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Wine and Whiskey Barrel Chairs are a great hit in San Diego

Wine barrel chairs with the back fanning in.Wine Barrel Chair with the back fanning out.

The wine and whiskey barrel chairs are a great hit! I cant believe how well they are selling and I cant wait to make more. Making these chairs has been a lot fun but sometimes they can also be  a little tricky. I feel like every time I make one, I learn something new. There is so much to take in consideration, like not one barrel is same as the other, each stave can be different in shape, size and color. That is why before assembly I really have to go through and pick out the right pieces for the right spot. Buying the barrels for some can be difficult at times too, but luckily here in beautiful San Diego we have plenty of wineries near by to keep us craftsman busy. To my surprise most local lumber yards keep a few in their inventory at all time, saving me quit a bit of time and money on traveling. The barrels I picked out for these chairs were used for red wine which explains the woods amazing deep purple and burgundy patina.

I wish I could have taken some better pictures but as soon as they were done, they were sold and out the door!

I already have a few new orders and I am planing on doing an instructional video on how I build these very comfortable and durable chairs.

So be sure to come back and visit us soon!!!


4 thoughts on “Wine and Whiskey Barrel Chairs are a great hit in San Diego

  1. Hey Balazs,

    Your chairs look amazing I’m not surprised they have been a great hit. If I was in the US i’d be ordering some from you for sure. Alas, I’m in Scotland but I can easily get my hands on whisky barrels so I’m wondering if you ever got round to making an instructional video on how to make these? I’m not sure they will turn out looking as good as yours but I’d really like to have a go at this and I might just try it on my own but it would be great if you could offer any advice, hints, tips etc..


  2. Hi,

    I’m a wine maker that lives in San Diego. I have five pallets of broken down barrels that I would like to give to a new home. I need to remove them from my warehouse here in San Diego by Monday. Please contact me at 707-738-4333. ASAP

  3. I love these reclaimed chairs using old wine barrels, and i am very interested in trying it myself, i too was wondering if you had gotten around to creating a instructional video or have some steps or photos of your process?

    Very excited to hear a response, and the possibility of giving this a whirl myself!

    any help would be great

    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately I haven’t had any time to make a video yet. We have been very busy this past year. However, the company has been expending by adding additional help hands leaving me with a little bit more free time. Hopefully soon will start filling a few projects since there has been a lot of requests for a tutorial. If you follow the Hungarian Workshop on Facebook you will know exactly when we have a video made.

      thank you for your interest and be sure to check back,

      -Balazs Moldovan

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