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Wine Barrel Chairs at Stone Brewing


“We have been making the wine barrel chairs at stone brewing company for almost two years now!”

Whiskey & wine barrel chairs at stone brewing | Hungarian WorkshopIf you were wondering who has made the wine barrel chairs at stone brewing, look no further. It was the Hungarian Workshop. It’s hard to believe that were are coming up on two years since I have been doing business with good old Stone. The best part about our relationship is that Stone Brewing Company is actually the ones who got me started with the whole up-cycled barrel furniture business. Working with them has been a blast and I am happy to say we still have plenty of work ahead of us.

Whiskey and Wine Barrel Chairs at Stone Brewing by The Hungarian WorkshopIf you haven’t had anytime to read through our About Page or Furniture Info Page, I will go ahead and give you the short version here.  I first got contacted through my Etsy page by one of the general managers from the Escondido Stone location. They were interested in my Redwood Furniture and with no time they bought a few for their garden area. As I was dropped off their first big order, I noticed a large container overfilling with old dirty Whiskey Barrel Staves. The bistro manager told me take a few pieces back and see if can make an Adirondack style chair. After I made them only one chair, Stone saw this great opportunity and environmentally friendly way to re-cycle their old barrels and rest is history.

Whiskey Barrel Chair #141 | Hungarian WorkshopIt takes one barrel to make one chair. I give the option to all my customers on the backrest style; Open or Closed Tops. Wine barrel chairs at stone brewing most often have the closed top and the Whiskey barrel ones stay open. The reason for that is because Whiskey barrels tend to come with more smaller size stave which are ideal for the open top style and wine barrels with much wider ones that are better for the closed top version.

If you are interested in our furniture please feel free to browse throughout the website and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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-Balazs Moldovan





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Where can I order Whiskey Barrel tables and chairs?


Whiskey Barrel tables and chairs:

Whiskey Barrel tables and chairs are available from The Hungarian WorkshopMany people for a while have been very interested and have been searching for the right Whiskey Barrel Furniture. Most common items are the Whiskey Barrel tables and chairs.

The Hungarian Workshop offers quite a few products that I am sure you will love. One of our biggest seller is the Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table. The entire table is made from genuine old and used whiskey barrels. A great feature is that you are able to open up the top and reveal a great amount of storage space inside! Once you own one of our pieces you will find high quality work that you will cherish for many years to come.

Whiskey Barrel Chair by The Hungarian WorkshopNext we have our most popular item the Whiskey Barrel Chair. This Adirondack style piece accounts for a large percent of our sales and pretty much the item that launched the Hungarian Workshop into full force. Each piece of barrel stave curve just enough where it seems it was always meant to be chair. Not to mention the great comfort that the curvature provides.

Whiskey Barrel Dining Chair | Hungarian Workshop


An excellent addition to any kitchen area is our Whiskey Barrel Dining Chairs. This Whiskey Barrel Chair show off a classic and stylish appearance while providing an interesting history which will leave guest talking. The charred inside of the barrel gets sanded down to a smooth and clean finish that brings an excellent contrast with every color in the room.

The NEW Whiskey Barrel Bar Chair is now available.This Bar Chair is made completely out of Whiskey Barrels as well and it is able to swivel 360 degrees or 180 degrees memory swivel. The metal ring works as a foot rest while adding strength to the chairs lower frame. Because stainless steel hardware is used throughout the chair, it can be placed indoor and outdoor. Designed with comfort in mind the arm and back rest will keep you supported and relaxed for extended periods of time. Great for any type of bars, patio and decks.

This is just a very few of our great products that we offer. Be sure to browse around the site for additional Whiskey Barrel Tables and Chairs.

We are still offering big discounts on our Social Media websites: Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Pinterest, etc.

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Adirondack Cottage Style Furniture

New Cottage Style Furniture by The Hungarian Workshop

 Cottage Style FurnitureLast week we received a huge shipment of Wine barrel staves for absolutely free! In the next few weeks I will be designing some new Cottage Style Furniture and will be offering coupon codes to go along with them. Follow us on Facebook to get additional special deals! 

If you are seeking for Adirondack Cottage Style Furniture then you have came to the right place. Our most popular and best seller items are the Wine & Whiskey barrel furniture. Here in sunny San Diego we can get our hands on some excellent barrels from local wineries and breweries. All of our barrel furniture are 100% handcrafted from French & American White Oak, with stainless steel hardware and a Teak Oil finish.

 Wine Barrel Furniture:

Our Wine Barrel Furniture are made typically from made from French Oak, but occasionally I come across barrels that are Hungarian Oak. Finding Hungarian Oak Barrels can be a rare find however when I do, I truly feel like I was meant to be doing. Almost all barrel’s inside will have a red,burgundy and purple color left behind from the staining of the wine it contained preciously. The barrel stave’s curve contour very well to your body and provides excellent support through out.

Whiskey Barrel Furniture:Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

The Whiskey Barrel Furniture line is a huge seller locally & nation wide. Even have a couple items in Europe and up in Canada. When distilleries finishes assembling the barrel, they burn the inside to a heavy toasted char. Which gives the whiskey its great taste and color. Once the wood is sanded down the outside will usually have a dark brown with black markings or a unique greenish camo like colors with the inside completely black.

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-Balazs Moldovan