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Taking Care Of Your New Barrel Furniture


Whether you purchased from the Hungarian Workshop or from somewhere else here are some helpful insights for Taking Care Of Your New Barrel Furniture. Maintenance is a part of everyday life for most things and same goes for your furniture investments. Luckily, wine and whiskey barrels are made from French and American white oak which is very durable and robust. There is definitely a reason why wineries and distilleries use this material to store and age their products. White oak has a very high rot resistance and can last a life time. With a little bit of maintenance and conditioning your barrel furniture could become a family heirloom for decades to come.

First, it is important to know what kind of finish was applied to the wood. We use an outdoor sealer which penetrates the wood and protects from the indie out. This means, seasonal re-oiling is ideal to keep the oak looking new and hydrated. This form of protection is easier to work with because you can apply it when ever with ease. No sanding or stripping off old applications. Most people would agree that easier frequent maintenance is much better than a hard big refinish job.

“Taking Care Of Your New Barrel Furniture “

However, if you use a really good varnish, maybe marine grade than your furniture can stay looking great for years. yes a thick coat of varnish can be great too. The down fall off varnish is sometimes they can start to chip or peel. Also, they can easily be scratched. When is comes to shipping this can be a big problem… No matter how well you pack, some delivery companies will always find a way to nick or scuff up a corner or two. This is a big reason why we use an oil finish. Even with a big damage, you can always just sand the wood smooth and re-oil and then it is as good as new.

For more info you can check out our FAQ section and email us directly with any other inquiries.

-Balazs Moldovan

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