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Handcrafted Bourbon Barrel Furniture Sale Happening Now

Hello and welcome to the Hungarian Workshop. Our Handcrafted Bourbon Barrel Furniture Sale Happening Now deals are a great way to save some big bucks on your next order. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive coupon codes! Also if you are military or first responder we have you covered as well.

Check out our Bourbon Whiskey barrel furniture line that has a wide selection of chairs, barstools, tables and more. We even carry a few things which are upholstered with rich Italian leather. It is a full grain leather that matches the barrel wood characteristics. Choose between 6 colors that fit your home or bar decor best.

Next, we also make the same line from wine barrels. All the same charm or up cycled Kentucky oak but with the Napa Valley glamour. The French oak is light and bright with all the colors that wine can be. The barrel bands are a galvanized steel that are also much lighter and cleaner looking. There is definitely no mistaking between our Wine and Whiskey barrel furniture. Each style is very different and it’s up to you to choose which one fits you best.

“Handcrafted Bourbon Barrel Furniture Sale Happening Now “

If you are just looking for a simple addition, try our barrel wood decor wall panels. These are made from our left over pieces ( nothing goes to waste here). These panels come in a set of 4 but also available in custom amounts. They help by adding some rustic charm and can help greatly with big empty echoing rooms.

Everything can be made with in just a few weeks and delivered straight to your door with mono additional charge. However, if you live outside of the continental US we do charge extra for Hawaii and Alaska.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at any time.


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