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Homemade Furniture With Wine and Whiskey Barrels

“Unique and great designed homemade furniture with wine and whiskey barrel!”

Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair - Homemade Furniture With Wine and Whiskey BarrelsWine and Whiskey Barrel furniture come in many shape and form but there are several important steps a designer must take to ensure quality. Homemade Furniture With Wine and Whiskey Barrels has boomed in the last couple years. It has spiraled from hobbyists to professional furniture manufacturers. As you browse around the internet or magazines you’ll be quickly able to tell which company has passion and which are just trying to make a quick buck. A certain keen eye one must be acquired when using barrel wood because not everything slapped together will look attractive. My concept is to design each piece where people can’t tell right away what or where the reclaimed material came from.

Wine Bar Set - Homemade Furniture With Wine and Whiskey BarrelsMy favorite material is old Whiskey, Bourbon or Scotch Barrels. The beautiful patina, the aromas when you make a new cut, the sheer density of the well aged wood and the history behind it all make for a very enjoyable work experience. It has been now four years since I started the Hungarian Workshop and over two I have not worked with any other material.

Whiskey Barrel Chair - Homemade Furniture With Wine and Whiskey BarrelsLearning how to manipulate the curved wood properly takes patience and time. There is definitely quite a few trial and error stages when making something new. Frustration can also rise high when a design that looked good on paper or in your head starts taking shape and you come to realize that it’s going to work. The key is to just keep going until the project is done. Usually you will end up liking it, you just have to get a little used to it.

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