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Wine & Whiskey Barrel Luxury Bar Stools ON Sale NOW

Wine Barrel Bar Stool

Wine & Whiskey Barrel Luxury Bar Stools are one of our biggest specialties. We offer a few variety of handcrafted bar stools made from reclaimed wine and whiskey barrels. Each design offers a different style that one might prefer. We have swiveling ones, ones with back rest, one that is a full captains chairs and one as a simple saddle one.

Wine & Whiskey Barrel Barstools

WHiskey Barrel Bar Chair

The swiveling ones are a big seller. They come in both wine and whiskey barrel option. Wine barrels are French oak which are much softer so not all of our designs are available from this material. Whiskey barrels are American oak that is very robust and hard. This material allows us to make certain styles which need a lot more structural durability. The swiveling barstools have an upgraded version which have a backrest. This is a version which is very much the same as the one without so it’s ideal for bars where people may want to sit comfortably for a longer period of time. And if you are seeking even more comfort this are also available in a upholstered version. The leather we use are very high end Italian full grain hides. This means you can see different grain patterns which matches the rustic wood’s style.

The bar chair is only available in whiskey barrel wood. This is a very intricate design which is why the hardy American oak is a must. If you have plenty of space and room at your bar then we highly recommend them.

WHiskey Barrel Saddle Stools

The Whiskey Barrel Saddle Stools are the perfect design which allows us to use a barrel to its maximum capability. There are much more narrow staves in a whiskey barrel and this design lets us use up a whole bunch of them. This is also the reason why they don’t come in the wine barrel option. These stools are sleek and narrow perfect for cozy kitchens and areas where you want to store the stool under the counters when not in use. They have a great price point and usually ship very quickly.

Wine & Whiskey Barrel Barstools

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