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Whiskey Holiday Gift Ideas And More

This holiday season get that special whiskey enthusiast some handcrafted whiskey barrel furniture or decor. We carry a wide variety of small home accessories and decorations along with beautifully handcrafted furniture made entirely from reclaimed whiskey barrels. Each pieces is unique in its own way and not two are exactly alike. Upcycled barrel wood has amazing patinas and incredible grain patterns. The years of service in Kentucky leaves them with very intricate wear and tare showing off the material’s true history. Please feel free to browse through our ONLINE SHOP HERE.

Our specialty is our lounge chairs. They come in two version of backrest styles. We have the Narrow version which is sleek and elegant. This shape is complimented by the curves of the wood. The other option is the Wide which is made up from multiple small barrel staves. Because it tappers wider at the top it is ideal for a users who would like a little extra space.

Whiskey Holiday Gift Ideas And More

Our chair is also available in a rocker form. This is one of our best sellers because we actually recurve the wood even more to create a proper rocking motion. Barrels unfortunately do not come with enough curve on their own. Despite what others may say or try to sell. After a week or two of reshaping the end result is what some call a game changer. Our rockers have full range of motion just like a standard rocking chair should. After all, when you buy a rocking chair that’s basically its one job and it better do it well.

Whiskey Holiday Gift Ideas And More can be purchased through this link. Please allow some extra turn around time during the holiday seasons. You can also sign ups for our newsletter to get Coupon Code codes.

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Happy Holidays!

-Balazs Moldovan

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