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Adirondack Cottage Style Furniture

New Cottage Style Furniture by The Hungarian Workshop

 Cottage Style FurnitureLast week we received a huge shipment of Wine barrel staves for absolutely free! In the next few weeks I will be designing some new Cottage Style Furniture and will be offering coupon codes to go along with them. Follow us on Facebook to get additional special deals! 

If you are seeking for Adirondack Cottage Style Furniture then you have came to the right place. Our most popular and best seller items are the Wine & Whiskey barrel furniture. Here in sunny San Diego we can get our hands on some excellent barrels from local wineries and breweries. All of our barrel furniture are 100% handcrafted from French & American White Oak, with stainless steel hardware and a Teak Oil finish.

 Wine Barrel Furniture:

Our Wine Barrel Furniture are made typically from made from French Oak, but occasionally I come across barrels that are Hungarian Oak. Finding Hungarian Oak Barrels can be a rare find however when I do, I truly feel like I was meant to be doing. Almost all barrel’s inside will have a red,burgundy and purple color left behind from the staining of the wine it contained preciously. The barrel stave’s curve contour very well to your body and provides excellent support through out.

Whiskey Barrel Furniture:Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

The Whiskey Barrel Furniture line is a huge seller locally & nation wide. Even have a couple items in Europe and up in Canada. When distilleries finishes assembling the barrel, they burn the inside to a heavy toasted char. Which gives the whiskey its great taste and color. Once the wood is sanded down the outside will usually have a dark brown with black markings or a unique greenish camo like colors with the inside completely black.

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As always, thank you for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and check back often to see our new products and deal we have to offer.

-Balazs Moldovan

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