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How to buy bourbon whiskey barrel decor and where?

When it comes to decorating your home with reclaimed wine and whiskey barrels, we at the Hungarian Workshop have the right stuff for you. We have been handcrafting furniture and other home decor items for over 12 years. We have made well over 1200 of our signature lounge chairs and have perfected the design for ultimate comfort. The barstools have also come a long way and it is our second best seller. Soon to be our number one. More and more people are using our barstools in their home bars, kitchen and commercial spaces.

The whiskey barrel barstools feature a 180 degree memory swivel and have seat height options at 26″ for kitchen island and 30″ for standard bars. They also have the option to have a backrest. The one without usually is ideal when you need to be able to slide the stools back under a counter when they are not in use. The memory swivel also self repositions the seat when not in use. This will keep you seating area nice and uniform at all times.

How to buy bourbon whiskey barrel decor and where?

Our whiskey barrel shelves are a perfect way to display just about anything. The staggered staves create a busy like back drop which makes the object in the foreground pop. Whether you are looking to show off your favorite bottles or vibrant house plants, these will sure to add some rustic yet elegant charm in any room. They come in sets of 2 or 4 and are available in small single shelf units or large with double shelves.

When you purchase from the Hungarian Workshop all furniture and home decor will ship for free. Usually in about 2 weeks. Then just a couple days in transit which can be about 5-7 days. Don’t for get to sign up for our news letter to save and receive Coupon Code if you are military or first responder.


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