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The Best Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Creations and Home Decor

We at the Hungarian Workshop have been handcrafting for over 12 years from reclaimed wine and whiskey barrels. We have a wide variety of designs of furniture and hime decor goods as well. Our best seller is our lounge chairs and barstools. We have made thousands of pieces and have helped reduce waste. Oak barrels are an amazing material and giving a second life to them has been a blast.

The whiskey barrel lounge chairs and barstools are a great seller because they are ideal for not just the home but for commercial spaces too. Our biggest client has been Stone Brewing Company based out of San Diego California. To this day they still have many of our furniture in their bistros and beer garden. They may be a little weathered since they are over a decade old, but they are still very much functional and doing their job.

The Best Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Creations and Home Decor

Adding some rustic charm to your home with our home decor items is a great way to help with up-cycling. Most often even the worst looking barrels have potential. With a little bit of care and sanding, the oldest wood can be brought back to life. The best part is most often people want to see the real history of the material so not too much milling needs to be done. Their true patina is what makes the product. If we remove far too much, it would kind of defeat the purpose.

We also offer Coupon Codes when you sign up for our online newsletter. Large order discounts are also available when you are looking to buy in bulk. All items ship for free and arrive assembled. If you have any questions please let us know. We can be reached at or through our website. Thank You for stopping by and have great day.

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