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Whiskey Stave Skateboard

“Hungarian Workshop’s whiskey stave skateboards have been a huge hit for the past 2 years. It was us who designed and started manufacturing this fun item.”

Available in our ONLINE STORE.

Whiskey Stave Skateboard | Hungarian WorkshopThe whiskey stave skateboard has been one of out top sellers! It is the perfect gist for any skateboarding fan or whiskey advocates. Great for cruising down the boardwalk or just to hang up in your man cave.

The Story

Having some extra material left over from making our Whiskey Barrel Chairs, I had a wild idea to use some to make this very fun Whiskey Barrel Skateboard. The Whiskey Barrel Staves create a unique curve from front to back and from side to side as well. Allowing you to maneuver around with easy. The board it self is very heavy duty, after all it is made from American White Oak. Whiskey Stave Skateboard | Hungarian WorkshopThe material has been getting stronger and harder from it’s previous life of holding Whiskey for many many years. The top side of the board is pure black because of the charring the distilleries have to do to give the Whiskey its great taste and colors. The Whiskey Barrel Skateboard’s length is about 34 inches and 8-9 inches wide. The front end is cut to slight curve and bull nosed for a smooth finish. The back end is left as is to show of the barrel’s chime & croze to ensure easy distinction of what the board used to be.

A few weeks ago our Whiskey Barrel Skateboard was featured in the Wine Enthusiast Magazine and out sales have sky rocketed! Not just for this one particular time, but for all of our Wine and Whiskey Barrel furniture too.

Whiskey Stavel Skateboard - Wine Enthusiast Magazine | Hungarian Workshop Whiskey Stavel Skateboard - Wine Enthusiast Magazine | Hungarian Workshop

Whiskey Stavel Skateboard - Wine Enthusiast Magazine | Hungarian WorkshopBe sure to sign up for our online news letter and follow us on FACEBOOK to receive new product info and coupon codes.

Whiskey Stave Skateboard

-Balazs Moldovan

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Chairs at Stone Brewing

“The Chairs at Stone Brewing are made by the Hungarian Workshop. They use the brewery’s used Wine and Whiskey barrels to create chairs, tables and barstools. “

Chairs at Stone Brewing - Petco Park | Hungarian Workshop

The Wine and Whiskey Barrel Chairs that you sat at all stone location have been made by the Hungarian Workshop. We have been working with Stone Brewing Company for the past few years now. Using their very own barrel that they aged specialty beers in, by turning them into great furniture. Working with them is an amazing experience and the opportunity to show of our furniture to people has heaped my business grow faster than I imagined.

Chairs at Stone Brewing - Liberty Station | Hungarian WorkshopIts funny to think that we have made over 280 Wine & Whiskey Barrel Adirondack chairs and Stone Brewing Co. owns chair #2. (I own number one, because you shouldn’t sell the very first piece you ever made.)  Just last year we have furnished locations in Oceanside, South Park, Downtown, Stone Farm and Liberty Station.

Chairs at Stone Brewing - My First Chair | Hungarian WorkshopThe whole barrel furniture business actually started out because of Stone Brewing Co. I was contacted through Etsy by one of the managers inquiring about my Redwood Adirondack chairs. After I made them a about a dozen, they gave me a drum full of Whiskey Barrel stave and asked me if I ever though about using this material. I was very excited to take up the challenge and with in a few weeks I made my very first chair. ( I was very lucky to be featured in an article in the San Diego Tribune right when I was making my very first chair!) Soon after I showed Stone the prototype, the orders started pouring in.

If you are interested in any of our furniture line, please visit our ONLINE STORE and feel free to browse around. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

You can receive coupon codes and special deals by signing up for our online news letter and by following us on FACEBOOK.

-Balazs Moldovan

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Huffington Post

Hungarian Workshop on Huffington Post

Hungarian Workshop on Huffington PostHungarian Workshop’s Whiskey Barrel Chairs were recently featured on The Huffington Post.



Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Balazs Moldovan, the San Diego-based furniture maker who handcrafts these chairs, describes the process like a puzzle: “Usually I draw up a plan and start with brand new material that I can cut in anyway, but not this time. It was like having all the puzzle pieces but I had to create a whole new picture.”

You can read the entire article here.

Thank you so much for the feature!

Hungarian Workshop Whiskey Barrel Furniture

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Uncrate Hungarian Workshop Feature

Uncrate Hungarian Workshop FeatureHungarian Workshop’s Whiskey Barrel Chair was recently featured on Uncrate, a curated digital magazine that features a few new products each day.



Here is an excerpt from the article:

…this Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chair is so good looking that we could imagine using it indoors during the winter months. Made from used whiskey barrel staves, this unique chair is supremely comfortable and doesn’t have any plugs or visible hardware. Here’s hoping it smells just a bit like whiskey, too.

Click here to read the full article

Thank you for featuring Hungarian Workshop!

Whiskey Barrel Chairs

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San Diego Union Tribune

UT San Diego Feature on Hungarian Workshop

UT San Diego Feature on Hungarian WorkshopTwo weeks ago I had a photographer ask me if it would be alright for him to shoot a couple photos while I was working, I of course agreed not knowing or thinking twice where this would lead me. I was so caught up in finishing my  project that I didn’t even pay much attention to him.

He followed me around the shop, taking pictures while I was using all sorts of different tools. After about 20 minutes of me feeling like a celebrity with all the pictures being taken, he walked up and asked me to spell my name for him and describe what I was working on. It was right around this point when it finally hit me, “wait a sec, this guy is from the San Diego Tribune and he is asking questions from me?!” After a brief  conversation he left and I got back to business with my new whiskey barrel chair.

Hungarian Workshop is In the papers!!!

That Sunday I received a call from my friend Pete, he was asking me if I have seen the paper because I have apparently got the cover with not only one but with two photos. I could’t believe what I was hearing, so I ran out to the nearest market to pick up a few copies. Seeing my name and those pictures has definitely boosted my morale and now I am even more eager to strive forward with my business and become successful.

To see the finished whiskey barrel chair please visit the new product section of the website or look at my previous blog posts.

Thank you and I hope you come back and visit us soon.

-Balazs Moldovan