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Whiskey Barrels For Sale

“Click here to end up in the Recycle Bin section and see what all material we have ready for you.”

Whiskey Barrels For Sale
Whiskey Barrels For Sale

Here at the Hungarian Workshop we deal with a great amount of Wine and Whiskey barrels. Occasionally we acquire Rum barrels, Scotch barrels and sometimes even Tequila ones. But definitely the most common type is going to the great all American Bourbon Whiskey Barrels. We typically have about a hundred on hand at all times and I never let it slip below fifty. Our handcrafted furniture is loved by the whole country so just incase any large orders should arise, I like to be prepared. In this business obviously material is the key element. No barrels means no product. These unique casks can be hard to find and will not be in stock all the time. Besides all the stress, I still love my job and wouldn’t change it for anything. However I sure do miss simply waking up and grabbing that weeks wood from the lumber yard down the road.

With all that said periodically we can go through fazes where we have far too much and just need to down size a bit to keep storage rent at an affordable rate. In these cases you are in luck because we can offer anyone a chance at to own a full size Bourbon Whiskey Barrels made by very talented coopers that came from some of America’s most famous distilleries.

Whiskey Barrels For Sale

Here in the rest of this Blog post I will go ahead and discuss some important facts and elements about these barrels. Along with some of my insights on how to take care for them when kept whole.

Whiskey Barrels For Sale
Whiskey Barrels For Sale

Barrel Characteristics

The first thing I have to mention is that not all barrels are 100% the same. The color, shape, size and quality will vary slightly. Not as much as Wine Barrels. Those are a whole different story. Lets leave that for another time. The way each barrel was kept will affect how they’ll look later down the road. Distilleries will do the aging indoors, but they may take the old ones out doors for a while before they ship them off. Luckily 90% of my barrels are still wet and solid. Fresh from the aging line. Markings and brand stamps will be visible on most barrels but not all. The rings, hoops, straps or whatever you prefer to call them will be mostly rusted. But with a little wire brushing that can be cleaned very fast. The inside will be fully charred. Not heavily toasted like some wine barrels, but fully singed black. Totally burned which gives the whiskey its great color and flavors.

Whiskey Barrels For Sale
Whiskey Barrels For Sale


If you choose to purchase a full size barrel the location where you keep it is important. When kept outdoors as yard decoration you’ll want to hose it down about once a month (depends what climate you live in) to keep the wood swollen that will create the tension for the barrel to be intact. Barrels are not glued, nailed or caulked in anyway. I would also recommend placing it in a shaded area. The sun will do faster and more damage to the wood than anything else. When kept indoors maintenance if minimal. However a proper preparation is a must. I recommend cleaning the barrels out before hand with some water. Remove the rust from the hoops with a wire wheel, then spray a clear coat over them to keep from rusting again. Sanding the wood a bit is also recommended just take off and dirt and grim. Applying an oil finish will definitely bring out the colors of the wood while protecting as well. You can find a product like Teak Oil at almost every hardware or home improvement store. Even if you oil the barrel, keeping it indoors will cause the wood to shrink with out the moisture. It will take a lot longer than outdoors but be prepared for that.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact me at my email if you would like more information or just have some additional question. We do discounts when purchasing in large quantities. All our barrels are indoor kept and sealed up to keep them in their best condition.

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The “Snap” Wine and Whiskey Barrel End Tables


“Our little Wine and Whiskey Barrel End tables are a huge hit!”

Whiskey Barrel End Tables by The Hungarian Workshop

The “Snap” Wine & Whiskey Barrel End Tables were designed to maximize our material usage and minimize waste. With barrel tops and hoops towering over our heads, our goal was to create a functional and practical item which we can market to wide variety of costumers. The simplicity and expenditure of these tables are their huge selling point to anyone who would love to own a reclaimed and Eco friendly piece.The "Snap" Wine and Whiskey End Tables

In the photo there we have the 4 possible options.
Wine Barrel – Inside (Red, Burgundy)
– Outside ( Natural Oak)
Whiskey – Inside (Black charred finish)
– Outside ( Natural Oak)

(You will be able to choose from these options when making a purchase.)

The "SNAP" Wine and Whiskey End TablesSnap Table Dimensions:

Table Top Diameter 22″- 23″ Height 18″ or 24″

Finish – Brazilian Rosewood Oil

The name “Snap” Table comes from the idea that they simple and not over designed. Every angle of these Wine and Whiskey barrel end tables shouts oak barrel material. The rings them selfs are a huge aspect that adds true character to the furniture. And thank goodness this idea works well because with six rings her barrel we have, lets just say enough that we are good for the next two years. ( We purchased 120 barrels in the last six month,… so yeah.) Another great reason why the rings work well is because they stabilize the table top. The metal will keep the wood in place and won’t allow any movement. These is very important for any one who want to us them outside.

If you are ready to place an order click here and get your own “SNAP” Wine and Whiskey Barrel End Tables today.


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Wine and Whiskey Barrel End Table by The Hungarian Workshop


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Bourbon Barrel Pipe

“Check out these one of a kind Bourbon Barrel Pipes! They make a great gift for any Whiskey advocates and pipe smokers.”

The Gentleman - Bourbon Barrel PipesLast week I had chance to play around with some Bourbon Barrel scraps and decided to reach out to a whole new kind of market. When it comes to tobacco pipes you will usually see the typical corn cob pipe style, like the one Popeye likes to smoke. Therefore I ventured away from that design with two of the three, and made one traditional one to keep folks happy.

The Abraham - Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Pipe

The Bourbon Barrel Pipes admit rich savory flavors leaving an enjoyable and pleasant after taste. Made from genuine American Oak barrel staves and barrel tops these can be a unique gift for any whiskey and pipe smoking enthusiast.

Available in three designs in the Recycle Bin section in our ONLINE STORE.

The Gentleman – A modern style with a rustic twist, an elegant pipe for the classy person. Photo 1.

The Abraham – A light weight old fashion pipe with tapered sides for a comfortable and satisfying experience. Photo 2.

The Slim – With unmistakable Bourbon Barrel characteristics, this little one is simplicity at its best. Photo 3.

The Slim - Bourbon Barrel Pipes | Hungarian WorkshopAll three available in a set deal incase you are interested in trying all of them. Every pipe is handmade and sanded just enough to keep the barrel’s natural patinas. Finished with a little bit of mineral oil to keep oak smooth and protected.

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Whiskey Barrel Skateboards

” The Whiskey Barrel Skateboards are a huge hit all over the world!”

Whiskey Barrel SkateboardsThats right, all over the world. This product has been one of my most popular sellers. It is doing great here in sunny Southern California and all the way in Europe. People just can’t seem to get enough of it, and I can see why. Whiskey Barrel Skateboards can be a unique home decor that sure to be an excellent conversation piece. Or, cool fun way to cruise around town.

Whiskey Barrel SkateboardsTHE STORY

The Whiskey Barrel Skateboards started when a buddy of mine gave me a set of trucks and wheels from his old longboard. I always thought coasting around our beach town would be fun on a skateboard but since I wasn’t any good I didn’t want to spend all sorts of money on whole get up. That’s when I figured; I’m a woodworker, I have a set of trucks and wheels, maybe I should just make my own deck. I looked by the scrap bin at the shop but there wasn’t much in there, except a few of my own Whiskey Barrel staves. Boom! ” That’s it, I am making it out of this stuff.” Whiskey Barrels are made from one inch thick American White Oak and after all the curves in them just seemed ideal. With a few prototypes the Whiskey Barrel Skateboards were in production with in a few weeks. Hell, my first order was for 2 to Germany! That was in last June and we are knocking them out ever since.

Whiskey Barrel SkateboardsWhen it comes to making these Whiskey Barrel Skateboards there are a few very important guidelines to follow to ensure the highest quality in structural durability and board performance. I am going to keep those a secrete for now but I’ll let you in on them later so can make your own super fun Whiskey Barrel Skateboards.

So if you are ready click the link above or here and purchase your own today. And here is a coupon code for you just for reading my blog.      whiskeyskateboard/bgm22 -this will give you 30%OFF from your own Whiskey Barrel Skateboards!

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-Balazs Moldovan

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Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener

“Every Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener is made from cut off scraps from our line of Whiskey Barrel Furniture.”

Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener by The Hungarian WorkshopThe Product 

Handmade from left over Whiskey Barrel scraps, these are solid oak and steel bottle openers. The oak is taken from the barrel stave ends, and the steel is from the hoop that holds the barrels together. With a leather band on the end for easy hanging storage.

Each Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener is sanded just the right amount to be smooth without removing any of its natural aged patina. The finish is a mixture of mineral oils and bees wax to keep them protected while bringing out the woods true colors.Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener - Hungarian Workshop

The Story

We have been throwing away so much cut off pieces that I started to feel kind of bad. Even the small sections have to be good for something I thought. Most often we have guys who collect them for BBQ-ing and smoking meat, but the piles still just kept growing. There were even a few people who made their own little projects from our scraps, which pretty much gave me the idea to try to cash in our left over. With all our products being furniture, I figured something small that can be a great present for anyone.

Available now in our ONLINE STORE in the Recycling Bin!

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3D Cutting Boards

“Found a new artist who has a great talent making beautiful 3D Cutting Boards!”

3D Cutting Board | Hungarian WorkshopThe new 3D Cutting Board design will make everyone take a second glance just to make sure their eyes weren’t playing tricks. This complex arrangement of pieces takes a precise layout to get that great three dimensional illusion. It can be a bit time consuming but definitely worth the time and patients. Serving delicious cheeses and wine on a 3D Cutting Board during your next get together will ensure that it’s a wonderful conversation piece.

3D Cutting Boards will come in many shapes and sizes, but for now since this is the first one we have for sale I will only cover this specific one. The featured board here is made out of Padauk & Euro Beach Wood. Padauk has a very unique reddish orange coloration and is moderately heavy, strong, and stiff, with exceptional stability. It’s a popular hardwood among hobbyist woodworkers. Beech is typically a pale cream color, sometimes with a pink or brown hue. Grain is straight, with a fine to medium uniform texture.

One of the main and most important part about these pieces are that they are also have been up-cycled! If you ever get a chance to go to a lumber yard you will be pleasantly surprised to see what great material makes it into the cull bin. Often woodworkers will need only certain amount of material and they may cut off a foot or two and leave it behind for artists who just happen to have a great idea.

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