took a lot longer and was more stressful. Product and development is something that can be overwhelming and hard. Production times can be delayed and timeframes can make you lose a lot of your ideal profits margins. So after about a year I stopped doing custom projects and I only focused on my creations. Within that year I had a whole redwood patio set line that took off fast. Adirondack chairs, end tables, ottomans and coffee tables.

Here are a few pictures of me in the San Diego Tribune making one of my whiskey barrel chairs.After I relocated to sunny San Diego I was discovered through Etsy by one of Stone’s general managers. They bought many of the Redwood pieces and a few months later he showed me dirty broken down Scotch barrels and asked me if I could maybe make one of my chairs from this material. After a couple days I went back with my first piece and the rest is history. The best part is the San Diego Union Tribune was doing a story on the co-op workshop I started in. They took a feature photo of me while making my very first barrel chair.

The few differences between Wine and Whiskey barrels are the following :

  • color
  • shape
  • size
  • oak type

Wine Barrels are staines red and burgundy from the wine that was inside. They have a rounder curve and often have wider staves. The barrels also come in many different sizes that depends on what kind of wine was made in the barrel. For instance Cabernet Sauvignon would be in a shorter more round barrel. Also most of the time wine barrels will be made from French Oak. Which to me feel a bit lighter and less dense.

Bourbon Whiskey Barrels are charred on the inside that leaves the wood black. They have less curvature and often made from more smaller staves. Which leaves me with plenty of whiskey wood to use for grilling! The barrels are pretty much all the same size and are made from American White Oak that is cut from the core of the tree making the material very hard and dense.

For more questions or information please feel free to contact me through our website.

barrel chairs


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Barrel Furniture Sale

Barrel Furniture Sale
“Our Spring time sale is happening starting this week. Our barrel furniture sale is a must see if you want to save big for spring time!”

Barrel Furniture Sale

Hi there, if you are looking for great deals and big savings our monthly newsletter is the way to go. If you have not yet signed up, I urge you to do so now. It’s a simple monthly update of new product updates, company news and most importantly coupon codes. Coupon codes which offer discounts on single pieces or sets of furniture.

Our main focus for spring time is our very popular Bourbon Barrel Furniture. Almost every items has a coupon code or a set deal. Beginning of this year we broke down just about 400 Bourbon Barrels and we are ready to build. Currently we are finishing up a huge order for our good friends at Stone Brewing Company who are opening a new tasting room in the heart of Napa Valley. They should be opening in mid May so be sure to stop by and enjoy a delicious Stone beer and relax in some fine Bourbon Barrel Furniture.

Barrel Furniture SaleThe barrel furniture sale happening now will include our Lounge Chairs, End Tables, Ottomans, Pub Stools with Memory Swivel, Pub Stools with Memory Swivel and Backrest and our one of kind Recurved Rockers. You may have seen barrel rocking chairs in the past but not like ours. An important fact is that barrels don’t actually have the ideal curve that allows full motion. Last year we started recurving our staves for the perfect full range rocking motion making them the best on the market. Right away we started selling them and have been a huge hit since.

Another hot ticket item is our End Tables. We offer them in two different heights, eighteen inch and twenty four inch. The table tops also come in two different choices as well. Outside face which is a nice golden brown with the occasional distillery stamps and dates. Or the inside face that has been charred to deep dark rustic look. The shorter end table goes well for our lounge chairs because it’s ideal height for sitting back and relaxing. The taller one goes great next to living room couches and or beds where that extra six inches is needed.

Our Pub Stools are perfect for any home or commercial business. The memory swivels add durability and strength while providing a very useful function. The ability to rotate 180 degrees then self reposition is excellent for keeping the furniture inline and in a uniform display. The backrest version is a new upgrade that has been requested by many. Same shape and style but with a comfortable backrest to lean back on.



If you have any questions or would like more info on any of our products please don’t hesitate to contact us through our site or you can email me directly at

If you want to see what projects I am working on currently you can follow us on Instagram or our Facebook page. Both titled under Hungarian Workshop.

Thank You for stopping by,


-Balazs Moldovan

Barrel Furniture Sale





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Black Friday Deals | Wine and Bourbon Barrel Furniture

“Black Friday Deals for Wine and Bourbon Barrel Furniture are here!”

Get ready for some some great black friday deals from the Hungarian Workshop. Save big on Wine and Bourbon Barrel furniture and accessories. We have chairs, ottomans, tables, pub stools and many different variations. Our accessories and home decor catalog is a must see with one of a kind items. Perfect for the wine lover or whiskey enthusiast in the family. Our recycle bin has left over barrel material and also full size Wine, Bourbon and Scotch barrels. You can sign up at the top of our home page in the green bar by simply entering you email address.

Black Friday Deals Our main focus will be to offer big savings on many great set deals. Dining sets and couple lounge chair sets will be the hot ticket items. If you are interested in our one of a kind recurved Wine or Bourbon Rockers you are now able to save $200 on your next purchase. The biggest and best deal is our 4 piece bourbon barrel set. Two Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chairs with an End Table and Ottoman is Only $995. Savings of $665!!! 

Black Friday Deals - Wine Barrel Pub Table Another big one is the Wine Barrel Pub Dining Set. One 30″ or 36″ Top Wine Barrel Pub Table with 4 Wine Barrel Pub Stools with Memory Swivel and Backrest.  Savings of $795!!! The Full size Scotch Barrel are now $50 OFF and Full size Bourbon Barrels are also on sale when you purchase a group of four. All of our Home Decor and Accessories are available at 15% OFF as well. You can choose from a Bourbon Barrel Chess Set, Skateboard, Platter, Cutting Board and more. 

The black friday coupon codes are available until December 15th. The newsletter went out yesterday. You can contact me directly at to request a copy.

Have a wonderful day!


-Balazs Moldovan

Black Friday Deals 


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Jack Daniel’s Barrel Furniture

“We have the must have item for the true Jack Daniel’s Barrel Furniture collector. Fully upholstered leather three piece barrel chair set. Must see now!”

Jack Daniel's Barrel Furniture


Sometimes in the truck loads of barrel we receive we come across a few special treasures. Even though we have found many Jack Daniel’s barrel in the past, it’s not often fully branded with their name. That is an important thing to remember when you are looking for Jack Daniel’s barrels. Out of all the hundred thousands of barrel they make and age whiskey in, the company doesn’t actually burn a huge logo into all. Most will just have a regular small ink stamp on the top and bottom. So anytime the Hungarian Workshop has one we make sure it’s used wisely.

J.D. Set
Jack Daniel’s Barrel Furniture

An excellent show pieces for a true J.D. collector or an all around whiskey enthusiast. Tufted leather Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair and matching Ottoman with an authentic End Table. Handcrafted from a single reclaimed barrel and designed with only high quality and comfort in mind.

The chair design is pretty much similar to our original barrel lounge chairs. Very laid back and relaxing. The ideal piece to sit back and sip on your favorite Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. The leather is Full-Grain Italian Leather which presents beautiful patinas that will enhance with age. Soft to the touch and tough for years to come. The tufted upholstery adds high class and comfort all the way. The cushion foam is thick and soft so you can really sit back and unwind.

J.D. SetThe ottoman also features the fully tufted leather upholstery which is a must have for any lounge chair customers. Kicking back and putting your feet up is a must. The angles of the ottoman provides great support for your legs without being up too high. It fits perfectly right up to chair’s front creating a one pieces feel and appearance.

J.D. SetThe End Table is a huge show piece for the set because it has the full logo burnt into the center making the distillery brand very distinct. These tables are one of our best selling items. After all anytime you are enjoying the a beverage it’s nice to have a place to set things down.

We only have a limited supply of our Jack Daniel’s leather sets. If you are interested in more than a couple please contact me directly ( and we can discuss quantity and lead-time.

Jack Daniel’s Barrel Furniture

Please sign up for our online newsletter where you can receive monthly coupon codes and new item updates. You can also follow us on our social media site like Facebook and Instagram to see what new items we are working on.

This is an excellent month to sign up because of the upcoming black friday deals. You cab sign up at the top of our home page.

Thank You for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and have a great Thanksgiving.


-Balazs Moldovan

Jack Daniel’s Barrel Furniture   




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Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels by the Hungarian Workshop


“We are southern California’s #1 barrel furniture company. Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels and Wine Barrels has been our specialty for over 5 years.”

Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels

Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels | Recurved Bourbon Barrel Rocker
Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels | Recurved Bourbon Barrel Rocker

Welcome to the Hungarian Workshop! If you are looking for handcrafted Wine and Bourbon Barrel Furniture you found the right site. We have over 30 different pieces to choose from and have our Recycle Bin where you can find barrel hardware. Lids, rings, full staves, scraps and full size Wine, Bourbon and Scotch barrels are all available for purchase as well.

Bourbon Barrel EZ ChairWe have teamed up with Stone Brewing Company about 4 years ago and with this great partnership we have been growing bigger every year. Another great business partner is the Wine Enthusiast. They have featured couple of our products in their magazines and orders from them has bin pouring in. Soon we should have our new Interior Leather Line up on their site as well.

Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels

J.D. Set

We use barrels from all over the midwest. Distilleries include Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Maker’s Mark, etc. Occasionally I get my hands on some Jack Daniel’s barrels that I love to turn into one of kind works of beauty and functional art.

J.D. Set  – An excellent show pieces for a true J.D. collector or an all around whiskey enthusiast. Tufted leather Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair and matching Ottoman with an authentic End Table. Handcrafted from a single reclaimed barrel and designed with only high quality and comfort in mind.

Working with this material has been very fun and has allowed my general interest and hobby to turn into a full time career. Using only reclaimed and curved material has made simply woodworking more of an art form. When I used to make only dressers and tables, I felt more like a machine just cranking out square items. And with all the new technology around like CNCs and laser engravers, the idea of a craftsman or “handmade” seems to be dwindling away. Building with such unique and unpredictable material as barrels gives me a sense of security because a machine will never be useful for what we do.

Bourbon Barrel End Tables

Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels

Our Bourbon barrel line includes chairs, ottomans, end tables, pub tables, pub stools and pub chairs. Each and every item is handcrafted with attention to detail. Bourbon barrels are made from quarter sawn American White Oak. Usually about one inches thick and widths range from one and half to five inches. The inside of the barrels go through a heavy toasting that leaves the wood fully charred. This charring is what gives the whiskey its great color and taste. When we clean the staves we pretty much knock off all the charring but leave the smooth black finish behind. The outside of the barrel will have colors range from dark browns, greens, and blacks. And same as the inside, we clean them just enough to keep all the beautiful patine that shows of the material true history.

Bourbon Barrel Chair w/ Open Top


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Wine Barrel Pub Stools

Wine Barrel Pub Stools

“New wine barrel pub stools w/ backrest & memory swivel are here! Add the perfect rustic charm to any kitchen or bar with the Hungarian Workshop’s NEW creation.”



Wine Barrel Pub Stool w/ Memory Swivel & BackrestThis design was introduced just a few days ago. If you signed up for our online newsletter, you have received October’s coupon codes and new product updates which included this sought after design. These new barstools are here because of the many inquiries by our frequent customers. Like many people everyone loves our original barstools but also wanted a comfortable backrest to complete that lounge style feeling. We added a 3″ thick wide flat stock steel plate bent at just the right angle for a superb backing. The backrest also has a subtle flex that accommodates for any size person for the upmost support.

Wine Barrel Pub Stool w/ Memory Swivel & Backrest

Wine Barrel Pub Stool w/ Memory Swivel & BackrestSimilar design elements as our original Pub Stools but with a key feature, the backrest. Along with a wider seat and a 3 degree tilt you can now sit back comfortably at any kitchen and bar. The 180 Degree Memory Swivel will also allow you to twist side to side easily then self re-position when not in use. A strong and stable piece made from the toughest reclaimed wood around. 

This items is available in Wine Barrel and Bourbon Barrel.


Bourbon Barrel Pub Stool w/ Memory Swivel & BackrestThe Bourbon Barrel version is the exact shape and size. The main difference is the curve of the staves is a bit less and the colors are more darker. The inside of the wood is charred black like all standard whiskey barrels. Instead of the galvanized steel foot rest like the Wine barrel versions have, the Bourbon has regular steel. It is darker and because the metal was rusty there is a nice reddish hue to the finish.

Bourbon Barrel Pub Stool w/ Memory Swivel & Backrest



Bourbon Barrel Pub Stool A pleasant attribute that our pub stools feature is the 180 Degree Memory Swivel which allows you to rotate with ease and self re-position when not in use. The barrel’s old ring is the footrest that adds personality while creating a strong foundation for the base. Highly recommended for home and heavy commercial use.

Wine Barrel Pub Stool


For more furniture information and prices please feel free to browse our Online Store. There we have five categories, Wine Barrel Furniture, Bourbon Barrel Furniture, Home Accessories & Decor, Interior Leather Line and The Recycle Bin.

You can check out what current items or what new products we are working on by following our Instagram and Facebook pages both under the name Hungarian Workshop. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at or through our Contact Page here.

You may also want to sign up for our monthly newsletter where we offer coupon codes and new product updates. You can find the link at the top of the Home page. Thank you for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and have a great day.


-Balazs Moldovan

Wine Barrel Pub Stools