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Whiskey Barrel Furniture Ideas

“One of Southern California’s best barrel furniture manufacturer and designer,the Hungarian Workshop has plenty of whiskey barrel furniture ideas to show you.”

Whiskey Barrel Furniture in San DiegoLet me guess, you just got your hands on a premium whiskey barrel  and now your are thinking about making something out of it. Excellent! The art of up cycling should be embraced by others. It’s is perfect way of doing something positive for the environment and an easy way to obtain a great hobby. Whether you are a beginner or an expert woodworker, using reclaimed material will arise new challenges.

In this blog I will show you a few of my whiskey barrel furniture ideas which you can use as a start in your own project’s plan. I won’t cover all designs but I encourage you too check out my site anyway and share it with anyone who enjoys Wine & Whiskey Barrel creations.

The Adirondack Chair

This is by far the most common project because we are all familiar with the style. This chair requires to use 90% of a full barrel and has minimal amount precision cuts. This an ideal plan for you if you have made an Adirondack chair before and I guarantee you won’t have any troubles.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

Whiskey Barrel Table IdeasNow I am sure you have seen this concept as well. By cutting the barrel in half you create a perfect storage space which most homes could always use a little more of. There are very simple ways to make this design but I highly recommend using as much barrel wood as you can. Occasionally you will see craftsman mixing other type of wood with barrel and I feel that kind of takes away from the art. However when it comes to making a table top I do myself ideally use well seasoned white oak. It’s the same type of wood as the barrel and I won’t have to worry about seems opening up from undried material.

Cutting Boards and Platters

Whiskey Barrel Platter If you work with barrels regularly, you will most likely have some extra lids and staves left over. Small projects can be very fun especially when you can make something within a shorter period of time. You never want to lose interest in what you are working on so small items can be a good way to open up new doors to creativity.

Rule Of Thumb

CHAIR: When you are making a chairs it isn’t structurally sound unless you can lean back on its hind legs and rock back and forth.  It’s the best way to test for high quality since someone will always do it.

TABLE: Use the best quality seasoned wood for the table top. Any tight joints and flat surface will want to move around and a project can be a bust within a few month. Same goes for cutting boards, be sure to dry out the barrel wood fully before glueing anything up.

Well I hope this little blog got your brain filling up with a few of your own ideas. Always remember to be safe, wear eye protection and have fun.

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