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Stone Brewing Barrel Chairs

“So far we have handcrafted over 750 of the barrel lounge chairs alone. Those we keep numbered and tagged.”

Stone Brewing Barrel ChairsThis year we will be getting into our 800th barrel lounge chairs. (Stone Brewing Barrel Chairs) We produce anywhere from 100-150 a year. Stone alone will have us make about 20-30 a year. They are an amazing company to work with and since they are opening so many locations world wide the request for more chairs and other furniture keep pouring in. Just last month they were figuring out the logistics on how to get 50 chairs over the Berlin, Germany. Even though it would be a $hit ton of work, we are ready to go for them at any given time.

The phrase¬†Stone Brewing Barrel Chairs is a popular way people refer to our work and even though we are a separate company it I don’t mind it at all. They are one of San Diego’s largest craft breweries. I am happy to be working with Stone. Plus they make my favorite IPA’s.

The barrel lounge chairs line pretty much started over at their Escondido location. If you go browse around in their beer garden you might be able to find chair #2! I have chair #1 on my deck. Over the years the design definitely has been upgraded and new type of hardware and finishes has been implemented as well.

Stone Brewing Barrel Chairs – Hungarian Workshop inventory update:

Stone Brewing Barrel ChairsThis summer I am putting a hold on our Home Decor and Accessories items and a couple of our less frequently ordered furniture. What this means I will be phasing out the “Made To Order” concept. So for a while some items will show up as Out OF Stock. This will give us plenty of time to focus on building a huge inventory. Allowing us to start shipping out order within the week they are ordered. No more waiting 2-3 weeks or sometimes even 4-6 weeks to receive your furniture.

Once we have what i would call the appropriate amount of furniture in stock, we will start building our Home Decor and Accessories items too. Which will work out perfectly since end of summer is when we have to begin for the holiday restock. You can never be too early for the Christmas rush. I feel like for the past years we have been starting a couple weeks earlier and earlier. As your business grows so will your customer base.

Stone Brewing Barrel Chairs – NEW Distillery Brand Available In July

Stone Brewing Barrel ChairsI have been posting about this news a couple times before and because I usually get several emails a month people asking me, I will continue spreading the word. Starting in July the Hungarian Workshop will have quite a few Jack Daniel’s Barrel lounge chair sets available for purchase. We have been collecting them since they are a rare find and also found a couple secrete suppliers. Unfortunately these barrels are not cheap for us but bartering does help. Ha. Sign up for our online newsletter to be in the loop when they official become available.


-Balazs Moldovan



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