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Bourbon Decor

“Shop for the perfect Bourbon Decor throughout our nine shop sections and find just what you are looking for. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SHOP

The Furniture –

The most sought after items when people are looking for the right Bourbon Decor is often in our furniture line. The bourbon barrel lounge chairs are the best seller and for good reason. We offer them in a couple different varieties: two back rest style, rocking chair version, tufted leather upholstery or our newest which is the cushioned and leather wrapped lounge chair.

Bourbon DecorBourbon Barrel Lounge Chairs

The standard lounge chair comes in two backrest styles. We call them the “Open Top” and “Closed Top”. This refers to the top peak of the chair’s backrest. Both options sell very well, just about 50-50 so after six years we are still happy to make them both.

Bourbon DecorRecurved Bourbon Rockers

The Recurved Rocker is one of my proudest innovations. While many others simply place a regular old barrel stave for the rocking feet we actually re-bend the wood into a much more curved stave. This allows for a better rocking motion.

Interior Leather Line

The Interior Leather Line is a must for any true bourbon or wine fan. Very similar as our lounge chairs but these feature fully tufted cushioning for the back rest and the seat. We offer seven different color options and we might have some more in the near future. We also offer matching tufted ottomans as well.

Leather Wrapped Lounge Chair

Our most recent addition is the leather wrapped interior lounge chair. Production is underway and we are taking pre-orders as of right now. The wait time is bit longer but you get to save about 22%. These are the same exact lounge chairs but now with extra comfort and style. You can choose to have them be made from Bourbon Whiskey barrels or Wine Barrels. The seven leather color options are also available for these too. They are available in the Pre-Order section of our shop. By end of the month we should have them in our catalog with more photos.

Home Decor and Accessories

Next we have all the home goodies. In the Home Decor and Accessories page we offer many different Bourbon Decor and Wine Decor. From a few simple small items like tap handles and coasters all the way to clocks, skateboards and chess sets. All of these items are handmade from reclaimed barrels just like our furniture. Most of these are top sellers during the holiday season so if you are thinking about ordering please don’t hesitate. Being October now, we usually start seeing a heavy flow of orders and if you put it off till end of November you may not receive the item in time.

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-Balazs Moldovan

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