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Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

“This whiskey barrel coffee table is one of my newest and most favorite creation!”

Whiskey Barrel Coffee TableHaving recently finished up a large order of Whiskey Barrel Chairs for Stone Brewing Company, I had more than plenty of Whiskey Barrel tops & bottoms. Not wanting to throw them away even thought most of them were warped and made from small individual pieces, I got to thinking. Literately I had over 100 tops, multiple piles over 6-7 feet tall of great American White Oak. With not a whole bunch of options I realized I needed to offer a second kind of whiskey barrel coffee table.

Made only from used Whiskey Barrels. Every inch shows great character & a unique history.”

I really like the concept of using a barrel half like the other Wine & Whiskey Coffee Table but I wanted to utilize the empty space inside. First I thought about just flipping the barrel right side up from the other design, but right away I realized it will be way too similar. I want to offer multiple options to my customers therefore I went with the horizontal cut. This way the table will provide a larger surface area and more space inside. Plus now you can choose from a round or a square table.

Whiskey Barrel Table

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table Inside

The most important fact about this table is that it’s 100% made from used Whiskey Barrels. The top is made from several barrel heads. Over 50 pieces are joined together to create a nice big table surface. It has a black patina because the inside of the Whiskey Barrels get charred to give the whiskey its great taste and color. The underside has a very neat look because some of the old marking and dates are still visible. The barrel body was taken apart completely then cleaned and assembled back together.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

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