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Wine Barrel Adirondack Chairs

“Starting this Spring we are having a huge 40% OFF sale on our most popular barrel furniture. It includes our signature Wine & Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chairs!”

Starting this Spring we are having a huge 40% OFF sale on our popular wine & whiskey barrel Adirondack style lounge chairs. We received another large shipment of barrels and more are on the way. I have ramped up production and are passing the savings on to you. The Hungarian Workshop has been making wine and whiskey barrel furniture for 8 years. Therefore this summer we are projected to make our 1000th chair.

Whiskey Barrel Chair

The barrel lounge chairs can come in a few different styles. First you can choose to have them made from wine or whose barrels. Then you can pick the backrest style. The Closed Top version is the narrower top where the staves are touching together where your head is. The Open Top is the wider of the the two where the staves are spread open. For the whiskey version this one os more popular and for wine the other.

Wine Barrel Chair

Then you have the option to have it made as a rocking chair. This is our most proudest creation. We actually steam bend the wood to have the best rocker on the market. Actual barrel stave do not have enough curvature for proper rocking motion so we take the time to do it right. We call them the Recurved Wine and Whiskey Barrel Rockers.

Whiskey Barrel Rocking Chair

If you are an indoors kind of person we have got you covered. With leather that is. We also offer our chair with Italian leather upholstery. This are usually not on sale because of the high priced leather and upholsters we use. There is a lot of specific details that go into making just one of these chair so mass production isn’t in the works. These are more of an artisan pieces made for people seeking one of a kind and unique design.

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-Balazs Moldovan

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