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How to add Kentucky whiskey charm to your home?

We at the Hungarian Workshop have a nice selection of bourbon whiskey barrel decor and furniture. We specialize in handmade barrel goods and have been in business for over 12 years. In our ONLINE STORE you can find furniture and home decor items handcrafted from reclaimed whiskey barrels. With our creations people have been adding Kentucky whiskey charm to their homes all over the US. Even some countries in Europe too.

One of our best sellers is our lounge chairs. They are nice and big and very comfortable for any person shape or size. Which is why they have been a huge success for many restaurants and tasting rooms. All our furniture has gone through heavy duty testing to ensure they are up to the challenge for commercial use as well. All hardware is stainless steel to ensure no corrosion will happen since many of our customers use these outdoors. We have made well over 1200 of these chairs and ones from a decade can be still sat in if you visit Stone Brewing Company in San Diego California.


Next, we have our whiskey barrel barstools. They have been climbing the ladder in popularity for the last few years. Almost becoming our new best seller. They feature a 180 degree memory swivel which self repositions when not in use. The footrest is a barrel hoop that adds even more of the material history to the design and helps keep the base even stronger. We offer these in two heights. Standard bar which is a 30″ tall seat and 26″ inch seat ideal for kitchen islands. One option has a backrest that supports and user for longer periods of time. The one without is ideal for areas where you need to be able to slide the stools back underneath the tables if space saving in necessary.

How to add Kentucky whiskey charm to your home?

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