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The New Chair 2012

Hi everyone,

So for the past few months I’ve been thinking of ways to upgrade my chairs and conceal all the screws like I talked about in my previous blog. Last week I finally finished all my orders and had a few days to try out a couple new ideas. The first thing I wanted to do is make the chair even for comfortable than before. Whiskey Barrel Chair - Closed TopFirst what I did was, I raised the front end up an inch. I know it dosen’t sound much but it made a world of difference. By lifting the front end, it put the back slats at more of a slant which let you to recline further back into the chair. I then wanted to make the chairs feel a little more like they are wrapping around the person, and allowing them to just sink deep into it. That is why I cut the back support’s curves an additional 1/2 inch back creating more of a radius for better support and comfort. Now that the chair is even more relaxing I wanted to make it a little more stylish. All the edges are now rounded off with a 3/8″ router bit instead of the 1/4″, making the chair’s appearance more elegant. The legs are cut at an angle which creates a little bit of a modern and sleek look. Finally I did what I wanted to do the most: I got rid of all visible hardware. All the screws are now completely out of sight. Using the pocket hole system from underneath made it possible to keep the chairs strength and durability the same but now with a beautiful clean look. This whole new system will be amazing for people who live far and need to have the furniture shipped to them. As always there is no gluing or adhesives involved, which will make assembly very fast and easy.  Barrel Furniture - Whiskey Barrel Chair

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