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5 Things Every Whiskey Lover Should Own

“Handmade furniture and accessories for that special whiskey enthusiast.”

Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chair | 5 Things Every Whiskey Lover Should Own 1. Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chair – Our chairs are made from 100% up cycled whiskey barrels. All the barrel staves are curved just the right amount which provide excellent support throughout your entire body. They are lightly sanded just enough to take off any dirt and grime without removing any of the natural colors. Stainless steel clips are placed on the undersides of all major joints to ensure structural durability and strength.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table | 5 Things Every Whiskey Lover Should Own 2. Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table – A popular design to utilize the open space underneath the table. The top is created from the heads (lids) of barrels and shows off the charred inside which is essential for the whiskey’s great taste and color. The border edging is made from the outside part of the heads which may on occasionally reveal the distillery’s markings of dates & times when the whiskey was poured. The legs are also made from the lids which are laminated together to create a strong & sturdy base.

Whiskey Barrel Skateboards | 5 Things Every Whiskey Lover Should Own3. Whiskey Barrel Skateboard – Having some extra material left over from making our Whiskey Barrel furniture, I had a wild idea to use a few pieces to make this very fun Whiskey Barrel Skateboard. The Whiskey Barrel Staves create a unique curve from front to back and from side to side as well. Allowing you to maneuver around with easy. The board it self is very heavy duty, after all it is made from American White Oak. The material has been getting stronger and harder from it’s previous life of holding Whiskey for many many years. The top side of the board is pure black because of the charring the distilleries have to do to give the Whiskey its great taste and colors. The front end is cut to slight curve and bull nosed for a smooth finish. The back end is left as is to show of the barrel’s chime & croze to ensure easy distinction of what the board used to be.

Whiskey Barrel Coasters | 5 Things Every Whiskey Lover Should Own4. Whiskey Barrel Coasters – These coasters are made from old & used Whiskey Barrels. The outer part side will occasionally feature the distillery’s name, dates, type of whiskey or any additional markings left behind from the cooper. The inner part side is the charred black look that all Whiskey barrels have to go through before getting filled.The coasters have an exterior aluminum edging which is made from up-cycled scrap material found in metal yards.An excellent gift for any Whiskey enthusiast.

Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Pipes -  5 Things Every Whiskey Lover Should Own5. Whiskey Barrel Smoking Pipes – The Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Pipes admit rich savory flavors leaving an enjoyable and pleasant after taste. Made from genuine American Oak barrel staves and barrel tops these will be a unique gift for any whiskey and pipe smoking enthusiast.


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