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Jack Daniel’s Barrel Chairs

“… for a limited time while supplies last. ACT NOW if you are a true Tennessee Whiskey fan!”

Next month we will have a few lounge chairs available for the true Jack Daniel’s fan. We received quite few barrels over the years which have America’s most iconic whiskey distillery name branded into them. We will start production later this month and if you are interested you can sign up for our online newsletter to keep track when they are out. If you absolutely don’t want to miss out on them, we can also take pre-orders.

Jack Daniel’s Barrel Chairs

The J.D. Tennessee Whiskey barrel lounge chairs are going to be exactly the same design and dimensions as our Kentucky Bourbon barrel lounge chairs. The main difference will be that the legs and some other staves throughout the chairs will have the J.D. letters branded in to the wood.

A Jack Daniel’s barrel will also have one barrel head branded as well. These we either use as end tables to go along with a set or we turn them into one of kind wall clocks. I wrote a whole entire blog post just on them. (Follow this link if you want to learn how those are made.)

You can sign up for our online newsletter at the top of the page. Just enter your email address and shortly after you will receive a Thank You notification with a useful coupon code also. If you have any question please feel free to contact us or email me directly at

SIDE NOTE: This summer season we will be going into a large production movement in order to phase out the “made to order” concept. Because of this you might find a few Home Decor Items OUT OF STOCK and unavailable for purchase. The idea is to be able to ship all products with the week they are ordered. 


-Balazs Moldovan


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