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Rustic Furniture San Diego

“Looking for some reclaimed & upcycled handcrafted rustic furniture in sunny San Diego? Check out our online catalog and find just what you need.”

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Our Wine and Whiskey barrel designs has a wide range selection from chairs, tables, bar stools, end tables etc. Some designs are also available in an interior leather upholstered version. We have been in business here in souther California for just about 8 years and we have been selling our furniture world wide. Our biggest partner is Stone Brewing Company. We have been creating their out door garden and patio lounge chairs since the beginning. We teamed up back in 2012 and since then we have created hundreds of pieces for all their locations. Last month we finished our 938th barrel lounge chair and at Stone Escondido they still have chair #2 floating around the garden.

First Class Lounge Chair (Leather Upholstery)

Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair

Our Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chairs are handcrafted from reclaimed Kentucky bourbon barrels and rarely we also find some Tennessee Whiskey (J.D.) barrels in the shipments as well. This year in 2020 we are aiming to finish our 1000th barrel chair. To help reach our goal we are also having a huge spring sale with discounts up to 40% OFF. Whether you live in San Diego or on the east coast we offer shipping just about anywhere. Feel free to contact us about international’s shipping.

Rustic Furniture San Diego

Wine Barrel Lounge Chair

Most of our designs are available in both Wine and Whiskey barrel material. Wine is French Oak which is lighter in color and has a red, burgundy or purplish stain on the inside. Whiskey barrels are made from American White Oak that is either dark brown, greenish or almost black. The outside can be best described as a little bit like a camouflage patina. The inside of the barrels are charred black.

Rustic Furniture San Diego

Bourbon Barrel Edison Light

We now also have some new bourbon barrel Edison lighting available!

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