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Kentucky Whiskey Barrels – Hungarian Workshop

“We have an over stock of Kentucky Whiskey Barrels. Full size 53 gallons solid American White Oak. We have Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses etc. Order some today while supplies last!”


Kentucky Whiskey BarrelsRight now we have a over 100 Kentucky Whiskey Barrels in our overstock pile. Once we have several hundred broken down drying, ready to be furniture, we like to keep some together and offer it to the public for decoration. Or whatever other kind of projects you might feel like trying with them. After all, the material is awesome! One inch thick quarter sawn American white oak.

We use all the barrels apart. The staves are curved and have beveled edges and come is all sizes. Ranging from half inch all the way to 6 inch. The out side of the wood will have discoloration from the sun and weather, staining from the wood tannins and alcohol. And of course some rusty red stains from the barrel bands. Therefore the cleaning process can be tricky. However, once it’s all been sanded and smoothened out just the right amount the woods patina will look beautiful showing off the Kentucky Whiskey Barrels true history.

The inside of the Kentucky Whiskey Barrels are fully charred and black. The charring is what helps give the whiskey its great taste and color. Cleaning this part will be filthy work. Wire brushing will be you best bet. You will never remove the burned blackened wood unless you grind into about a half an inch or so. But that is not recommend because then you thin out the wood and would take far too long. I did one time found a barrel that had no charring whats so ever. It was just clean oak. I ended up making a chair from it and it was residing at Stone Brewing Company’s Liberty Station location. I think it was chair number 160 or something close to that.

Our Kentucky Whiskey Barrels come from many different distilleries. Most are from the big and famous brand Jim Beam. Jim Beam distillery actually makes a lot of other bourbons. For example if you are looking for a Knob Creek barrel we have them as well, but it will just say Jim Beam with the small letters K and C on the bottom. Another sought after brand is Buffalo Trace. They have one of the most eye catching stamping which makes the furniture come out looking sharp.

Occasionally we get some Jack Daniel’s barrels which are by far the most popular. And for a good reason too. Sometimes their logo is fully burned into the top and side of the barrel which is the best display of the brand. However, anytime we get these Tennessee Whiskey Barrels, we keep them for our self. They become one of the best looking pieces that our clients love to show off in their whiskey rooms.

If you are interested in large quantity (8+ barrels) shipments of barrels please contact me first because we could get a price break for you.

If you have any other question please let me know.


-Balazs Moldovan


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Used Whiskey Barrel Projects

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If you are looking for some unique handcrafted items you came to the right place. Check out our Online Store and see more of our ideas of Used Whiskey Barrel Projects.

We have a full line of Wine and Whiskey barrel furniture along with a great variety of Home Decor items suited for any Wine Enthusiast or Whisky Advocate. We also have our signature Barrel Wall Paneling. Ideal to cover big or small areas in bars, restaurant, man caves or kitchens. Just about any spot you think could use a beautiful eye catching wall design.

The Furniture –

Used Whiskey Barrel Projects

If you ever been to any location of Stone Brewing Company you can see almost all our Used Whiskey Barrel Projects. They are one of our biggest clients and they carry our signature lounge chairs, pub stools, end tables, ottomans and coffee tables. Each piece is handmade with attention to detail. We clean and sand the barrel staves just the right amount to ensure smoother surfaces without removing too much of its original patina. Most table tops will even have old distillery stamps which show of the barrels true history.

The Home Decor – 

Used Whiskey Barrel ProjectsWhen you don’t have a lot of room to work with but still really want a Hungarian Workshop product, our Home Decor section is a must see. A nice selection from bottle openers to cutting boards and even our trademarked Whiskey Barrel Skateboards. It is fully functional or it can look cool simply hanging up on your wall. One of my absolute favorite is my Whiskey Barrel Chess Set. All hand cut pieces with a perfectly engraved board on top of a used Whiskey barrel top. I am very proud of this creation and it is pure labor of love.

“Be sure to browse our complete site to see all our Used Whiskey Barrel Projects!”

The Wall Panels –

This item was created mainly to salvage and use up all our left over staves that did not make the grade to be furniture. By not wanting to throw them away I created an easily installable wall paneling system. My main focus was to able to ship them anywhere and have the customers or their contractor install them with ease. Other places who offer something like this will most likely have to come out and install themselves. Not ours. If you ever hung up a mirror or a large picture, you can install these yourself. All you have to do is find the studs, drill in the wall cleats then hang up the panels.

If you have any further questions or would like a little more information please feel free to email at

Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter which will come out end of this month (September). I will have a big sale on our Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Furniture. You can also follow us on our social media sites to see what new products we are working.

Thank You for stopping by and have great day!

-Balazs Moldovan

Used Whiskey Barrel Projects



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Bourbon Barrel Side Table

Bourbon Barrel Side Table

“We have a great selection of Bourbon Barrel Side Table-s. The most popular has a variation of 4 styles and the interior has 2. Click here and check out our Online Store!”

Bourbon Barrel Side TableOne of the best selling items is the our Bourbon Barrel Side Table. We have made hundreds of them and we pretty much receive orders for them every day. They are ideal to go with our Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chairs or just by themselves. Next to a bed or couch it won’t matter they will still look great and ad a little rustic bourbon spirit in your home. As we mentioned earlier we have them in a few different styles and don’t worry if you hare a Wine Enthusiast. We have the same styles in Wine Barrels as well.

The regular end tables are simple and smart. It is four staves for legs, a nicely recut round barrel head for the top and a barrel band around the edge. This was designed with simplicity in mind to be cost effective. We had way too many barrel heads and barrel hoops just piling up. After all, at one time had to break down over four hundred barrels. After we come out with this design the extra material started to go down.

Bourbon Barrel Side TableThe versions you can choose from are the following:

  • 18″ Tall Outside Barrel Top
  • 18″ Tall Inside Barrel Top
  • 24″ Tall Outside Barrel Top
  • 24″ Tall Inside Barrel Top

The 18″ version is ideal for our lounge chairs or side of lower beds. The 24″ works pretty much all around. The most popular choice for the top is the Outside Top. This will have distillery marking and nice rustic oak patinas. The distillery stamps may includes brand names, dates, warehouse numbers and specific batch numbers. It is the best option for anyone looking to show of an authentic barrel piece with its true history. The inside version means the same barrel top is just upside down. The top will be charred black because the insides of bourbon barrels are completely burned. This is what gives whiskey its great flavors and color. Which ever option you choose I am sure you will love it!

“A Bourbon Barrel Side Table can be a great gift for and Whiskey lover!”

Our second Bourbon Barrel Side Table option the the strictly interior ones. These come at 23″ in height. They have the same top option as our other tables. Inside or Outside. The big difference is the edging. Instead of a barrel band it is made up of sliced up barrel staves. Neatly arranged to create a one of kind uniform look. Because of the extensive work that goes into these Bourbon Barrel Side Table-s, they also have a higher price point. All the extra carpentry work may makes these a bit more but the finished product look much more sophisticated and high end. A perfect show piece for any office, home bar or restaurant.

If you have any further question of would like more info on any of our products please feel free to contact us. Also don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive new product updates and coupon codes that will save you big on your next purchase.


-Balazs Moldovan



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Whisky Advocate

“Another great milestone! Being featured in the Whisky Advocate feels amazing. A great whisky magazine which I have a subscription for now showed up at my house with us in it.”

Whisky AdvocateAround the beginning of July I received an email requesting some more information on our Bourbon Barrel Ez Chair. As usually I replied and answered all questions and thought not much of it. Since most sales start with a little inquiry if the buyer wants additional info. A few more days go by then the same person ask for a quick photo of the chair apart. Because the EZ Chairs slides apart and can be stored or transported in two slim sections. I pulled out my phone, shot a quick couple pictures and sent them right back. I thought it was a bit unusually to ask for this but it makes sense if you are interested in making a purchase. Often the buyer who inquires the most will likely place a large order. Therefore I don’t mind going the extra step for my potential customers.

Whisky AdvocateThe next email they asked if I had any high quality pictures of the pieces. Because the Whisky Advocate is having a tailgating gear must have list, and our chair is going to be on it. As soon as I read that I sent over my pictures I took for our website. I sent over a bunch just in case. Every angle and view position just to be safe. At this point I was very thankful that I took the time and learned how to shoot photos and edit pictures. Having quick access to my furniture photos sure came in handy this day.

“The EZ Chair is just one of many of our creations, browse through our Online Store to find the right piece for you.”

Whisky AdvocateNow came the waiting game. I was very excited and could hardly wait to see a Hungarian Workshop chair in the Whisky Advocate. Even though it seemed like a sure thing I didn’t want to tell everyone just yet. I figured it would be more impressive if I just showed everyone the actually magazine when it comes out.  Cheers!

Whisky AdvocateIf you are a big whisky, bourbon or scotch enthusiast I highly recommend signing up for the Whisky Advocate. Lots of cool stories and interested articles. Plenty of all around whisky talk and you can learn a lot too. Or pick up a copy at your local Barns and Noble.

Thank You for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and be sure to sign up for our Online Newsletter. It comes at monthly and right now (9/8) there is still time for the September’s letter. I am going to wait towards the last week of this month to send it out. There have been lots of people signing up, mostly from the Whisky Advocate feature and I want to have the most amount of people singed up before hand. Be sure to follow us on social media like Instagram and Facebook to see what new items we are working on today.

Have a great day!

-Balazs Moldovan


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Whiskey Barrel Scraps – Buy now and save big!

Recently we finished up a big batch of summer orders. We made made lots of Lounge Chairs and plenty of Pub Stools and Pub Tables. Due to all this work we have over 400 lbs of Whiskey Barrel Scraps that I don’t want to go to waste. We do have a few projects where we can use them however the quantity is far too much. The regular price for a small box which contains about 20 pieces is $25. Because of this overwhelming amount I am slashing the price. In September’s newsletter I will have a coupon code created so you can purchase with the discount. If you are interested right away please don’t hesitate to send me an email. 

Create unique handcrafted gifts from Whiskey Barrel Scraps! Check out Pinterest for other great ideas!

Whiskey Barrel ScrapsThe Whiskey Barrel Scraps are ideal for many projects. If you are a creative person you will probably find some fun ways to utilize this material. I’ve seen wood turners make pens others coasters, cheese boards, bookends just to name a few. The most unique way to use them is to make a wall or table top covered by them in a mosaic fashion. All of our Whiskey Barrel Scraps will be fully clean and sanded pretty much ready to use as is.

Whiskey barrels are made from American White Oak. The insides are charred which gives the whiskey its great flavors and color. One side will be completely black. The outside will have some aging to the wood and really neat color patterns. Shades of light and dark browns with greens and some rusty reds left behind from the old barrel rings.

Whiskey Barrel ScrapsFinally if all else fails they are absolutely amazing for grilling and smoking meat. If you never had a nice steak grilled over an open fire with real Whiskey Barrel Scraps burning under neath, you are missing out. The intense smokey flavors with of hints of whiskey will make your dinner the best you ever had. The oak burns hot and slow therefore cooking with it is ideal. I highly recommend it.

If you have any questions or need more information please don’t hesitate contact us.


-Balazs Moldovan

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Bourbon Barrel Pub Table

“If you are looking for some unique handcrafted Bourbon Barrel Pub Table, we have a few option available . Choose from small and cozy to large & family style.”

At the Hungarian Workshop we have a very classy and unique style of Bourbon Barrel Pub Table available. It comes in small which is ideal for two to three people to sit or stand around at and enjoying their drinks. The large ones can accommodate three to four with drinks and dinner. When choosing a Pub Table don’t forget to check out our Pub Stools and Pub Chairs to go along with them. All available in our Interior Italian Leather options as well.

Small and Cozy – 

Bourbon Barrel Pub TableThe smaller Bourbon Barrel Pub Table is made from the barrel tops and bottoms. We offer the option for you to choose from the outside or the inside to be facing up. The outside will be the lighter brown and tan with distillery stamp. It may also have other cooper’s or distillery markings like dates, warehouse and lot numbers and also batch specification. The inside version has the charred wood facing up and it’s completely black. The diameter of the table top is just about 21″. The overall height is 42″, the standard bar height. A barrel band wraps around the top to keep it tight and secure. There is also one on the bottom to keep the legs firm and it acts like footrest as well. This version is ideal pubs and wine tasting rooms.

Large and family style – 

Bourbon Barrel Pub TableOur large Bourbon Barrel Pub Table is very similar to the smaller version. It also comes with two options. You can choose from 30″ diameter or 36″. The top is made from solid white oak wood that is charred black to match the barrel wood. The edges are also barrel staves. This version is more ideal for homes and bars looking to serve not just drinks but food as well. The 30″ can seat three easily and the 36″ can seat four.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly

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Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale

“We have over 500 Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale! Many distilleries like Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, Heaven Hill, etc. Buy a couple and create something unique!”

After we broke down over 500 barrels, we ended up with about a thousand barrel heads. (tops) For the past year I have been selling them off since there is no way to use so many all by our self. Especially since we pick up more barrels every season or so. The Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale are 21″ x 21″ and 1″ thick.

There are many ideal uses for them if you have the right tools. If you find your favorite brand, simply using them as wall decor can look neat in any room or bar. Keep in mind if you want to purchase an exact brand, unfortunately you will have to try somewhere else. With this inventory size we can not go searching through all the tops just for one specific kind. You can always put in a request when you purchase and we will try our best to accommodate.

Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale

Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale –

First off, it is very important for me to explain what a whiskey barrel top is. Almost 50% of my first time customers think barrel tops are solid round piece of wood that has the ring attached to as well. Unfortunately for most of you DIY -ers, this isn’t the case.

A barrel top is made up of a few ( 6-10) smaller pieces that are held together by dowels or routed grooves. The edges are bevelled and sit in the stave’s end notches. Then the ring is on the outside putting pressure on the whole thing. To remove a barrel head you have to take the barrel completely apart.

All barrels are only held together by pressure from the rings and the moisture of the wood. Once the barrel starts to dry out, the rings slip off and everything falls apart. This goes for the barrel tops also. If they don’t have the dowels or the support, they can easily come apart too.

Whiskey Barrel Tops for SaleEvery piece of barrel furniture we make using the barrel heads, we go through extensive amount of work to ensure that they stay solid. In conclusion, working with reclaimed material may be trickier than one might think.

Barrel Top Variations We Offer –

  • Raw – Meaning straight from the barrel. Nothing has been done to it. It’s filthy. Charred, dirty and rough.
  • Sanded –  Fully cleaned and sanded smooth. Ready to use!
  • Without Stamping – No markings. Clean and plain.
  • With Stamping – Visible distillery brand names, dates and lot numbers. (Note: Most stamps are not perfect. Some parts may be smudged and missing.)

Whiskey Barrel Tops for SaleIf you are looking to buy a large quantity contact us directly. Shipping calculator is not set up properly for purchasing 100+. Therefore when shipping such large amounts we can send as freight and save you a large chunk of cash.

Thank You for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and don’t forget to sign up for our online newsletter to receive coupon codes and new product updates. Cheers!

-Balazs Moldovan

Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale

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Whiskey Barrel Wall Art

“The Hungarian Workshop has developed a wall paneling system that makes Wine and Whiskey Barrel Wall Art big and small. We can even cover entire walls.”

Whiskey Barrel Wall Art

Started out as a way to use scraps and material that wasn’t good enough for our furniture line, the Wine and Whiskey Barrel Wall Art was born. The idea came to me when I saw a few other ones out there made of whole staves. They had to be installed by hand on location one by one. I was not a fan of the over all appearance the time it probably took. Certain barrel staves can have big curves in them which end up sticking out from the wall as much as 5 inches. Further more, not all staves are exactly alike making them inconsistent and uneven.

Another method is to cut all staves into small blocks and install like pavers. But again, that takes forever and the gaps between are always left big. It can look slapped on with no attention to detail. With these reasons I though long and hard what would be the best way to make Wine and Whiskey Barrel Wall Art.

The most important concept in our system is that the customers can hang put up them self. Or if it’s an entire wall project a contractor can simply install.

Wine & Whiskey Barrel Wall Art

When it comes to the Wine and Whiskey Barrel Wall Art the entire piece comes as a whole with the French Cleat system in the back. You easily run a couple 3″ drywall screws through the cleat and into the studs and just hang up like a mirror. There are five available sizes and of course the option to be made from Wine or Bourbon Whiskey barrels. These also come with a wooden frame made from white oak to match the barrel wood. The Wine and Whiskey Barrel Wall Art pieces are a great addition to any home, bar or restaurants.

Wine & Whiskey Barrel Wall Panels 

This is very similar to our wall art design but on a much larger scale. Instead of one solid piece, these come in big sections that you hang next to one another. Also with the French Cleat system. All panels are 11″ wide and can be ordered in two, four, six and eight foot heights. And again with the option of Wine and Whiskey barrel wood.

These look amazing when you cover an entire 8’x12′ wall! We have shipped these to many high end clients who have at home wine cellars and to restaurants that specialize in fine wine dining. Just imagine covering an entire section of a room with beautiful reclaimed barrel wood in minutes. No more spending several days on the install. No cutting, no glueing. Any one with some basic know how can use our panelling system.

If you have any further question or would like just a bit more info please email me at

Thank You for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and have a great day!

-Balazs Moldovan

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Whiskey Barrel Projects by The Hungarian Workshop

“The Hungarian Workshop has many beautiful handcrafted furniture and home decor pieces. Check out their Online Store to see all the amazing Whiskey Barrel Projects.”

Whiskey Barrel Projects can be a very fun way to practice your carpentry and furniture making skills. The barrels we have are from many different distilleries including Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Jim Beam just to name a few. Whiskey barrels are made from quarter sawn American White Oak. The insides are charred completely which gives the whiskey its well known color and flavor. As a result, it can make a big mess when cleaning but the finished products will still look great.

Whiskey Barrel ProjectsIdeas for easier Whiskey Barrel Projects may include end tables, shelfs, clocks and other small home decorations. Bottle openers, coasters, serving trays and other items for bars can be a big hit. Medium level project would be like barstools, bar tables, ottomans, adirondack chairs. Hard Whiskey Barrel Projects are often big and intricate and also require very specific barrel staves. Meaning a lot of searching around and trial and error. It may seem simple woodworking to the untrained eye, but you’ll find out when you get started. See if you can make the same exact cut when the wood has a curve, beveled edges, twists and it’s cupping all at once. And the next pieces does the same but a bit different. In conclusion keep in mind not all barrel staves are alike.

In this next segment I will show a few of our Whiskey Barrel Projects in order of easier to harder.

Whiskey Barrel ProjectsOur End Tables were designed with simplicity in mind. We have over a 1000 Whiskey barrel heads and I wanted to make sure we get a chance to use most. Many of them have terrible warping and twist but by storing them appropriately we can fix most. Needless to say the best ones will have some neat company stamping with authentic dates and storage warehouse numbers.

Whiskey Barrel ProjectsThe Adirondack style Lounge Chair is the best seller. We offer two different backrest versions, leather upholstery and rocking chair options. This week I completed my 676th chair since I started this business in 2012. A large chunk of them can be seen over at Stone Brewing Co. They are good friends of ours who keep us busy and helping us grow. They still have chair #2.

Whiskey Barrel ProjectsFinally, the most complex and difficult Whiskey Barrel Projects we do are the Pub Chairs, the Modern Lounge Chairs and Chess Sets. The Pub Chairs are on a much bigger scale and require a lot of attention to detail. Our Modern Lounge Chair are based on precision. Everything has to fit just right and line up correctly. The Chess Set is my master art piece.  In addition it takes the longest to make and it’s a pure labor of love. I am proud of its design and I feel very happy when a client uses it in their whiskey collection.


Thank You for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop. Be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive coupon codes and new product updates. You can also follow us on social media under the handle HungarianWorkshop. Our Facebook and Instagram shows off what new Whiskey Barrel Projects we are working on currently.


-Balazs Moldovan

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Whiskey Gift Set Ideas

“At the Hungarian Workshop we specialize in Wine and Bourbon Barrel furniture. We have great Whiskey Gift Set Ideas in our online store. Check it out now! 

Whiskey Gift Set Ideas
Jack Daniel’s Chair #660

The Hungarian Workshop turned 5 years old last month! We celebrated this exciting milestone by making our 660th barrel chair. Built from an old and used authentic Jack Daniel’s barrel, this anniversary chair is a collectors dream. You can browse around our shop for Whiskey Gift Set Ideas, but this chairs will be a sure winner for any true Jack Daniel’s fan. The entire barrel was sanded clean to show off the quarter sawn American white oak’s beautiful grain pattern. This pieces is available for sale but you will have to contact me directly through email. ( It is priced at $995.

Whiskey Gift Set Ideas-

Every month we send out an email newsletter that features coupon codes, new product promotions and company news. The newsletters goes out usually at the beginning of the month. However, sometimes we are slammed with orders and we have to send it out a bit later. Do not worry, it is still on its way. I just like to make sure we don’t fall too far behind which ensures the lead time to stay in the 3-4 week range.

-Coupon Codes

If you decide to sign up for our newsletter, this reason will be the most rewarding; The Savings! If you had your eye on a certain piece but it was just out of your budget at the moment, not to worry. Usually every newsletter will have a 15%OFF codes on anything and everything. But that is just a start to cover all our handcrafted furniture and home decor. The best deals will be on sets of furniture large and small. More often like always, the more you buy the bigger the savings. Just last month we had our 4th Of July Sale where we offered 37%OFF. All I can say is don’t hesitate and sign up right away at the top of our home page. You have nothing to lose, but to gain some great savings on some fine handcrafted Wine and Bourbon Whiskey barrel furniture and home decor!

-New Products

Anytime I design and create a new product, I like to show it all my newsletter and social media followers. I’d say about once a year I come out with a new design which helps keeps the Hungarian Workshop fresh, new and relevant. Wine and Whiskey barrel staves can be an amazing reclaimed and up-cycled material. With some creativity there are hundreds of new and available uses for them. Occasionally we have previous clients that ask for custom creations who we love to collaborate new ideas with. If you have a special project in mind, don’t hesitate to send us an email. If we have the time, the Hungarian Workshop would love to work with you.

-Company News

Whiskey Gift Set IdeasThis section of the newsletter is simply an update on what is currently happening with us. It can help you schedule large company orders or inform people when we are being featured in a magazine or other form of advertisement. For example, coming up in the next issue of the Whiskey Advocate magazine one of our furniture pieces will be advertised in their Fall Tail Gating must haves!  Cheers!

Whiskey Gift Set Ideas

-Handcrafted Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Furniture

Our most popular and best sellers are the Bourbon Barrel creations we make from genuine old and used barrels. We have chairs, tables, benches, barstools, ottoman and our signature recurved rockers. Along with the Hungarian Workshop’s high end specialty interior line that features Italian Leather for an elegant and one of a kind luxury.

The Lounge Chairs – 

Whiskey Gift Set IdeasOur signature Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chairs are known and loved world wide. Each one is handmade with quality craftsmanship and with attention to detail. All barrel staves are slightly curved which provides excellent support through out. Sanded just right without removing any of the wood’s natural color or patina. Choose from the two styles available that fits you best.

Recurved Rockers – 


Just like our lounge chairs, these Bourbon Barrel Rockers are handcrafted for comfort and relaxation. The recurved bottom staves allow the utmost rocking movement creating the leading barrel chairs available. Each stave is polished just right to leave behind the material’s true characteristics and patina. Created entirely from genuine reclaimed bourbon barrels, you will sure to find rocking back and forth your new favorite way to unwind.

Bourbon Barrel End Tables –

Our Bourbon Barrel End Tables can be a great addition to any living room or patio set. They are designed for simplicity and handcrafted with integrity. Most often the barrel lids will feature old distilleries markings which shows of the material’s true history and origin. The tables are available in two variations, the top can be the inside or outside face of the barrel. Giving you the option between the charred black finish or the rustic golden brown. An Eco friendly piece for that true bourbon lover.

Whiskey Gift Set Ideas

Thank you for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop! Please be sure to sign up for our online newsletter. You can also follow us on a couple of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. All under the name Hungarian Workshop. If you have any further questions or inquiries of any of our products please feel free to contact me.