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Luxury must haves for a true whiskey enthusiast!

Luxury must haves for a true whiskey enthusiast by the Hungarian Workshop. We specialize in furniture and home decor made from authentic reclaimed whiskey barrels. Our workshop has dedicated over a 12 years of hardworking designing and handcrafting unique and one of kind works of functional art. Each piece is meticulously created with attention to detail while giving this amazing material a second chance at life. The quester sawn American white oak is a true testament to this nations bourbon whiskey craftsman ship. It is an incredible hearty wood that definitely deserves another chance, instead of being discarded or just cut up into mulch.


One of our best seller is the Whiskey Barrel Decor Shelving. It comes in two options, small and large. The small one has one shelve and measures about 18″ in height. Ideal for a spot with minimal wall space. The large one is 36″ in height and comes with 2 shelves. This is best when you have lots of items that you want to show off. And they work brilliantly with plants also, turning any room in your home into a vertical garden. The contrast between the greenery and the dark oak staves really pop.


More over, the whiskey barrel barstools are an excellent addition to a kitchen or home bar. Also, they are commercial grade which is very important since we don sell lot of them to tasting rooms, bistros and restaurants. These too come in 2 options. A 30″ seat height and a 26″ seat height. This is so the standard 42″ bar and 36″ kitchen island can be accommodated. You can also pick if you want a backrest or not. Each version comes with a 180 degree memory swivel which self repositions when n to in use.

We do carry a whole lot of other items as well that can be viewed and purchased here in our online store.

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