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Barrel Furniture San Diego

“With all the wineries and breweries around in southern California, it’s no wonder there was a big boom in Barrel Furniture San Diego”

Barrel Furniture San Diego by the Hungarian WorkshopThe Hungarian Workshop is the lead supplier of Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture here is sunny San Diego. You might have seen a lot of there work around town at a Whole Foods Market and seven different Stone Brewing Company tasting rooms and restaurant locations. We offer a huge variety of Wine And Whiskey Barrel furniture along with some fun and creative accessories. Any of our items in our Online Store can make a wonderful gift for any Wine or Whiskey enthusiast.

Wine Barrel Furniture San Diego

We offer a huge product line of Wine barrel furniture that include Adirondack Chairs, Dining Chairs, Bar Stools and few beautiful table design that you will sure to love. Wine Barrels will have a red, burgundy or purple staining left behind from the many different exquisite and delicious wines made in California.

Whiskey Barrel Easy Chair - Barrel Furniture San DiegoWhiskey Barrel Furniture San Diego 

Our most popular line among everyone is our Whiskey Barrel products. Whether you are a lady or gentleman these pieces will sure to catch your eye and make you say out loud ” I gotta have one those!”. The Whiskey barrel furniture has proven to be favored by people who aren’t big on Whiskeys, Bourbons and Scotches simply because of the oak’s great patina and the material delightful history.

Whiskey Barrel Tea Light Holder - Hungarian Workshop Wine And Whiskey Barrel Accessories  

Are looking for some unique gift ideas or just something for your self? Then be sure to check out our Recycle Bin section of our Online Store. With all these great furnishings that we make each month we tend to pile up a large amount left over scraps. Simply throwing them away didm;t seem like a great option so when ever I am in between projects I like to play around with new ideas and see what people might enjoy the most.

Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board | Hungarian Workshop

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