20 Wine or Bourbon Barrel Bands

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Each order includes 20 bands.

We deal with hundreds of barrels every year because of our very popular furniture line. As our inventory grows so does our overstock.

We decided to offer up this great material for anyone who is willing to try their hands at creating unique and functional art. We feel that these genuine Wine and Bourbon barrel bands can have a much better future other than just ending up in the scrap metal yard.

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Dimension & Information:
Bourbon Bands:
Width  1.5″ –  2.5″
Diameter  26″ – 27″
Wine Bands:
Galvanized Steel
Width  1″ –  2.5″
Diameter  26″ – 28″
Cut Or Whole Bands:
Cut – These are still full size. They were just cut in one spot during removal.
Whole – Full size and intact.
Note: Each order includes 20 bands. All bands will arrive rustic. There will be rust, residue and other imperfections. Please do NOT contact for specific sizes. We simply can’t go searching for exact measurements.  If we don’t have any cut ones we will upgrade you to the whole ones.


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Band Type

Wine, Bourbon

Cut Or Whole

Cut, Whole

1 review for 20 Wine or Bourbon Barrel Bands

  1. Ben Chambers

    Great communication, good packaging, shipped on time. Thanks!

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