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Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs

“Our Recurved Staves make for a solid and hefty rocking motion no other companies implement in their product.”

Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs

We at the Hungarian Workshop aim to to provide one of kind and the highest quality barrel furniture and home decor available. We have been in business for over six years now and our craftsmanship will speak for it’s self. From my first barrel chair I made, I knew this was the style of woodworking and design I wanted to continue in. Not to mention that obvious and clear sign I received was when I found a random Hungarian Oak Wine Barrel which had my name (Balazs) laser engraved into it. Apparently there is a Hungarian Cooperage who’s company name is same as mine! This is a unique and entertaining story I will leave for another time.

Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs

Wine Barrel Rocking ChairsAfter I made a few Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs I felt something was off. In a bad way. Even though I used some amazing Bear Boat Cabernet Sauvignon barrels which were short and round. They had the most curvature available but not what I would have liked. Most people don’t realize that wine barrels don’t have the proper curvature needed to make a rocking chair. Even the best ones have more of a kink in middle rather than a smooth bend. After this discovery, I know I had to do something which would make the Hungarian Workshop stand out from the rest. If you are a high end woodworker you probably can figure out the solution and method we use to create the Recurved Rocker Staves. If you are not, then it will have to stay as a trade secrete for now. Haha.

Wine Barrel Rocking ChairsOnce we got the bottom staves curved to where the chairs could roll back and forth the ideal amount, I knew we had a leg up on the competition. Soon after the newsletter went out, the products where flying off the shelve. Sort of speak. And even better, our Recurved Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Chairs are the only ones on the market. Whiskey barrels have almost no curvature so to be able to offer a proper whiskey barrel rocker we turned into the number one retailer for them.  Cheers!

Over 750 Barrel Chairs Made!

Wine Barrel Rocking ChairsOur Recurved Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs and recurved Bourbon Barrel Rocking Chairs are also available in an interior version where they feature handcrafted Full Grain Italian Leather Upholstery. We have six leather colors available.

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As alway have a great day and Cheers!

-Balazs Moldovan

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