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Barrel Furniture San Diego

“With all the wineries and breweries around in southern California, it’s no wonder there was a big boom in Barrel Furniture San Diego”

Barrel Furniture San Diego by the Hungarian WorkshopThe Hungarian Workshop is the lead supplier of Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture here is sunny San Diego. You might have seen a lot of there work around town at a Whole Foods Market and seven different Stone Brewing Company tasting rooms and restaurant locations. We offer a huge variety of Wine And Whiskey Barrel furniture along with some fun and creative accessories. Any of our items in our Online Store can make a wonderful gift for any Wine or Whiskey enthusiast.

Wine Barrel Furniture San Diego

We offer a huge product line of Wine barrel furniture that include Adirondack Chairs, Dining Chairs, Bar Stools and few beautiful table design that you will sure to love. Wine Barrels will have a red, burgundy or purple staining left behind from the many different exquisite and delicious wines made in California.

Whiskey Barrel Easy Chair - Barrel Furniture San DiegoWhiskey Barrel Furniture San Diego 

Our most popular line among everyone is our Whiskey Barrel products. Whether you are a lady or gentleman these pieces will sure to catch your eye and make you say out loud ” I gotta have one those!”. The Whiskey barrel furniture has proven to be favored by people who aren’t big on Whiskeys, Bourbons and Scotches simply because of the oak’s great patina and the material delightful history.

Whiskey Barrel Tea Light Holder - Hungarian Workshop Wine And Whiskey Barrel Accessories  

Are looking for some unique gift ideas or just something for your self? Then be sure to check out our Recycle Bin section of our Online Store. With all these great furnishings that we make each month we tend to pile up a large amount left over scraps. Simply throwing them away didm;t seem like a great option so when ever I am in between projects I like to play around with new ideas and see what people might enjoy the most.

Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board | Hungarian Workshop

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Homemade Furniture With Wine and Whiskey Barrels

“Unique and great designed homemade furniture with wine and whiskey barrel!”

Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair - Homemade Furniture With Wine and Whiskey BarrelsWine and Whiskey Barrel furniture come in many shape and form but there are several important steps a designer must take to ensure quality. Homemade Furniture With Wine and Whiskey Barrels has boomed in the last couple years. It has spiraled from hobbyists to professional furniture manufacturers. As you browse around the internet or magazines you’ll be quickly able to tell which company has passion and which are just trying to make a quick buck. A certain keen eye one must be acquired when using barrel wood because not everything slapped together will look attractive. My concept is to design each piece where people can’t tell right away what or where the reclaimed material came from.

Wine Bar Set - Homemade Furniture With Wine and Whiskey BarrelsMy favorite material is old Whiskey, Bourbon or Scotch Barrels. The beautiful patina, the aromas when you make a new cut, the sheer density of the well aged wood and the history behind it all make for a very enjoyable work experience. It has been now four years since I started the Hungarian Workshop and over two I have not worked with any other material.

Whiskey Barrel Chair - Homemade Furniture With Wine and Whiskey BarrelsLearning how to manipulate the curved wood properly takes patience and time. There is definitely quite a few trial and error stages when making something new. Frustration can also rise high when a design that looked good on paper or in your head starts taking shape and you come to realize that it’s going to work. The key is to just keep going until the project is done. Usually you will end up liking it, you just have to get a little used to it.

We have many different items to choose from in our Online Store, please feel to brows around and contact us if you have any questions. Don’t forget to sign up for our online newsletter to receive coupon codes and new product information.



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San Diego Wine Barrel Furniture

“With all the wineries near by, San Diego Wine Barrel Furniture are growing.”

Wine Barrel Bench - San Diego Wine Barrel Furniture by The Hungarian WorkshopWine Barrel Benches

This handcrafted bench is made completely from used wine barrels. It is designed with charm and elegance in mind while possessing great stability. The curvature of each stave contours perfectly to ones body which also providing a nice even comfort. Stainless steel hardware is added to maximize strength and durability. Finished with Brazilian Rosewood Oil, giving a high end protection for indoor and outdoor usage.

Wine Barrel Dining Chair - San Diego Wine Barrel Furniture by The Hungarian WorkshopWine Barrel Dining Chair

Although these chairs are designed to with stand an excessive amount of weight, they still maintains plenty of elegant features while keeping their semi rustic charm. Because of the barrel’s natural curves, the seat and back rest will allow you to remain in comfort. All the colors and patinas left behind are from the wine and coopers are original that will give each chair its very own characteristics.

Wine Barrel Bar Chair

Wine Barrel Bar Chair and Table - San Diego Wine Barrel Furniture by Hungarian WorkshopThis Bar Chair is made completely out of Wine Barrels and it can features 180 degree Memory Swivel or 360 degree Deluxe Swivel. The metal ring works as foot rest and also adds strength to the chairs lower half. With stainless steel hardware used throughout it can be used indoors and outdoors. The Brazilian Rosewood Oil finish keeps the wood from drying and will repel moisture while keeping the barrels natural patina. Designed with comfort in mind the arm and back rest will keep you supported and relaxed for extended periods of time. Great for any type of bars, patio and decks.

We have many many more Wine & Whiskey Barrel furniture available in our ONLINE STORE. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive COUPON CODES and new product information.

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San Diego Wine Barrel Furniture Wine Barrel Chair - San Diego Wine Barrel Furniture



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Barrel Furniture

“Wine & Whiskey Barrel Furniture at it’s finest. Handmade with care.”

Whiskey Barrel Bar Table with Bar Stools - Barrel Furniture Here at the Hungarian Workshop we started making Barrel Furniture in the summer of 2012 here in beautiful sunny San Diego.  We have been doing business with few major companies including Whole Foods Market, Stone Brewing Co. and now we are also available for purchase from the Wine Enthusiast.

Wine Barrel Chair and Side Table - Barrel Furniture by The Hungarian WorkshopOur most popular items are our Wine & Whiskey Adirondack Chairs. We have handmade and sold over 300 of these chairs in just 2 short years. These chairs pretty much sell them self. They are ideal indoor and outdoor. Most often you will find these around fire pits, patios and lounge sections in restaurants.

Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair - Barrel Furniture by the Hungarian WorkshopThe second best sellers are the bar sets. Bar Tables, Bar Stool (FIRST PHOTO) and Bar Chairs. These are a huge success with at home and local bars. The wine version of the bar table has been favored by owners of wine cellars and vineyards. Pretty much any area where you can hosts guests and need a place to sit and set your drinks. If you are ever planning on ordering any Barrel Furniture don’t forget about our home decor as well. We sell coasters, platters, cutting boards and bottle openers.  Almost all smaller items are set up in quantity set deals in case you need large amounts. All items available in the Recycling Bin section of our Online Shop.

Whiskey Barrel Furniture 

  • Made from American White Oak
  • Has the inside charred (which gives whiskey it’s great flavor and color)
  • Outside of the barrel has a green, brown and black patinas
  • Original markings from different distilleries

Wine Barrel Furniture

  • Made from French, Hungarian and American White Oak
  • Has inside stained to various colors of reds, burgundy and purple from the wine
  • Outside of barrel is usually a clean golden brown
  • Original markings and serial numbers from vineyards and cooperage

Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair - Barrel Furniture By The Hungarian Workshop


If you have any additional question about Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture please contact us and we’ll gladly help. in the meantime don’t forget to sign up for our online newsletter where we feature new products and coupon codes for big discounts.

-Balazs Moldovan