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Kentucky Whiskey Barrels – Hungarian Workshop

“We have an over stock of Kentucky Whiskey Barrels. Full size 53 gallons solid American White Oak. We have Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses etc. Order some today while supplies last!”


Kentucky Whiskey BarrelsRight now we have a over 100 Kentucky Whiskey Barrels in our overstock pile. Once we have several hundred broken down drying, ready to be furniture, we like to keep some together and offer it to the public for decoration. Or whatever other kind of projects you might feel like trying with them. After all, the material is awesome! One inch thick quarter sawn American white oak.

We use all the barrels apart. The staves are curved and have beveled edges and come is all sizes. Ranging from half inch all the way to 6 inch. The out side of the wood will have discoloration from the sun and weather, staining from the wood tannins and alcohol. And of course some rusty red stains from the barrel bands. Therefore the cleaning process can be tricky. However, once it’s all been sanded and smoothened out just the right amount the woods patina will look beautiful showing off the Kentucky Whiskey Barrels true history.

The inside of the Kentucky Whiskey Barrels are fully charred and black. The charring is what helps give the whiskey its great taste and color. Cleaning this part will be filthy work. Wire brushing will be you best bet. You will never remove the burned blackened wood unless you grind into about a half an inch or so. But that is not recommend because then you thin out the wood and would take far too long. I did one time found a barrel that had no charring whats so ever. It was just clean oak. I ended up making a chair from it and it was residing at Stone Brewing Company’s Liberty Station location. I think it was chair number 160 or something close to that.

Our Kentucky Whiskey Barrels come from many different distilleries. Most are from the big and famous brand Jim Beam. Jim Beam distillery actually makes a lot of other bourbons. For example if you are looking for a Knob Creek barrel we have them as well, but it will just say Jim Beam with the small letters K and C on the bottom. Another sought after brand is Buffalo Trace. They have one of the most eye catching stamping which makes the furniture come out looking sharp.

Occasionally we get some Jack Daniel’s barrels which are by far the most popular. And for a good reason too. Sometimes their logo is fully burned into the top and side of the barrel which is the best display of the brand. However, anytime we get these Tennessee Whiskey Barrels, we keep them for our self. They become one of the best looking pieces that our clients love to show off in their whiskey rooms.

If you are interested in large quantity (8+ barrels) shipments of barrels please contact me first because we could get a price break for you.

If you have any other question please let me know.


-Balazs Moldovan


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The NEW Bourbon Barrel Bar Stools

“Our new line will be ready in July. The Bourbon Barrel Bar Stools with memory swivel will be one of the first pieces available with leather.”

The Bourbon Barrel Bar Stools are one of our best seller and loved by just about everyone. There are quite a few local San Diego tasting rooms filled with them. Stone Brewing Company is one of our biggest clients who keeps us busy all year around. Check out their many different locations and enjoy a cool refreshing beer this summer. And if you are a big fan of baseball, visit Petco stadium where Stone also has two more location with our fine barrel furniture.

The new leather upholstered barrel furniture is our way to take a step directly inside people’s home. A large percentage of our current clients enjoy our creations on patios, decks, bars and bistros. It has been a huge success and it’s time to expand even more. By creating this strictly interior line we are oping a whole new door to another customer demographic. I thing we can all agree everyone enjoys the finer things once in a while. Wether you are a Wine Enthusiast or Whiskey Advocate you will definitely love a handcrafted, fine Italian leather upholstered piece, made from the barrel based from your beverage of choice.

The NEW Bourbon Barrel Bar Stools

Bourbon Barrel Bar Stools w/ Italian Leather The Bourbon Barrel Bar Stools are built from reclaimed Bourbon barrels that were used to age that great spirit for many many years. The wood is American quarter sawn white Oak which is highly resistant to the elements and makes for an excellent material. The hoops from the barrels are steel bands that we also re-used that work as the footrest while adding structural stability and strength. The seat is upholstered with beautiful full grain leather made in Italy. The Bourbon Barrel Bar Stools feature a 180 degree memory swivel which repositions the seat when not in use. This piece can be an excellent addition to any home.

The Leather Upholstery

FULL-GRAIN has been a favorite for a long time that has a very natural look and feel with a generous color palette. Unlike top=grain leather, the surface is left naked. It is aniline-drum dyed and softer to the touch. For anyone who is a true leather purists and those who appreciate the beautiful patina that is enhanced with age.

There will be five standard colors to choose from.

  • Merlot
  • Stout 
  • Espresso 
  • Bourbon  
  • Sangria

If you are someone who enjoys the more rare or have a certain color in mind, don’t worry there will be 13 additional colors to choose from. Anywhere from forest green, deep blue and stone grey just to name a few. They will be in the special orders sections. The prices will be the same but the wait time might exceed a bit more. After all Italy isn’t exactly right next to San Diego, ha.

To find out when these new items will be available please sign up for our monthly newsletter and follow us on our social media sites all under Hungarian Workshop.


Balazs Moldovan

Bourbon Barrel Chairs with Leather



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Interior Barrel Furniture Design San Diego

“Interior Barrel Furniture Design San Diego by the Hungarian Workshop. Handcrafted beautiful pieces made for the true Wine Enthusiast and Whiskey Advocates.”

Whiskey Barrel End Table | Interior Barrel Furniture Design San DiegoEND TABLES – The Whiskey Barrel End Table can be a great addition to any living room or patio set. They are handcrafted with care and charm in mind. Most often the barrel lids will feature old distilleries markings which shows of the material’s true history and origin. The table is available in two variations, the top can be the inside or outside face of the barrel. Giving you the option between the charred black finish or the rustic golden brown.

Recycled Wine Barrel Furniture | Interior Barrel Furniture Design San DiegoBAR CHAIR – This Bar Chair is made completely out of Wine Barrels and it is able to swivel 360 degrees or 180 degrees memory swivel. The metal ring works as a foot rest while adding strength to the chairs lower frame. Because stainless steel hardware is used throughout the chair, it can be placed indoor and outdoor. The Teak Oil finish keeps the wood from drying and will repel moisture while keeping the barrels natural patina. Designed with comfort in mind the arm and back rest will keep you supported and relaxed for extended periods of time. Great for any type of bars, patio and decks.

BAR TABLES – Our Wine Barrel Bar Tables are designed with style, elegance and charm in mind. This unique hour glass shape gives this pieces a very sleek and attractive appearance that everyone will sure to admire. The Wine Barrel’s rings add sturdiness to the table’s foundation while working as a pleasant foot rest. The table top is created from used Wine Barrel lids that have been saturated with the beautiful colors left behind from the wine, ranging from red, burgundy and purple. With stainless steel hardware added for maximum durability and strength, this bar tables will be enjoyed by all for many years to come.

Interior Barrel Furniture Design San Diego

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Home Interior Decorating Ideas

“Looking for some unique home interior decorating ideas? Come check out what the Hungarian Workshop has to offer. Amazing Wine and Whiskey Barrel furniture.”

All our furniture is available in our ONLINE STORE.

We have worked with many interior designer is the past and it has been a blast. We have the chance to ship all over the nation and get to show of our line of Wine and Whiskey barrel furniture. We also work with a few big companies including Whole Foods Market, Stone Brewing Company and the Wine Enthusiast. In this blog I will show case few of our most popular items. If you have any questions or just need some more information please feel free to contact us and I would be happy to help you out with some Home Interior Decorating Ideas.

Whiskey Barrel End Table - Home Interior Decorating IdeasWhiskey Barrel End Tables – The Whiskey Barrel End Table can be a great addition to any living room or patio set. They are handcrafted with care and charm in mind. Most often the barrel lids will feature old distilleries markings which shows of the material’s true history and origin. The table is available in two variations, the top can be the inside or outside face of the barrel. Giving you the option between the charred black finish or the rustic golden brown.

Home Interior Decorating Ideas - Hungarian WorkshopWine Barrel Adirondack Chairs – These chairs are made from reclaimed wine barrels that used to contain red wine, giving the wood amazing deep purple and burgundy patina.They have a nice, wide opening and the seats slant just the right amount without feeling like you are sitting on the floor. All the barrel staves curve to contour your body, providing excellent support throughout.The wood is lightly sanded just enough to take off any dirt and grim without removing any of the natural colors. The wine barrel chairs come in 2 different styles. With stainless steel clips underneath to ensure structural durability and strength.

We have plenty more Home Interior Decorating Ideas throughout our shop and be sure to sign up for outré online newsletter to receive new product ideas and coupon codes. Also follow our Facebook page and other social media sites!

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

-Balazs Moldovan

Home Interior Decorating Ideas

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Whiskey Stave Skateboard

“Hungarian Workshop’s whiskey stave skateboards have been a huge hit for the past 2 years. It was us who designed and started manufacturing this fun item.”

Available in our ONLINE STORE.

Whiskey Stave Skateboard | Hungarian WorkshopThe whiskey stave skateboard has been one of out top sellers! It is the perfect gist for any skateboarding fan or whiskey advocates. Great for cruising down the boardwalk or just to hang up in your man cave.

The Story

Having some extra material left over from making our Whiskey Barrel Chairs, I had a wild idea to use some to make this very fun Whiskey Barrel Skateboard. The Whiskey Barrel Staves create a unique curve from front to back and from side to side as well. Allowing you to maneuver around with easy. The board it self is very heavy duty, after all it is made from American White Oak. Whiskey Stave Skateboard | Hungarian WorkshopThe material has been getting stronger and harder from it’s previous life of holding Whiskey for many many years. The top side of the board is pure black because of the charring the distilleries have to do to give the Whiskey its great taste and colors. The Whiskey Barrel Skateboard’s length is about 34 inches and 8-9 inches wide. The front end is cut to slight curve and bull nosed for a smooth finish. The back end is left as is to show of the barrel’s chime & croze to ensure easy distinction of what the board used to be.

A few weeks ago our Whiskey Barrel Skateboard was featured in the Wine Enthusiast Magazine and out sales have sky rocketed! Not just for this one particular time, but for all of our Wine and Whiskey Barrel furniture too.

Whiskey Stavel Skateboard - Wine Enthusiast Magazine | Hungarian Workshop Whiskey Stavel Skateboard - Wine Enthusiast Magazine | Hungarian Workshop

Whiskey Stavel Skateboard - Wine Enthusiast Magazine | Hungarian WorkshopBe sure to sign up for our online news letter and follow us on FACEBOOK to receive new product info and coupon codes.

Whiskey Stave Skateboard

-Balazs Moldovan

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Whiskey Barrel Wall

“Whiskey barrel wall paneling system will be a new way to reuse all our material and decorate homes, bars and restaurants!”

Whiskey Barrel WallThis whole concept started when we were asked by a Whiskey Bar in San Diego to create a mosaic wall decor using only Whiskey Barrel pieces. The idea to most will sound fairly simple since it seems all you would have to do is cut up the staves and mount them on to the surface. However anyone who works with barrels should know that the staves come curved and tapered in all direction. Creating a uniform and square wall would be a nightmare with my idea. Put it this way: If you start to make one large wall piece without considering the Whiskey Barrel stave variable, you will end up with huge gaps throughout. Or will have to custom mill every piece. At that point you are wasting time and losing money!

Whiskey Barrel WallThis Whiskey Barrel Wall paneling system was created with the idea that we can create the custom panels in the shop and then ship them anywhere in the country. Upon arrival to its destination whether it’s a bar, restaurant or home, a contractor can simply install them with his or her best method.

The Whiskey Barrel Wall paneling system can be made in custom sizes ranging from 11 inch wide (max width) to 8 feet long (max length). Occasionally we do get asked to create custom paneling where an entire wall piece is pretty much all together. Basically in 2-3 pieces and installing is literately just leaning the piece agains the wall. This is incredibly ideal when we are working with locals since we don’t have to ship any oversized panels across country.

The Whiskey Barrel Wall paneling system will be up and available to buy from our website with in this month. If you have any questions or comments please contact us and I would be happy to help you out.

As always thanks for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and have great day.

-Balazs Moldovan

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Bourbon Barrel Pipe

“Check out these one of a kind Bourbon Barrel Pipes! They make a great gift for any Whiskey advocates and pipe smokers.”

The Gentleman - Bourbon Barrel PipesLast week I had chance to play around with some Bourbon Barrel scraps and decided to reach out to a whole new kind of market. When it comes to tobacco pipes you will usually see the typical corn cob pipe style, like the one Popeye likes to smoke. Therefore I ventured away from that design with two of the three, and made one traditional one to keep folks happy.

The Abraham - Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Pipe

The Bourbon Barrel Pipes admit rich savory flavors leaving an enjoyable and pleasant after taste. Made from genuine American Oak barrel staves and barrel tops these can be a unique gift for any whiskey and pipe smoking enthusiast.

Available in three designs in the Recycle Bin section in our ONLINE STORE.

The Gentleman – A modern style with a rustic twist, an elegant pipe for the classy person. Photo 1.

The Abraham – A light weight old fashion pipe with tapered sides for a comfortable and satisfying experience. Photo 2.

The Slim – With unmistakable Bourbon Barrel characteristics, this little one is simplicity at its best. Photo 3.

The Slim - Bourbon Barrel Pipes | Hungarian WorkshopAll three available in a set deal incase you are interested in trying all of them. Every pipe is handmade and sanded just enough to keep the barrel’s natural patinas. Finished with a little bit of mineral oil to keep oak smooth and protected.

Don’t forget to sign up for our online newsletter to receive some coupon codes and new product updates. The September newsletter will be going out this weekend so act now.

Follow us on FACEBOOK to see what new project we are working on and you may also find coupon codes there as well.

As always thank you for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and have a wonderful day.

-Balazs Moldovan





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Barrel Furniture San Diego

“With all the wineries and breweries around in southern California, it’s no wonder there was a big boom in Barrel Furniture San Diego”

Barrel Furniture San Diego by the Hungarian WorkshopThe Hungarian Workshop is the lead supplier of Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture here is sunny San Diego. You might have seen a lot of there work around town at a Whole Foods Market and seven different Stone Brewing Company tasting rooms and restaurant locations. We offer a huge variety of Wine And Whiskey Barrel furniture along with some fun and creative accessories. Any of our items in our Online Store can make a wonderful gift for any Wine or Whiskey enthusiast.

Wine Barrel Furniture San Diego

We offer a huge product line of Wine barrel furniture that include Adirondack Chairs, Dining Chairs, Bar Stools and few beautiful table design that you will sure to love. Wine Barrels will have a red, burgundy or purple staining left behind from the many different exquisite and delicious wines made in California.

Whiskey Barrel Easy Chair - Barrel Furniture San DiegoWhiskey Barrel Furniture San Diego 

Our most popular line among everyone is our Whiskey Barrel products. Whether you are a lady or gentleman these pieces will sure to catch your eye and make you say out loud ” I gotta have one those!”. The Whiskey barrel furniture has proven to be favored by people who aren’t big on Whiskeys, Bourbons and Scotches simply because of the oak’s great patina and the material delightful history.

Whiskey Barrel Tea Light Holder - Hungarian Workshop Wine And Whiskey Barrel Accessories  

Are looking for some unique gift ideas or just something for your self? Then be sure to check out our Recycle Bin section of our Online Store. With all these great furnishings that we make each month we tend to pile up a large amount left over scraps. Simply throwing them away didm;t seem like a great option so when ever I am in between projects I like to play around with new ideas and see what people might enjoy the most.

Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board | Hungarian Workshop

As always thank you for stopping by and enjoy your Labor Day Weekend. Be sure to sign up for our news letter to receive those helpful coupon codes and new product updates.

In appreciation for Labor Day I present all of you hardworking men and women with this COUPON CODE: laborday2014 to save you 25% OFF of anything through out our site.

Coupon must be used on this day 9/1/14 and available on only in stock items. 


Thank you again,

-Balazs Moldovan

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Recycled Wine Barrel Furniture

“We have been making recycled Wine Barrel Furniture for over 2 years now and California’s love them. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use!”

Recycled Wine Barrel Furniture

When was the last time you have seen furniture like this made from old and used wine barrels? Most often you’ll find a few simple stools and end tables that are pretty but don’t really capture your eyes. Here are the Hungarian Workshop we try to take it to next level where high quality craftsmanship meets with one of a kind designs.

Wine Barrel Bench - Recycled Wine Barrel FurnitureWe receive our barrel from all over the country but most often our source is just a little bit north from us in sunny San Diego. We have a great deal of vineyards locally that flourish with all sorts of delicious wines. Which is perfect for us because all great wines come from a well aged French, American or even Hungarian White Oak barrels.

Our Online Store features a wide variety of Recycled Wine Barrel Furniture along with plenty of goodies in the Recycle Bin. We have plenty of chairs, tables, barstools and benches.

Whiskey Barrel Platter - Recycled Wine Barrel Furniture All of out products are made from the best quality material and we ensure their durability by using stainless steel hardware throughout. All major joints are supported with stainless steel clips that will prevent any extensive movement. Then we finish off our Recycled Wine Barrel Furniture with Brazilian Rosewood Oil which inhibit moisture and sunlight from doing considerable damage when or if kept outdoors.

We have shipped our Recycled Wine Barrel Furniture all over the nation and even to a few different countries. The Hungarian Workshop recently signed a deal with The Wine Enthusiast as well and we will be featured on their fall catalog later this year. Please feel free to browse around our website and if you have any question please contact us.

Also don’t forget to sign up for our online news letter to receive your monthly coupon codes and new product information. Last month we sent out coupons worth 20%-45%OFF!

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

-Balazs Moldovan






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Whiskey Barrel Furniture Ideas

“One of Southern California’s best barrel furniture manufacturer and designer,the Hungarian Workshop has plenty of whiskey barrel furniture ideas to show you.”

Whiskey Barrel Furniture in San DiegoLet me guess, you just got your hands on a premium whiskey barrel  and now your are thinking about making something out of it. Excellent! The art of up cycling should be embraced by others. It’s is perfect way of doing something positive for the environment and an easy way to obtain a great hobby. Whether you are a beginner or an expert woodworker, using reclaimed material will arise new challenges.

In this blog I will show you a few of my whiskey barrel furniture ideas which you can use as a start in your own project’s plan. I won’t cover all designs but I encourage you too check out my site anyway and share it with anyone who enjoys Wine & Whiskey Barrel creations.

The Adirondack Chair

This is by far the most common project because we are all familiar with the style. This chair requires to use 90% of a full barrel and has minimal amount precision cuts. This an ideal plan for you if you have made an Adirondack chair before and I guarantee you won’t have any troubles.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

Whiskey Barrel Table IdeasNow I am sure you have seen this concept as well. By cutting the barrel in half you create a perfect storage space which most homes could always use a little more of. There are very simple ways to make this design but I highly recommend using as much barrel wood as you can. Occasionally you will see craftsman mixing other type of wood with barrel and I feel that kind of takes away from the art. However when it comes to making a table top I do myself ideally use well seasoned white oak. It’s the same type of wood as the barrel and I won’t have to worry about seems opening up from undried material.

Cutting Boards and Platters

Whiskey Barrel Platter If you work with barrels regularly, you will most likely have some extra lids and staves left over. Small projects can be very fun especially when you can make something within a shorter period of time. You never want to lose interest in what you are working on so small items can be a good way to open up new doors to creativity.

Rule Of Thumb

CHAIR: When you are making a chairs it isn’t structurally sound unless you can lean back on its hind legs and rock back and forth.  It’s the best way to test for high quality since someone will always do it.

TABLE: Use the best quality seasoned wood for the table top. Any tight joints and flat surface will want to move around and a project can be a bust within a few month. Same goes for cutting boards, be sure to dry out the barrel wood fully before glueing anything up.

Well I hope this little blog got your brain filling up with a few of your own ideas. Always remember to be safe, wear eye protection and have fun.

Also be sure to sign up for our news letter to receive coupon codes and new item updates!

-Balazs Moldovan