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New Southern California Recycled Luxury Home Furnishings

If you are looking for some unique and one of a kind designs we just might have what you or your clients need. We specialize in handcrafting chairs, bar stools, tables and other home goods from reclaimed Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey and Napa Valley Wine barrels. Most designs are available from both barrel types. If you are in need of some luxury leather upholstered deigns we got those too. Custom work is also an option but we can only do that when we don’t have too many orders.

One of our best sellers is the whiskey barrel barstools. These come with a 180 degree memory swivel which self reposition when not in use. The great attribute if you like your bar seen nice and uniform. These can have a backrest if you prefer and can also have the seat with leather upholstery. This design is available from both whiskey and wine barrels. The second best seller is the whiskey barrel saddle bar stools. These are a simple and very functional pieces loved by people who need to stow the stools under the counter with easy when not in use. The narrower depth and wide seating allowing for great function and comfort. These are available only in whiskey barrels but have the option to be in five different heights.

“New Southern California Recycled Luxury Home Furnishings”

We originally started out in souther California but moved our operation up to Las Vegas. The climate here is much better for drying the barrels. The high heat and almost no humidity lets us work with the new material with in a few weeks instead of months. Since we moved we now offer free shipping just like most big online companies. This way we don’t lose out on clients who preferred local pick ups.

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-Balazs Moldovan

New Southern California Recycled Luxury Home Furnishings

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