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San Diego Union Tribune

UT San Diego Feature on Hungarian Workshop

UT San Diego Feature on Hungarian WorkshopTwo weeks ago I had a photographer ask me if it would be alright for him to shoot a couple photos while I was working, I of course agreed not knowing or thinking twice where this would lead me. I was so caught up in finishing my  project that I didn’t even pay much attention to him.

He followed me around the shop, taking pictures while I was using all sorts of different tools. After about 20 minutes of me feeling like a celebrity with all the pictures being taken, he walked up and asked me to spell my name for him and describe what I was working on. It was right around this point when it finally hit me, “wait a sec, this guy is from the San Diego Tribune and he is asking questions from me?!” After a brief  conversation he left and I got back to business with my new whiskey barrel chair.

Hungarian Workshop is In the papers!!!

That Sunday I received a call from my friend Pete, he was asking me if I have seen the paper because I have apparently got the cover with not only one but with two photos. I could’t believe what I was hearing, so I ran out to the nearest market to pick up a few copies. Seeing my name and those pictures has definitely boosted my morale and now I am even more eager to strive forward with my business and become successful.

To see the finished whiskey barrel chair please visit the new product section of the website or look at my previous blog posts.

Thank you and I hope you come back and visit us soon.

-Balazs Moldovan


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