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The Holiday Top Five Best Whiskey Gift Ideas

The Holiday Top Five Best Whiskey Gift Ideas

Hello! Welcome to the Hungarian Workshop where we have been handcrafting Wine and Whiskey barrel furniture and home decor for over a decade. Please feel free to browse though our Online Shop and check out all our creations. If you sign pop for our news letter you will receive Coupon Codes to save instantly on your next purchase.

  1. Whiskey barrel Clock
  2. Whiskey Barrel Coaster Tower
  3. Whiskey Barrel Bar Stools
  4. Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair & Rockers
  5. Whiskey Barrel End Table & Nightstands
The Holiday Top Five Best Whiskey Gift Ideas

The clocks have been a fan favorite every holiday season. We purchase hundreds and hundreds of barrels each year leaving us with an abundance of barrel heads. With each barrel having two we stack up well over a 1000 of these each years. They come with very unique distillery markings and with the right about of cleaning we preserve their beautiful patinas while crafting them into a functioning works of art. The coasters are another big gift choice since they can be personalized and have a quick turn around time. Anyone who enjoys a smooth whiskey will love to have a little something from their drinks past.

The Holiday Top Five Best Whiskey Gift Ideas

Next we have the bar stools. These come in few versions. Two of the swiveling ones and one as a saddle bar stool. Not to mention the swiveling ones also have an option to have rich Italian leather upholstery added to them. If you have you heart set on something big then our best seller is the right choice. The whiskey barrel lounge chairs and rockers. These kick off our business back in 2012 and we have made just about 1200 of them. The come fully assembled via freight shipping and will be a big hit for anyone who loves their whiskey and the art of up cycling. Last but not least is the end tables and nightstands. Just another great way to use the barrel tops and to complement our chairs. They also work well by themself in living rooms and bedrooms adding a rustic charm.

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