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Whiskey Barrel Tables

“Choose your favorite disitllery’s barrels to be turned into Whiskey Barrel Tables. Our handcrafted end tables are ideal for any room or patio. SHOP NOW

Our second most popular design are the end tables. We have perfected the model over the years and we can barely keep them in stock. They are the prefect piece for any true whiskey enthusiast. In our online catalog you will see three side table variations. In this blog I will go over them and help you choose which one fits you best.

Whiskey Barrel Tables

First we have our standard Whiskey Barrel Tables. They are a fun simple design and a great buy. The four solid legs and cross braces make them super durable and strong. Ideal for commercial use as well. One of the legs will most often feature the bung hole showing off the materials history. The tops are available in two option. The charred black (the inside of the barrel) or the aged oak (the outside). When you choose the outside you will also have the option to choose from a few distilleries tops that we have available at that time.

Most common ones are Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey and Maker’s Mark. These Whiskey Barrel Tables also available in two height options. 18 inches and 24 inches. The 18 inch version is best go with our lounge chairs or other patio furniture. When you relax in our lounge chairs the lower table will work best. The 24 inch option is most suitable to be used in living rooms, games rooms and bars. Places where the seating might be a bit more higher up.

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Whiskey Barrel Tables

Next we have our Whiskey Barrel Nightstand. Very same to the end table but here we have another barrel head mixed into the design. The bottom barrel head adds a cozy shelf which is ideal when you need to store additional item below. This table comes at 20 inches in height. A set of these go really well in a bedroom looking to add some rustic decor.

Our third and last table is our high end version. These take a lot longer to make and much more intricate. The legs reach all the way to the top and the sides are also made from whiskey barrel wood. Many small pieces have been milled perfectly to fit right which create the continues wooden edges. This piece is ideal only in indoor setting. If you want to show off a top quality pieces, this is the way to go.

Everyone will sure to love our handcrafted Whiskey Barrel Tables. You can check out our furniture at just about any Stone Brewing Company locations.

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