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Rustic Whiskey barrel rings for sale again!

We have well over several thousand whiskey barrel rings up for grabs right now for a very low price. Just $75 will get you 12 rustic bands with free shipping. Each order will have 3 different size bands which are not cleaned. This means rust and some dirt maybe present. These are pre boxed and ready to ship within a week of ordering.

Rustic Whiskey barrel rings for sale again!

We typically pick up about 300-500 barrels a year and each barrel has six bands that hold the barrel together. After arrival we then wait about 3 months to have the wood dry out which causes the barrels to shrink a bit. At this point the barrel rings just slide off. This makes our job very easy when it comes time to break down the barrels. On a plus side, we no longer have to cut the bands off. Therefore, we only have full intact Rustic Whiskey barrel rings for sale again!

If you are ever looking for a large volume to order we can definitely cut you a break and offer you a deal. However, it has to be a very large order because shipping is the most expensive part about selling these. We say it’s free shipping but please understand that just means shipping is included. After all, Fedex, UPS, USPS and freight companies do not work for free. The weight of the barrel rings can add up very rapidly when you start buying in bulk. In short, you are mostly paying to get the rings to you. We are not looking to get rich of these. I just want to see them get up cycled into some thing else. Throwing them into the recycling bin seems like a big waste and missed opportunity and we don’t want to keep doing that.

If you have any questions or need more info please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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