Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair

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Our signature Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chairs are known and loved world wide. Each one is handmade with quality craftsmanship and with attention to detail. All barrel staves are slightly curved which provides excellent support throughout. Sanded just right without removing any of the wood’s natural color or patina. Choose from the two styles available that fit you best.

   If you love whiskey and appreciate fine craftsmanship, then our lounge chairs are a must have. The strong hearty American white oak is by far one of the toughest and most durable hardwoods out there. The wood is quarter sawn which makes the staves even more stronger while also bringing out the oak’s beautiful tiger stripe like patterns. The charred side is cleaned off, buffed smooth and sealed to protect clothing and to maintain that deep black color. Each stave is different in their own way, making every lounge chair one of a kind.

Ideal for just about anyone, the wide open seating lets people from big to small lounge in comfort. The backrest and seat angle allow you to sit up or lean all the way back. The curvatures of the staves create more contact points making this reclaimed material an excellent source for seated furniture. 

Finally, the chairs are finished with Brazilian Rosewood Oil that allows them to be placed indoor or outdoor. Throughout the years in the open elements the wood will naturally age towards a more rustic look. However it will still hold up its core strength and stability. When placed inside or in a covered area, the wood will last a lifetime. 



Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chairs Dimensions:

Length – 36″  Width – 34″ Height 38″

Weight – 55lbs – 60lbs 

Sold Individually 

Additional information

Back Rest Style

Wide Top, Narrow Top

29 reviews for Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair

  1. Anonymouse

    Awesome chair. Great care and craftsmanship definitely put into it. Very nice to deal with. Will purchase again in the future.

  2. Anonymous

    Well made, excellent service, overall very pleased.

  3. Anonymous

    While it took a while for this to be delivered, my hat is off with unbridled enthusiasm and praise to Balazs – for it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT! Sir, you’re a genius and more people should be invested in your beautiful and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. Thank you so much – I’ll be purchasing from you again in the future!

  4. Page L.

    The price for shipping is quit more than I hopped for but after all these chairs are big and arrive fully assembled. Making them needed to be shipped via freight lines. Over all I am very satisfied with the chairs and would buy again.

  5. joanelise

    I was worried about committing to these four chairs and matching ottomans, since they would be very difficult to return if we weren’t satisfied. Turns out, no worries! They are really, really comfortable, and very solid. Everyone who has sat in them has commented how great they are. They also are easy to get in and out, which concerned me as well. Again – a non-issue, even for my 6’5″ husband. Many thanks! Joan from Ohio. PS. they shipped quickly!

  6. BeerBrandon

    Saw these at Stone brewing co in Escondido a while back and been wanting one for a while. Stoked to have one on my porch now too. Cheers!

  7. Phillip Jenkins

    Sat on them at Stone Brewery in San Diego and I was very happy that you guys ship all over the US. I might just get a set for the in-laws ha! Let me know if there are any return customer discounts.

  8. Helen Webber

    Been looking for the right style of Adirondack chairs for our patio for a while and we have finally found them. Can’t wait to see how they will age and change there patina.

  9. Linda Vertal

    Nice addition to our back yard fire pit. Also very happy to have added the end table. Makers Mark is one of our favorite whiskeys.

  10. Jake Ambrose

    Beautifully made and very pleased with my purchase. Sipping my favorite whiskey and lounging in my chair during sunset is my favorite part of the day now.

  11. Brianna Kelpson

    Recycling at its finest. Love the concept of reusing material and doing good for the environment. Thank You and keep up the great work.

  12. Rosa B.

    Was worried at first about choosing whiskey over wine barrel chairs but glad I did. The staves are not as dark and I think they have more character. Thank you for helping in deciding and answering all my questions.

  13. Jane H.

    Perfect gift for our whiskey enthusiast dad!

  14. Paul Marks

    They look great in our cabin! Shipping to our remote location was no problem and very happy with their customer service.

  15. Micheal S.

    The best Christmas gift I ever got. Looks awesome in my man cave. I even found a cushion that fits it great.

  16. Ruby L.

    Amazing craftsmanship and well made.

  17. Peter Burgs

    Love it!

  18. Nate B.

    These chairs are even better than I expected! I’m Very happy. Thank you

  19. Brenda Molten

    He loved it! A big shout out to Hungarian Workshop for doing such wonderful work.

  20. george

    Great quality and fast shipping.

  21. Maxwell A.

    Worth the investment. Saw them at Stone brewery and had to have them. A very unique addition to our yard.

  22. Jenna Thompson

    The perfect gift for the guy who who is difficult to buy for! My husband loves his new seating area!

  23. Kay Wirthlin

    Love these chairs. Perfect birthday present for my husband. Great quality.

  24. Fran Havenster

    Beautiful chairs, very comfortable, great quality and heavy. Shipping was very quick and very reasonably priced.

  25. Tami K.

    These chairs are amazing – so worth it – so well made love them

  26. Carlie J.

    I really like my chair great craftsmanship Well buy more now what’s nice about these chairs they’re all one-of-a-kind

  27. George Edwards

    The chairs are awesome!!! Well made and very comfortable! Might have to buy two more. Thank You

  28. Craig F.

    Chairs are better then expected, service was great!!!

  29. Ken Carleno (verified owner)

    These chairs are so awesome. So comfortable, nice and roomy, and sturdy. The craftsmanship is just top notch and the chairs are all different in their own beautiful way. Honestly, I spend as much time admiring the beauty of the wood, the lines in it, the charcoal finish, the amazing slight imperfections that make you know you have one of a kind furniture. I also bought 2 rocking chairs and they’re even MORE amazing. Win/Win/Win. Thank you for such fine products.

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