Whiskey Barrel Decor Shelves

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Our solid oak Whiskey Barrel Shelves are a great way to add some rustic yet elegant look to any room in your home. Each one is handcrafted from actual reclaimed Kentucky whiskey barrels and are solid as they come. The 5″ shelf is the perfect way to display house plants or your favorite spirits while the beautiful aged barrel wood backdrop contrasts just about anything that is placed in front of.
If you are tired of flimsy particle board furnishings, then you must try our solid oak USA made eco friendly whiskey barrel shelvings.


Shelving Size:

Small – Single Shelf 5″ deep, 12″ Wide, Barrel Wood Backing 14″ Wide, 18″ Tall (photo 5 and 6)

Large – Double Shelves 5″ deep, 12″ Wide, Barrel Wood Backing 14″ Wide, 36″ Tall

BOTH SIZES ARE AVAILABLE IN: Just one, Set of two, Set of four. (higher the quantity the better price break)

You will need to attach the shelves with a Phillips head screw driver or drill. Each shelve has a sticker indicating the BOTTOM SIDE. The holes for the screws have been pre drilled. Please line up holes to attach shelves. Because of expansion and contraction of the barrel wood, some shelves will fit tighter than others.


Important Note:
Shelves are heavy. You must hang from studs or use heavy duty wall anchors. Barrel wood may or will have different patinas. Some lighter some darker than others. Please understand this is real reclaimed material, cracks, splintering and wood splitting are part of the product. Any cosmetic imperfections do NOT qualify for replacement.

Additional information

Shelf Size & Set Options

Small Single x1, Small Single x2, Small Single x4, Large Double x1, Large Double x2, Large Double x4


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