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Edible San Diego |Hungarian Workshop

The Hungarian Workshop will be featured with photos and an interview in Edible San Diego!


It all started around June when I decided to put a small add up in the window of People’s Market in Ocean Beach CA.  A local grocery store that specializes in organic and healthy products. A few days later I received an email from a writer named Enrique Gili who works for, you guessed it Edible San Diego. We exchanged a few emails talking about the furniture and he mentioned that I would be an ideal candidate for a little interview. I was very excited and thrilled about the idea of having an actually interview in a magazine where I can tell the Hungarian Workshop’s story. Enrique said the article will not be published till late Fall and he will be in touch sometime before that.

Photo Shoot for Edible San Diego
Photo Shoot for Edible San Diego | Hungarian Workshop

Finally in mid September the I got call I was waiting for. Enrique and I met up in a local coffee shop that incidentally carried few of my chairs. I felt like it was the perfect place. It was a great feeling sharing my ups and downs and accomplishment with someone who paid so close attention and had so many questions. After we fished, Enrique asked me to send him a few photos in case the editor wants to include one along with the article. I said no problem I have plenty of photos and also friends who would love to shoot new pictures.

A week went by and I was just setting up a meeting to take a couple pictures when I received a call from Edible San Diego saying that the articles will be a bit bigger and now they are sending me one of their personnel photographers. Next thing I know we are at the shop with lights and cameras shooting hundreds of photos!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Hungarian Workshop in the next few issues of Edible San Diego.

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Oak Garden Furniture – Timeless And Gorgeous

The “New” yet “Old” oak garden furniture are huge hit around the country! Made from Wine & Whiskey Barrel, will be an excellent conversation piece for years to come.


Oak Garden Furniture Whiskey Barrel Bench | Hungarian WorkshopOak garden furniture have been around for many many years, but not like this. The concept of recycling and re-purposing material is making a huge come back. And what better way to do something good for the environment than reusing material like wood. Preventing the chopping down more trees that have been around for decades is always a big plus. The Hungarian Workshop has up-cycled well over 200 barrels so far and there is no sign on slowing down. In fact it feels just like the beginning with a tremendous head start while having a great company by our side support us: Stone Brewing Company!

More often than not you will see  Wine and Whiskey Barrels for sale as planter boxes. That is another alternative to reusing the material, however that will only last so long. People tend to forget that White Oak is very hardy wood with a lot of great characteristics which is why it makes works great for to be oak garden furniture.

Wine Barrel Oak Garden Furniture by The Hungarian WorkshopWhite Oak is highly weather proof and resistant to rot. Hence why it has been used to make barrel for last hundreds of years. The aged wood is very dense and hard while not too hard on tools and sands with a bit of ease. No need for staining or a varnish finish because the natural patina’s left behind from wineries and distilleries say so much more while preserving its unique history.


Oak Garden Furniture - Timeless And Gorgeous | The Hungarian WorkshopWe are still offering big discounts on our Social Media websites.

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Whiskey Barrel Furniture at Stone Brewing Company

“We received another large order from Stone Brewing Company, there will be three more locations with our furniture.”

Stone Brewing Company sent us a whole truck load of barrels! This was definitely a great birthday! Last Thursday on the 22nd, Stone Brewing Company sent the Hungarian Workshop a truck full of Whiskey Barrels. Usually we do the pick up our self, but this time there was just too much for us the handle alone. I literately had to get another storage unit just for Stone’s barrel. There will be some busy weeks ahead!

Whiskey Barrels from Stone Brewing Company

It all started when I received an email from Stone Brewing Company asking me if I have made any tables yet. Luckily it was a perfect timing because I just finished up Wine & Whiskey Barrel Dining Chairs and Bar Stools. Therefore I was just in the middle of designing some new tables to go with them!

I sent over an email with links to my new items available for sale and next thing I knew we were discussing have a truck bring me 50 barrels! First thing I did I went out and got another storage place to receive such a big shipment. I already have a storage unit full of Wine Barrel Staves and there was just no more room. Ha-ha! The best part was that the truck was scheduled to arrive on my birthday, which made a hell of a proud day for me. I have done plenty of work with Stone Brewing Company but this would be the first time they sent me an actually Stone semi truck full of Whiskey Barrels!

Stone Brewing Company sent a full truck! Unloading all the Whiskey Barrels went very smoothly, thanks to the driver who was very helpful. The storage unit was pretty much completely full and had an amazing aroma of old Whiskey Barrels. As soon as we were done unloading, I was ready to sit back and enjoy a delicious Stone beer and relax for the rest of the day. Right now the Hungarian Workshop has some very busy weeks ahead but don’t hesitate to order anything you like. We are still offering big discounts on our Social Media websites.

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New Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture | The Hungarian Workshop

 Our Brand New Wine and Whiskey barrel furniture:


Last month I finally had a chance to catch up with all my orders and I made sure to use my time wisely. I’m glad that I did because as of right now we already have more orders coming in from all over the country. I just want to thank everyone who has been supporting the Hungarian Workshop and or have also been a customer of ours. I could’t have come this far with out their help. And now i would like to present to you for the first time our new line of Dining Chairs and Bar stools!

Wine Barrel Dining Room Chairs

Wine Barrel Dining Chair - The Hungarian WorkshopAlthough these chairs are designed to with stand an excessive amount of weight, they still maintains plenty of elegant features while keeping their semi rustic charm. Because of the barrel’s natural curves, the seat and back rest will allow you to remain in comfort. All the colors and patinas left behind are from the wine and coopers are original that will give each chair its very own characteristics.

Whiskey Barrel Dining Room Chair

Whiskey Barrel Dining Room ChairsIf you are looking for a unique but traditional presentation of a dining room chair look no further! This Whiskey Barrel Chair show off a classic and stylish appearance while providing an interesting history which will leave guest talking. The charred inside of the barrel gets sanded down to a smooth and clean finish that brings an excellent contrast with every colors.

Wine & Whiskey Barrel Bar Stools with Memory Swivel

An important design element in these bar stools are stability and strength. Using the barrel’s old ring as a footrest ads personality while creating a strong foundation for the base. The seat has a curvature on both axis which is a great quality for comfort. A very pleasant attribute is that the bar stool features a 180 Degree Memory Swivel that will allow you to rotate with ease and self re-position when not in use.

Whiskey Barrel Bar Stool by The Hungarian Workshop Wine Barrel Bar Stool | Hungarian Workshop

All of our Wine Barrels are found locally in Sunny San Diego and through out all of California’s famous wine countries. The Whiskey Barrels we get from famous local breweries and others we transport in from the Kentucky, where Bourbon is born.

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-Balazs Moldovan




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Adirondack Cottage Style Furniture

New Cottage Style Furniture by The Hungarian Workshop

 Cottage Style FurnitureLast week we received a huge shipment of Wine barrel staves for absolutely free! In the next few weeks I will be designing some new Cottage Style Furniture and will be offering coupon codes to go along with them. Follow us on Facebook to get additional special deals! 

If you are seeking for Adirondack Cottage Style Furniture then you have came to the right place. Our most popular and best seller items are the Wine & Whiskey barrel furniture. Here in sunny San Diego we can get our hands on some excellent barrels from local wineries and breweries. All of our barrel furniture are 100% handcrafted from French & American White Oak, with stainless steel hardware and a Teak Oil finish.

 Wine Barrel Furniture:

Our Wine Barrel Furniture are made typically from made from French Oak, but occasionally I come across barrels that are Hungarian Oak. Finding Hungarian Oak Barrels can be a rare find however when I do, I truly feel like I was meant to be doing. Almost all barrel’s inside will have a red,burgundy and purple color left behind from the staining of the wine it contained preciously. The barrel stave’s curve contour very well to your body and provides excellent support through out.

Whiskey Barrel Furniture:Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

The Whiskey Barrel Furniture line is a huge seller locally & nation wide. Even have a couple items in Europe and up in Canada. When distilleries finishes assembling the barrel, they burn the inside to a heavy toasted char. Which gives the whiskey its great taste and color. Once the wood is sanded down the outside will usually have a dark brown with black markings or a unique greenish camo like colors with the inside completely black.

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Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

“This whiskey barrel coffee table is one of my newest and most favorite creation!”

Whiskey Barrel Coffee TableHaving recently finished up a large order of Whiskey Barrel Chairs for Stone Brewing Company, I had more than plenty of Whiskey Barrel tops & bottoms. Not wanting to throw them away even thought most of them were warped and made from small individual pieces, I got to thinking. Literately I had over 100 tops, multiple piles over 6-7 feet tall of great American White Oak. With not a whole bunch of options I realized I needed to offer a second kind of whiskey barrel coffee table.

Made only from used Whiskey Barrels. Every inch shows great character & a unique history.”

I really like the concept of using a barrel half like the other Wine & Whiskey Coffee Table but I wanted to utilize the empty space inside. First I thought about just flipping the barrel right side up from the other design, but right away I realized it will be way too similar. I want to offer multiple options to my customers therefore I went with the horizontal cut. This way the table will provide a larger surface area and more space inside. Plus now you can choose from a round or a square table.

Whiskey Barrel Table

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table Inside

The most important fact about this table is that it’s 100% made from used Whiskey Barrels. The top is made from several barrel heads. Over 50 pieces are joined together to create a nice big table surface. It has a black patina because the inside of the Whiskey Barrels get charred to give the whiskey its great taste and color. The underside has a very neat look because some of the old marking and dates are still visible. The barrel body was taken apart completely then cleaned and assembled back together.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

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Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chair Featured on HGTV-Gardens

5 Awesome HGTV Adirondack Chairs!


Whiskey Barrel Chair featured on HGTV Adirondack Chairs article. Last week I received an email from a representative from HGTV Gardens. He mentioned they were interested in using our Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chair for on of their upcoming articles. This was the second time HGTV has contacted the Hungarian Workshop and as always I was thrilled and ready help them in anyway they needed. After filling out the picture release form and provide them with a few photos, there wasn’t much to do but wait.

Whiskey Barrel Chair | Hungarian WorkshopAfter a while I thought they weren’t going to use my chair for their article. But its not like I was upset, it had happened before where HGTV contacted the Hungarian Workshop and we never made it into the spot light. I was just thrilled to know that I was doing something right where a big company like them were able to find me. After all it just comes to show you how important social media marketing and the right SEO can do for your business!

So last week I was just going on with my usual business making Wine & Whiskey Barrel Furniture. Thinking another great opportunity has passed us by. Then it happened, I received the email saying “you’re in!”. The Hungarian Workshop’s Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chair has  made it into the top 5 that they chose.

Click here to see the article on HGTV Adirondack Chair.

Whiskey Barrel Chair | Hungarian Workshop

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-Balazs Moldovan

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Stone Brewery Liberty Station

Stone Brewery Liberty Station - Just another fun day in Whiskey Barrel Chairs Stone Brewery Liberty Station – Just another fun day

Today was nice and relaxing day for the Hungarian Workshop. The best part was that it ended at out favorite place, Stone Brewery Liberty Station! No matter how hard the day was, as long as it leads to relaxing in a Whiskey Barrel Chair and enjoying a high quality beer; it is OK with us!

Wine Barrel Chairs at Makers Place San Diego California

The day started out with an open house at Makers Place San Diego CA. It is a workshop where I do all my work and has helped me fast forward this business. Its has been just over a year since I joined the felicity. The entire shop has pretty much kick started the Hungarian Workshop and has turned it to where it is today. During the open house I had a chance to meet and talk to potential customers which is always exciting. Communicating and connecting with people  is very fun especially when they are thrilled about our products. A great benefit was I had a chance to network and meet some people who work at different wineries. Finding a another good source for material is definitely a plus when it comes to this business. Locating barrels can be a pain in the butt when you cant find them, so whenever we have a chance to meet a new supplier we don’t let it slip through.

After the open house at Makers Place it was time to head over to the local hang out: Stone Brewery Liberty Station. Even on a Sunday afternoon the place is was full and busy. Having a place so close by that carries my line of  Whiskey Barrel furniture is amazing!!! Anytime I want come by and see happy faces in my chairs, this is the place to be.

Stone Brewery Liberty Station | HUNGARIAN WORKSHOP


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Wooden Adirondack Chairs – An American Classic

wooden adirondack chairs and ottoman made out whiskey barrelsWooden Adirondack Chairs by the Hungarian Workshop

Hi and Welcome to the Hungarian Workshop! My name is Balazs Moldovan and I am pleased to welcome you to our website. Let me take you on a quick tour and show you our versions of Wooden Adirondack Chairs made out of Wine & Whiskey Barrels. So far we have turned well over 170 French & American White Oak barrels into comfortable and elegant furniture. I have done work with several restaurants, hotels and private buyers. One of our main customer is Stone Brewing Company in our home town of sunny San Diego.

The first stop in this blog will be out Whiskey Barrel Furniture. If you are a fan of Whiskey or Bourbon these are the ideal wooden Adirondack chairs for you. We took old barrels from Kentucky and with a little bit of sanding and T.L.C. you’d surprised what great material was hidden underneath. The distilleries char the inside of the barrel which create that great flavor and color in the whiskey. With some light sanding and an oil finish, really makes the oak’s natural patina pop out show of their previous life’s story. All pieces are handmade and created for comfort as well as elegance.

Whiskey Barrel Wooden Adirondack Chairs | Hungarian Workshop

Our second stop will be for our Wine Barrel wooden Adirondack chairs. Since wine is enjoyed by many people and because we live so close to wine country it’s no wonder why these are in our top selling items. The kind of colors that are left behind on the French Oak staves are pretty much irreplicable. The wine usually will leave a red, burgundy and dark purple natural stains behind. Wine Barrels have a bigger curve in the center which contours to your back and supports your body through out. After seeing and sitting in one of our chairs you will never look at a barrel the same way again.

Wine Barrel Wooden Adirondack Chairs | Hungarian Workshop

All products are available in Wine & Whiskey Barrel even if there is no photo in the category.

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Wine And Whiskey Barrel Furniture | Hungarian Workshop
Wooden Adirondack furniture & much more by the Hungarian Workshop



Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture

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The Perfect Fathers Day Gifts

The perfect fathers day gifts can be hard to find sometimes. But if you know your dad enjoys some whiskey or a nice bottle a wine from time to time, than I encourage you to take a look at our reclaimed Wine & Whiskey Barrel Furniture. Every piece you’ll find in our shop is available in both wine or whiskey and are handmade from 100% reclaimed wood.

Whiskey Barrel Chair by the Hungarian Workshop are great fathers day gifts
The Perfect Fathers Day Present for all Dads.

Whiskey Barrel Chairs can be amazing fathers day gifts. They aren’t just for the whiskey enthusiast, they are ideal for anyone who loves handcrafted and reclaimed furniture that can represent their taste & style. Often our Whiskey Barrel Furniture are a huge seller for decks, yards and patios. The Teak Oil finish prevents the harmful UV rays from fading the patinas and locks out moisture from with in the oak itself.  These chairs can also be a great addition to any office or living room where they will be an excellent conversation piece for friends and family. In the end of the day no matter who your father is, you can be sure all dads will love and appreciate a strong and hardy American Oak chair made out of old Whiskey Barrels.

Wine Barrel Furniture than everyone will enjoy.
All Dads will love the great colors and style of a Wine Barrel chair.

Wine Barrel Furniture are also another great Fathers Day gift idea. Because wine is drank by so many people you can be sure that just about every one will love the furniture. Wine barrel furniture offers a large variety of colors. Deep purples, burgundy and an assorted combination of reds are most frequent. The barrels are made from French Oak are highly resistant moisture and most elements of the outdoors. The chairs have a nice, wide opening and the seats slant just the right amount without feeling like you are sitting on the floor. All the barrel staves curve to contour your body, providing excellent support throughout.


If you would like to buy some furniture from The Hungarian Workshop type in one of these coupon codes and save big!!!

  1.  10%OFF/BGM-Use this code to save 10% on your entire purchase.
  2. SAVEME$300/BGM- Use this coupon code if you are spending $2000 or more to save $300.
  3. SAVEME$200W.B.C.T/BGM- Use this code when you buy our Wine Barrel Coffee Table to save $200. Five codes available.

Coupon Codes can not be used with one another. Please be aware all codes expire on 06-30-2013. Be sure to fallow us on Facebook & Twitter for more codes and ways to save big. Please subscribe to our e mail news letter than will inform you about sales, events and more! 



-Balazs Moldovan